Monday, September 29, 2014

Learning Notes vol. 2

What can I say?  My kids are weird.

Earlier this evening Charlie (almost 4 months old) helped Paul (7) practice his spelling.  Or reading.  Something word related.  I'll let you decide what to call it, m'kay?  The game goes like this:

Chombie (being voiced by yours truly, "talking" in the manner of The Power Rangers when they're suited up. You know....they have to move their arms around wildly so you know which one of them is talking because you can't see their faces?  Yeah.  That.): Hey, um, Paul?

Paul: Yes? *giggle giggle giggle*

Chombie: What does, um, b-u-t-t spell?

Paul: uh....BUTT!!! *cackle cackle cackle*

Chombie: Okay, okay...what does p-o-o-p spell?

Paul: POOP!  Hahahahaha!  That was easy.

Chombie: Fine, here's  hard one.  What does f-a-r-t spell?

Paul: *looking upward to see all important consonant blend in his mind's eye* That....spells....FART!  Heeee heeeee heeee, oh Chombie, you're the best baby.

Y'all, I actually called that part of "school" for Paul today. Our read-aloud time was his bedtime story.  We listened to some Vaughan Williams in the car (his favorite track--oh my gosh, I know.  He has a favorite Vaughan Williams song.  You can thank my husband for that.  If it were just up to me, he'd love Radioactive [which he does, but he calls it "Ready to Whack You."  Hilarity.] and nothing else. Anyway, his favorite Vaughan Williams track is Seventeen Come Sunday from the English Folk Song Suite). He played outside a LOT in this most gorgeous season of gorgeousness.  

That was it.  Usually we do at least a little math, but we didn't even do that.  Not today, folks.  I should probably feel guilty or something but I just can't muster it.  The weather will not be lovely for long.  My boy will not be little for long.  I want learning to remain exciting and magical for as long as possible.

He was practically giddy the other day when he realized you could line big numbers up and add them just like you can with smaller numbers.  "So 27 plus 32 is....59?  Is that right?  Yes!  Oh!  I can add the biggest numbers in the world!!!"
This picture pretty much creeps me out, but it was the first one I saw of Paul so opposite of enjoy!
That's when I stopped the lesson.  He was happy.  I was happy.  The next day math was still an adventure.

Is that enough notes about learning?  My brain is so tired.  We met with our loan officer today.  And there was a rehearsal several zillions of miles away.  So much driving.  And I'm so tired.  And there is no end to the laundry ever because we're not nudists (why are we not nudists?!?!?) so even if, hypothetically, I were to wash and dry and put away every bit of dirty laundry in the house people are still wearing clothes and making them dirty.  Conspiracy!

That's probably enough from me, huh?  Check out some more guilt-free learning notes over at Melanie's place and.....bless America!  Why will these big children not stop talking on both sides of my head???  Finishing this paragraph is impossible.

Edit: it is now 11:36 p.m. and I'm only back to add pictures and to publish because I'm pretty sure midnight is the best time to publish blog posts.  Yes. So profesh.
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  1. You are so funny! Nudists!!! Yes, that would be a solution to laundry wouldn't it? I just try to remember my grandma with her washboard and clothes line and then it's just not so bad!

  2. Midnight is most definitely the best time to publish blog posts. All my best posts are published at midnight. Or later.

  3. I feel the same way about dishes....if only paper plates were good for the environment and the wallet. ...sigh....

  4. Nudists! The solution is so simple. Why have I never thought of it before? Would probably get too cold though. ;)
    Also, I'm glad your school days look so much like mine.

  5. Ah the memories...I can't even begin to count the number of times we played English Folk Song Suite in concert band in high school, university, and later, in my hometown's concert and marching band. It's kind of a stock piece that most concert bands keep in their wheel-house. His First Suite in E-flat is good too. ;)

  6. Your descriptions of Paul always remind me somehow of my husband, John, who is known far and wide for being a big, strong man with a child's heart. I may or may not have grown a little misty to hear of Paul's love for "Seventeen Come Sunday". Ralph Vaughan Williams is John's favorite composer, and even at the ripe old age of 24, that melody will stop him in his tracks and fill him with wonder. It's his favorite. :)

    As always, thank you for writing!

  7. Hang in there Dweej! Our house goes on the market tomorrow or the day after and I'm just getting ready to embark on the craziness that will be trying to keep the children from destroying the house before people can even see it. We can do this! I think. Don't quote me on that. I just had coffee and I'm always over optimistic after the first cup. St. Joseph, pleeeeease be sellin' some houses, yo.

  8. Big laundry never die, Dwija. Big laundry. never. die.

  9. Yes! That is totally enough school! Because that's probably about all we're going to get done round these parts. I am finally getting things together to start our school year since Sebastian is almost a month old now and I said I would start in October (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!) We're not selling our house BUT we are potty training, so. I feel the craziness.

    Also, laundry. Is it wrong that I wish we could all just wear disposable clothes right now? You know, like those paper gowns they give you at the dermatologist. We're not really leaving the house much anyway. Maybe I'll start an Etsy shop for disposable fashion and save us all some headaches ;)

  10. Super glad I'm not the only one with misheard lyrics, except my version was 'Ready to rock you.' So, in your face, everyone who thought I was cray cray. Shout out, Paul!

  11. You should never feel guilty about the way you're teaching Paul (but you already know that). You're teaching him the joy of discovering something new and exciting, whether it's math or how to spell 'fart' (and I happen to believe that the ability to spell 'fart' correctly is extremely important).

  12. I've wondered about the benefits of being nudists. Except in winter... Love that you get that homeschooling doesn't have to be about books and cramming it all in despite the gorgeous day. So many don't and it drives me crazy. One of my little goals in life is to help new homeschoolers - especially of young children - see that simple and short and choosing to enjoy the day is a good thing!

  13. Dear dear, in Brasil we don't have dryers. It means that between washing and folding, we have to line them, wait hours for them to dry, fold loosely, unfold to iron, iron, and fold tightly. That's a lot of laundry!!! No wonder why people have maids!!!

  14. Love that he has a favorite Vaughan Williams song. That is amazing.

  15. Ready to Whack You? Best mis-heard lyric EVAR!

  16. Ha! I am listening to Vaughan Williams RIGHT NOW! I figured it was the best way to drown out my children's Monday shrieking. My all-time favorite is Fantasy on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. Paul has excellent taste.


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