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Morning Sickness Remedies

My e-friend Lindsey is a doula in Florida (come to Michigan! Be my birth person!) and is here to chat about morning sickness because I kid you not: the terrible feeling of feeling terrible non-stop is the hardest part of pregnancy for me. Not the being huge or the swollen feet or even the actual labor and delivery. No. It's the anticipation of feeling like death gently warmed over and then that anticipation becoming reality that puts the bowling ball of fear right there in my stomach. So this book of hers- this book matters to me. And Lindsey is gonna do the talking! Yay!

Ready? Let's go.


I recently had a doula client that told me an amazing morning sickness remedy. To explain the remedy I suppose I need to give you a little bit of background on her. You see, she tried for years to get pregnant and was not successful. It was such a hard and frustrating journey! She started doing some research and a local midwife told her to “go Paleo” because lots of other women were having fertility success after doing the Paleo diet. Of course, when you’re trying to get pregnant you’ll do just about anything. So Paleo it was. And she got pregnant!

As her pregnancy began to progress, much to her excitement (and dismay) she started to experience the morning sickness. If you’ve been pregnant before you know how hard it can be. All day/night nausea, feeling like death, gagging, vomiting, depression, and decrease in weight… it’s just terrible. So here she is, elated to be pregnant, but not feeling very elated because morning sickness just sucks.

Many of the typical morning sickness remedies recommended to her included things like cereal, bread and other non-Paleo choices. She started looking for alternatives. At her first prenatal appointment her midwife recommended something to her that I’ve personally never heard of or tried. (Oh, how I wish I had tried this. I bet it would have helped.)

My doula client was told to eat a combination of protein and sugar throughout the night each time she woke up to go to the bathroom. So, what she would do was put a stash of ALMONDS and GRAPES in her bathroom (covered of course, she didn’t want anything weird splashing on her food) before she went to bed each evening. Each time she woke up to go to the bathroom (pregnancy bladder for the win!) she would eat a handful of each. After that, back to bed she went.

Wouldn’t you know? This morning sickness remedy worked for her! She said it was a “game changer”! I’m guessing her morning sickness didn’t leave 100%, but by doing this simple morning sickness hack she was able to feel almost normal again. Isn’t that wild!?

The way this remedy works is that it helps our blood sugar levels to remain constant throughout the night instead of becoming low/crashing and therefore making us more susceptible to nausea and vomiting when we wake up. Instead of fasting like we normally would, just grab some grapes and almonds while you go pee. That sounds pretty simple, right?

Side note: Did you know the reason they call breakfast, breakfast is because the meal you eat after you wake up “breaks the fast” you did while you were sleeping? Pregnant women! Eat at night when you go pee! (I guess that means we’ll have to name your first meal of the day something else. Any ideas?)

This remedy and many, many others are all included in my new eBook, Morning Sickness Remedies which released October 1, 2014. One thing I’ve learned from the process of writing this book is that if one remedy isn’t working, you should definitely try something else. Don’t give up! Something might actually work. If you are interested in learning more about Morning Sickness Remedies click  here to visit Mother Rising.

Lindsey Morrow is founder and creative director for Mother Rising, a holistic pregnancy blog. She also has a smaller website called My Best Pregnancy Books that reviews pregnancy, birth and postpartum books. She just released her first eBook, Morning Sickness Remedies (click here to take a gander), on October 1st. Locally, she teaches childbirth classes and is a doula serving the Tallahassee area. Lindsey, her husband and two children enjoy many outdoor activities especially when the weather cools down.

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  1. Great advice! After suffering SO BAD from morning sickness with my first four kids, I found the only thing that helped me get through the 5th and 6th babies was to have my husband bring me a toasted bagel with cream cheese in bed. I would eat it and wait about ten minutes, and then I could actually get up without vomiting. I think the principal is sort of the same, to get your blood sugar under control before you go about your day. Anyway, it was life changing!

  2. Totally makes sense, they recommend a snack of string cheese and grapes before bed with gestational diabetes to keep fasting sugars steady. So... it's the same thing really. But then why doesn't anyone know this?! Cue Dwija and Lindsey the angels of good news for pregos and future pregos everywhere.

  3. My rock-star midwife gave me this very same advice 9 years ago when I was expecting my first. It really works! And then the key to keeping nausea away for the rest of the day is to never let yourself get hungry. I kept a bag of almonds with me at ALL TIMES.

  4. "feeling like death gently warmed over" -- way too accurate! Love these tips!

  5. Wow...really?! I had morning sickness (24/7) with #5 SO BAD. I tried so hard to eat every few hours, b/c I knew I had to keep my blood sugar up. But nothing seemed to help! I couldn't eat, cook, or even walk into the kitchen without gagging. Forget going to the grocery store. But...I never did try snacking throughout the night!


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