Saturday, October 11, 2014

New House Pics: vol. 1

The level of exhaustion. I can't even.


kids, breakfast, clean up house to make it show ready in case we got a call, take 2 kids to riding lessons, take 4 kids with me to the grocery store, pick up 2 kids from riding lessons, back to the house for lunch, clean house again, drop 5 kids off at our friends' house, haul myself and baby to the other side of town to the title office...

2:57 p.m.!  I made it with 3 minutes to spare!
Sign, sign, bounce baby, sign, sign, nurse baby at closing table because ain't nobody got time to worry about whether or not anyone minds, meet sellers, shake hands, ask questions, poke husband so he takes notes because baby is just now falling asleep.

4:16 p.m.- finished!  Keys in hand!

Tommy to the pizza place to pick up dinner, Dwija to friends' house to rescue them from our passel of children, immediate driving to the new place for pizza and coca cola classic (it's always the one and the ONLY way to christen a new house.  period) and juice boxes and cookies and ice cream with no furniture but thankfully plenty of toilet paper.  Much trampoline.  Very barn.  Hiking, walking, climbing.

9:16 p.m. - finally arrive back at current house with many very tired but happy kids and two similarly tired but even happier parents.

Anyway, that's sort of like 7 quick takes about a single afternoon, isn't it?

Today has been different but even more exhausting.  A showing of the current house at 1 p.m. (yay!) (oh, do you wanna see the listing?  Here it is. ), taking the first real load of stuff over there, cleaning up the new place, trying to soothe the neurotic dog panicking because she's never gone down a staircase in her entire life (pro tip, dog: if you don't want to come down the stairs, stop going up them.  Derp.)


We'll call these "before," okay?

No edits.  This is the kind of day postcards are made of.

not the front porch.  this leads to the mud room/laundry room

the view from the side porch into laundry, then kitchen, then den

This will make a great "before" shot, what with all the trash and stuff in it.

Now we've stepped into the kitchen that will very shortly go bye bye (it's the worst room in the place)

Gangam Style in the dining room

many, many, many old monitors and televisions were left for us.  yay....?

now into the den.  Those windows to the right are facing south.

now the south-facing windows are behind me.  Another t.v.?  Yes.

now back into the dining room (you like our table and chair set, I know you do.) Den is to the left, kitchen ahead and right.

3 season porch off the dining room with exterior door that leads to the deck at the side of the pool

View of the 3 season out of the kitchen window

view into the 3 season from the dining room.  Kitchen window on the left.

view of the pool and part of the yard from inside the 3 season.  (ceiling fans EVERYWHERE)

walk back thru the dining room into living room

master bedroom to the left

front door (with covered porch) straight ahead

sitting room on the other side

another view of the sitting room

and then the oldy olderson verticalish staircase with the world's best door

and back around to the built in bookcase and the doorway to the kitchen/dining room
remember the master?

nothing too fancy, but the views, man.  the views can. not. be. beat.

What did I forget?

Oh! Downstairs bathroom...

Is that a pantry next  to the fridge? (mud room on the right)

psych! potty time.
 Hmmm, I wonder how Chombie feels about the new house...


not even the abandoned televisions can mar this sweetness

Wow.  That's good enough for today, right?  How about the rest of the outside and the upstairs later?  Photo overload.  Mea culpa.

Is it naptime?

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  1. That's a lot of t.v.'s. And, the door, the floating door. Love it.

    I can already see the wheels turning in your head.

    Congratulations, Borobia family!!!!!!!!! (2 bathrooms!!!!!!!)

    1. Someone needs to write a love song about 2 bathrooms!!!

  2. Dweej, the house is HUGE! love the yard! So so happy for you. Chombat is adorable as adorable could be! Yay!!!!

    1. The property totally sold us and the house that needs sprucing is, you know, kind of my thang ;) Thank you for your enthusiasm because Lord knows I'm feeling it right now too!!!!!

  3. Holy hugeness!!!! I love it! Just enough done to not be crazy overwhelming but enough to do to make it feel yours and have some fun projects! So great and I'm so happy for you!

  4. Most places charge you to to take Cathode Ray Tube Monitors and TV's. Best Buy will take 3 per visit for free for recycling. You're welcome. Congrats.

  5. love! So many ways to make it your own, and in the meantime still attractive and liveable....unlike some fixer uppers I know, (looking around my own house...)

  6. Looks wonderful, Dwija! That door to the stairs is just the coolest. So excited for you all! Congrats!

  7. That house has so much space!!! Can't wait to see how you fill it all up. (I do love me some good before and after photos!) And the door to the staircase? I think I love it! No need for an annoying baby gate!

  8. Congratulations! That's super exciting!

  9. Yay! Are you moving the almost new playground/swing set?!?!

  10. So much character! Love it and congrats!

  11. Ohhhhh! !! It's great! Can't wait to see the kitchen all dwijafied!!!
    Congrats my sweet friend!

  12. How wonderful! Congratulations to you and your family. I can't wait to see the transformation :)

  13. Charming home, Dwija. So happy for you!

  14. I love it! I totally love it!!! I was walking through and could see it all "finished" so much potential, but already nice & livable. I'm amazed by the size of that laundry/mud room!

  15. Congrats it's beautiful!! And chombat and his smile are Adorbz!!

    <3 Jamie

  16. Ceiling fans are the bomb. Also love the three season porch thing, although I would totally paint the inside of it some light color. Congratulations!

  17. Full of character, in the best sense of the word! Stoked for you, Dwija!

    ..and the baby? Tooo sweet!

  18. Congratulations!

    I grew up in a house with a door in front of the very vertical stairs. It was great! A baby gate was not needed when my grandmother watched my little cousins.

  19. Congrats! You really need a video of the dog coming down the stairs. And doors on stair is awesome! We have half doors at the top and bottom of our stairs and they are so much nicer than barred baby gates. I'm excited to see what colors you paint everything and good luck with showing the old house! =)

  20. Lots of nice homeschooling family living play spaces. How much land is there? That yard looks huge!

  21. How how wonderful!!!! I can see how it will soon be bursting at the seems with abundant joy and love!!! My favorite parts? The door to the staircase. Love. And sitting room? Oh my gosh. You are the first person I have ever heard (other than my family) refer to that space as a sitting room.

  22. Yay! I love house tours! The built in bookshelf is always a winner in my book. As are more than one toilet (seriously). We're in the process of starting to look for one to rent for when we move to Virginia (yes, Virginia in husband is just giddy about all the jokes) and there is just something paralyzing to me about going from oohing and ahhing over pictures to actually making a choice.

  23. It looks wonderful! Congrats to you and your family!!

  24. There's already a lot of personality in that house--it looks great! (And the little guy seems to like it, although I suspect that happy baby would smile at any house you showed him.) I'll look forward to posts showing how you make this place your own after you move in.

    It was so much fun--truly, a total pleasure!--to meet you in person this past Sunday, after reading so many of your blog posts. When you talk, you sound just the way you do when you write!


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