Friday, October 31, 2014

Stupid chickens, photo fails, furniture salvage help (7qt)

 Our current flock of chickens is particularly stupid.  We finally brought them over from the old house and set up the coop near the pole barn because a) the barn has running water all winter and 2) when the roosters decide to crow at 6:47 a.m. I won't have the undeniable urge to punch them in the face with a waffle iron.

Would you like to know where they have been roosting?  Would you? Too bad.  I'm telling you anyway.  ON MY FRONT PORCH.

Sweet pickled petunias.

Last night my big girls came out with me in the pitch black and we manually lugged the three roosters down to the coop and locked them in there so at least we could avoid that murder by small kitchen appliance scenario. When we let them out in the morning, they marched right back up to the house.  Yay.

A few minutes ago it was full-on hailing.  With 45 mile per hour winds.  Were the chickens in the coop that we so lovingly built for them and hauled to a brand new house?

Hellz naw!  They are trying to climb under the propane tank!

Lord have mercy....

We attempted a family photo shoot on Sunday without a remote shutter clicker thing. Again.  That means I had to run to the tri-pod, focus the shot, press the timer button, run back to the group, and then try and get everyone to be looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.


 Now it has suddenly turned winter and all opportunities for a lovely fall family photo for our Christmas card have been wasted so I guess we're going to have to go with Option 2, which involves photoshopping our heads onto stuff.  You can thank my husband for that brilliant brain nugget.

Right after the world's worst photos were taken (couldn't I have put the tripod up high enough?  Why is the camera shooting up our nostrils?  SMH, dweej.  SMH.), this happened:
 That baby is 4 months old.  He can't sit up or roll from stomach to back.  No sir.  But he can....stand?  Make it staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahp.

Yesterday, in an act of real estate desperation, I made a facebook fan page for ye olde House Unseen that's for sale.  You know why?  Because I want my good sofa and my homeschooling table back, dang it!

We're leaving a few items there so it doesn't look sad and desolate when people tour it, but shoot, mama needs her schtuff.  So, you know, say a prayer or seven for the right buyer to see it?

Thank you!   

Oh, you know what birds I don't hate right now?  The ducks.  Despite all the craziness, at least one of them has started laying.  Super coolness, especially because Paul, my non-eating wonder said, and I quote, "These are delicious!"

The other night I was trying to make dinner and my sweet baby was fussy and stuffy nosed and just generally pretty miserable.  My darling second born offered to try and soothe him so I could cook (she knows how hard cooking is for me under ideal circumstances.  Add in a crying baby and you can bet everyone's gonna be eating lettuce dipped in plain yogurt or some such).

A few minutes later, after I realized that the house was quiet, I went to investigate and found this:
 Baby whisperer had not only gotten the fussbudget to sleep, he was sleeping IN HIS BASSINET while she happily kept him company by reading on mama's bed.  Heart burst.

Should I get rid of this or try to turn it into something Pinteresting?
The previous owners left it.  It's a little over 20" tall and about 25" wide at the widest point.  That piece of marble behind it is its top, but it's stained and weighs approximately seventeen quadrillion tons.  If you think it can be salvaged, give me your ideas or links on the comments por favor because dwija = no creativity.

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  1. Can I borrow your baby whisperer for a few years? K thanks!

  2. the family pic is gorgeous. forget photoshop. you re doing great!

  3. keep the furniture. you ll have the perfect idea. just wait, it will0 come.

  4. With screening stapled in, that looks like a great place for new chicks.

  5. That picture is so awesome!!! Seriously, it is good. I even tried to look at it with a critical eye and I still couldn't find anything wrong. :)

    1. I agree too! I can't even get my TWO to look in the same direction!

    2. Uhhh yes. this. My sister is a real photographer and I don't think we've ever had our kids all looking at the camera this much in her photos...and there's only 3 of them.... 0_o Slap it on a Christmas card, mama!!!!

  6. I love your picture, it's great. You don't need to fix it.

  7. Best back-to-back play kitchen ever!!! That is, stove b/w sink. I'm making a play kitchen for my daughter for Christmas, so everything looks like a play kitchen.

    Our chickens are really stupid too. We open the door and put their food in to round them up

    1. ...and half of them always get stuck behind the screen door and can't figure out how to go AROUND it to get to their food. They just push each other into the corner and freak out until we shove them out of there.

  8. mom has THAT EXACT TABLE. If you discover an idea, I assure you I'll steal it. Because I need another project.

  9. Table idea - sounds weird, but it immediately reminded me of a "space ship" thing owned by my friend that I thought was the bees knees. Form a cone that covers the entire top (out of? I don't know.) Put it on, spray-paint the whole thing white (maybe with some red and blue, you know, for USA, NASA or something) and then the little kids can go inside and blast off to their home planet.

  10. Our chickens aren't stupid but one of them is about to get a frying pan in the head because SHE is crowing every morning bright and early! Yes, we have a hen crowing like a danged rooster. Crazy thing.

    Also, I so love your old house. I would totally buy the house unseen sight unseen if my husband could find a job there. Which he is in fact looking for a job FYI since he's unemployed after resigning as a protestant pastor. So if you hear of any jobs in social work, non-profits, or anything in that area really let me know and if he gets the job I swear we'll totally buy your house sight unseen. Keep it in the Catholic, Homeschooling, chicken-raising family, right? :)

  11. For your leftover furniture...Is it ridiculous that the first thought that popped into my head was "playpen"???

  12. What about a Lego table? I've seen Pinterest ones where they put a lego floor thing in the center--and then you could have the boxes of Lego crap inside.

  13. Regarding the fam photo.....
    it's not an official fail if....
    everyone is present..All that could be are
    everyone has eyes do..
    everyone is even looking in the same direction
    everyone is smiling..even the babe has a happy pleasant face.
    That's no fail...
    print 100 and call it a family photo!!!!

    You're doing much better than a lot of us!

  14. You could paint it! Both the top and the bottom. Have you heard of chalk paint? Basically no prep, no smell, lots of colors, inexpensive. It is sold at Kalamazoo Kitty in town -- she even offers classes. You could consign the piece with her too. I'm painting many pieces at my house now and love the look. We have a mutual friend, Jeselyn, if you want to chat more. God Bless! Anne S.

  15. My #6 started standing and walking way too soon. I'm sure he is trying to keep up with your wonderful adventures. Praise God for large families and blessed opportunities to grow in holiness. Continued prayers for you, your family, and the sale of your home.

  16. You could make it into so many things, but what about a family Altar to Our Lady? Can paint (white?), put stained glass sticky paper on the inside glass & either clean up the marble & pit a nice round cloth on it or paint it (or have a simple wooden top made ) & keep your religious books/items inside?

  17. Ahhh, solid wood being a billion pounds. The only downside I think! I hope we start inheriting some solid wood furniture soon because our college-y particleboard stuff just isn't cutting it. Sorry husband.

    ANYWAYS, I think the marble top would seal the deal for me. KEEP IT! And maybe paint it? I know that's blasphemous to some but especially if it was kind of free, why not?!

  18. Hooray for a baby whisperer! Keep the table! It's too beautiful to pitch, Pinterest surely has something to say about a new top!

  19. Liquor cabinet. You're welcome. ;)

  20. 1. Oh my. I didn't know chickens could be that stupid. I can't even...and Mary's comment, my head is exploding!! lol
    2. That family photo is great! It's a keeper!
    3. Okay, you talk about *overachiever*!! You're baby wins!!!

  21. I'd keep the table and probably paint it black or even a fun color. I think you can clean the marble? My marble topped chest gets cleaner each time I hit it with a soapy cloth. And with your love of cleaning products, you'll find the perfect one, lol.

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