Friday, October 03, 2014

5 recipes and a cute baby (7qt) (5 Faves)

My bebeh is going to be 4 months old (!!!) on Sunday, but y'all know I am terrible about checking in with e-land on the weekends these days, so I'll go ahead and show you this hilarious cuteness right now:

"um...what...I don't know what's happening..."

"uh, can you see me, mom?  My butt, is...I can't tell what's happening..."

"I said can you not see me over here???"
So I guess he is both rolling over AND scooting backwards?  No.  I defy this growth.  Still tiny.  Itty bitty.  Newborn.  NB sized clothes only (but no.  Those are 12 month jammies in those photos.  Waaaaaaaaaah.)

The next 5 takes are going to be fave online recipes that we've tried and liked and even I can make them.  Online so that you don't have to buy a cookbook.  You're welcome.

Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas from Melissa d'Arabian

NB: I've loved everything of hers we've tried.  She also has a cookbook (which you don't have to buy, but you can and you will not regret it.  Thanks to Mary of Passionate Perseverance for introducing me to her awesomeness.) called Ten Dollar Dinners which I treasure.

Creamy garlic penne pasta

Vanilla Dutch Baby (puffed pancake)


Potato Soup

via ClanDonaldson
Italian Sausage and White Bean Soup

via Housewifespice
Quickest quick takes that were ever taken: finito!

Also, 5 Favorites.

Multitasking is my superpower.

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  1. The picture for potato soup is HILARIOUS!!!!! I am dying of laughter over here.......

  2. Everything here is yummy... including baby. :)

  3. Had to laugh out loud at the potato soup! HA! Even I can make that!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for these recipes! And happy 4 months to your baby!

  5. lol...I thought the potato soup recipe ws a joke! but nope, there's a real recipe there

  6. LOVE this so very much! Love "Ten Dollar Dinners" so much. I wish she would write a second cookbook! Love to you friend...

  7. Love the potato soup recipe as well...hilarious! Just wondering what color eyes you think your little one will end up having? My one month old's are the same in-between color (dark blue for a kinda grayish).

  8. Laughing so hard at the potato soup. Also. Baby Under A Couch. And you know my love for Dutch babies.

  9. Some of the reviews for the carnitas recipe said that it was bland. Do you use the recipe exactly as written or do you make any changes? Just curious.

    1. I do not find it bland, but we also don't just eat it on a plate like that. The meat is the filling for tacos, which we put cilantro and salsa or whatever people like on their tacos. The two modifications I make are as follows (not for taste but for ease): instead of jalapeno, I use one of those tiny cans of mild minced green chilis and instead of the orange, I just squeeze some lemon juice in there. So overall it is the identical flavor profile. Did I sound fancy saying "flavor profile?"

    2. Yes, you totally did! So, for my totally anti-spicyness children, I wonder if I can just leave the jalapeno/chili's out completely? And a lot of reviewers mentioned using lime or lemon instead of orange so I think they would agree with your changes.

  10. Thanks for the recipes - I'm making the garlic penne for supper tomorrow....I think that I'll add some chicken to it for a little extra protein!

  11. Great now I am hungry. Wait, I'm always hungry.


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