Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New House Pics: vol. 2

I'm aliiiiiiiiiiive!!!

I'm in my hooooooouse...at the taaaaaaaaaaaable...on the iiiiiiiiinternet!

(I hope you sang that in your head while you were reading it.)

So I promised you photos of the upstairs and the outside, right?  Let's do it.

 First though, Mary "reading" to Charlie this afternoon.  It's Are You My Mother?, one of my all time fave kids' books evah:

Messiness level 11, but man...that's a heart melter right there.

Okay, so where did leave off?  Living room...bathroom...

So let's go back to the living room and up those stairs.  C'mon vamanos, everybody let's go!


The stairwell is over that half wall on the left.  This green isn't true to life.  It's...weirder?

the big girls' room (for now)

The views, y'all.  The views out every dang window make a heart sing

Now we head down the teeny hall...

...to the original bathroom on the left.  That toilet? 1927.  Still flushing.  Amaze.

This is "the green room" at the end of the hall.  Enormous.  Right now Paul, Cecilia and Mary are in here.

A view of the other end of the green room.  That's another closet you see on the right.

this is the view as you leave the green room.  Lot's of "interesting" color choices here (I'm looking at you, blue carpet.)  Linen closet at the end of the hall.

Then to the right back to the area with the half wall and stair well.  There are more built ins on the left there.

Ah, there they are.  Terrible photo, but you get the idea.  Storage!  Yay!

Try not to fall straight down this tunnel, m'kay? It's like firefighter training what with this ladder disguised as a staircase...
Ah, the front door.  A fluffy dog.  We go outside now? Yes, let's.
The view to the left as you exit the front door.

The view of the front door after you exit the porch

It was raining, literally, when I took these, so every single one is from the shade of a tree.  Trampoline is off to the right, house is on the left.  Playset and barn straight ahead.
 runrunrunrunrun thru the rain...

This is the view from underneath the playset.  There was a dog breathing down my neck as I took this.
runrunrun to that spruce tree you see above....

the back of the house from the spruce.  the pool fence is there on the right

Still standing under the spruce- can you see the little bench in that small cluster of trees?
 run run run to the bench!
Made it.  Go me. This is the house and playset and wet dog (lower right) from the bench

And the view of the property from the bench.  The yard ends at the fence, but outside the fence is The Rest (13 acres in all)

Looking straight up from the bench.  Not.  Too.  Shabby.

And here's the barn, over yonder.  Shall we go through that door on the left?  We shall, we shall.

Voila!  It's like a carport, but for tractors or whatever.  We'll figure it out eventually....?

Out the back of the barn.  It was POURING rain at this point and I just had to not go any further.  There's a pumpkin patch over that ridge, though.  Like a LEGIT pumpkin patch.  Crazy. 

Exiting that door- the view of the house and bench and stuff...

This is outside the yard fence on the opposite side of the bench tree grove thingy.  Apple trees!  Don't they look like Christmas ornaments?

Over to the left is this amazing maple.  I just love it and it's mapliness
run run run thru the rain to stand under the mapley maple and take this final photo of the house...

Ta da!

Wow.  I probably shouldn't have put the upstairs and the outside together, huh?  And really half the photos were unnecessary because they're, you know, pictures of some grass and trees.  Which you can see by, like, driving around and junk.  And I'll stop talking now.  Because it's late.  And sorry for all the pictures.  Hope I didn't break the internet.
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  1. Gorgeous, all of it! Can't wait to see it when you get moved in with furniture and such. So happy for you!

  2. Beautiful... all of it (except maybe the blue carpet and scary stairs!) :) So jealous of the outdoors from my "fall doesn't exist" Phoenix.

  3. Awesome! I especially love the yard! Did you take pictures of the pool or did I totally miss them?

    1. Derp! I forgot! It's covered for the winter right now, but I'll try to get some if it will ever quit raaaaaaaaining.

  4. Fun tour! It is gorgeous! So happy for you all!!

  5. This place is magical!!! I'm SO happy for you guys!

  6. I really love this SO SO so much! I was a little sad to have you all leave "House Unseen" (is that weird?), but am genuinely SO happy for you all! I grew up on 13 acres of land & it was a blessed time & a magical place. It's awesome, though! SO much potential for even more awesomness. ...i was laughing inside when I was visualizing you running from tree to tree in the rain. Too funny ;)

  7. Not too many pictures at all! Seeing all the trees and grass from your perspective as you run in the rain was just about perfect. Congratulations! Oh and that bathroom is gorgeous!

  8. So much space! So many acres! I love every single bit of it and even though I never take baths, I do love a gorgeous claw foot bathtub!!!!!! So cool!

  9. It is gorgeous!! The outdoor pics make my the nature lover in me swoon...and that bath tub?! When can your readers come over for a dip, lol.

  10. Gorgeous! I am glad that you posted all the outdoor photos. It is a beautiful property!

  11. So excited for you -- what a great find, and a great fit for your family!

  12. It's completely lovely, and I can't believe it all happened so fast for you guys. But woman, come on now, tell us, is there more than one bathroom? And what's the master like? Inquiring creepers need to know!

    Maximum jealousy over your acreage. We would have to move slightly east to get that kind of room. Like to Kansas, actually...

  13. I thought I commented last night but I guess it got eaten. I'm so glad you shared all the yard pictures with the trees and everything. I live in the desert and we have a tiny yard and no views out the windows, so it's refreshing to see such loveliness!

  14. Want weird carpet color choices? We had this dark pinkish-purple-redish in the master for a few years until we redid all the floors : )

  15. I think the maple tree is my favorite. I'm a sucker for a tie-dye autumn tree. I do so love home tours and yours is just lovely. I can't wait to see the pumpkin patch!

  16. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You have a riding mower, right? And maybe a tractor? Or a tractor that doubles as a riding mower? Because you're going to need them.

  17. So, the glider rocker with an ottoman is a must-have in your house, too? Man, I love those things. Love love love. Also, the door to your upstairs is still the coolest thing ever. Thanks for the virtual tour, I have been cheering with you (and singing your happiness, per the beginning of this post) the whole time!

  18. It really looks wonderful, and I love all the fall colors welcoming you to your new home right now!

  19. Oh gosh! It looks truly amazing. Truly! Can hardly wait to see it in all of its winter wonderland splendor!!! Shoot, I bet you could pay off the mortgage in no time giving sleigh rides in the winter. Just need to purchase the horse and sleigh ;)

  20. Looks lovely-so much character! How many bedrooms is it?

  21. I love it!! Congrats: so glad it worked out. Can't wait to see you put your personal touch on it. :)

  22. I want a new house. (Sung to the tune of Huey Lewis' "I Want a New Drug"...)

  23. I love love love it!!!!! How beautiful!! What a gorgeous place to live!! Great job on the photos. Loved all of them. Have y'all spent the night there yet?

  24. AMAZING!!!!! WOW!! South Louisiana doesn't get too much fall, and that sort of acreage. Holy moly. That's incredible. My mind is blown. Vacation 2015, I'll hit you up, sista. You won't even know we are there. lol

  25. Oh my GOSH I love your trees!!!!! Houses are cool and all, but TREEEEEEEEESSSSS. Sigh. Such splendiferous, beautiful trees. :) So happy for you all!!!


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