Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Bathroom Questions Answered (5 faves)

Welcome to 5 favorites: the Stuff We Did to the Bathroom edition!

I promised to answer your combox questions yesterday but there were conveniently FIVE of them, so here's the second post in a row about our quicky, cheapo bathroom reno.  You're welcome.


What did you do to that bathtub?!? Did it involve the bartering of first-born children?

The bathtub!  It's the same bathtub, I assure you.  Isn't it lovely?  Truly, the bathtub and the toilet were both quality (American Standard), and that was a huge blessing in this here project.  Wanna know how I got it to be white instead of orange?  One of my truly favorite products (chemical as all get out, but the ONLY thing that really, really, always works on rust stains):

The Works
 Yes, I use toilet bowl cleaner on my bathtub.  Ain't no shame.

What do you have going on over there, child labor?

(courtesy of the Gram de Insta)

What did you do to the ugly tiles? Paint them, scrape them off?

Ah, the walls.  I thought they were going to be a HUGE hassle, but they were totally, totally not.  They were blue floral tileboard when we started.  We just sanded, wiped, primed, then painted.  I am newly obsessed with the paint we got, though.  Worth the extra $3 or whatever

Dutch Boy Kitchen and Bath
The color is called "Capital Hill" which is on the cool, grey side of white.  It looks really nice against the bright white everything else in the room without things looking too sterile or monochromatic in person.

Isn't the worst part that you didn't do it sooner so you could live in it like this?

Preach it, girl. When we moved in, the bathroom was actually the BEST room in the house.  Crazy but true.  So it was the last one to get a little love, the poor thing.  My only consolation if the whole house deal falls through will be that we are going to be living the high life in our old to us/new feeling casita.

And is the bathroom surround really as easy as it looks to replace? Because you had such a quick turnaround and it seriously looks amazing! 

I wanna say yes to this question.  Yes, it was easy.  But you guys....all room redos are gonna make you and your family nuts.  Especially if it's the one bathroom and you have six people that need to use the toilet.  And it's really humid.  And you're sweating.  And you can't take a shower.  Delicious.

But yes, it was easy.  The sheet of tileboard along the long side of the bathtub we had to rip off.  It was in really bad shape.  The sheets in the shower along the short sides of the tub were still fine enough for us to just put the surround over.  But it wasn't a surround!  We used "waterproof wall panels."  Lemme see if I can find it online...

Plas-tex White Waterproof, Interior Wall Panel
Check out that price, people!  And it's lightweight and you can cut it with scissors.  Totally amazing.

Put it up with a special adhesive, seal your seems with bathroom caulk and you are doney doney done done.

Ta da!  All the questions answered.  I think.  If I missed yours, tappy it in the combox right here.

Wanna come over?  You can totally use my bathroom. 

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  1. Crap. I just wanted to take the wallpaper down in my bathrooms but now I'm thinking that I have no reason not to strip down the salmon and blue tiles too...

    1. I bet you could paint the tiles! Google it. I think it's possible. Paint is so magical.

  2. I don't get the tile thing. Is tile board not really tile? So you made it smooth? Or it still looks like tile?

    I really admire how you know when to stop. I'd be all, "Nobody will ever buy this house if it does not have [insert recent fashion/invention]." You left everything that was functioning well in place, cleaned it up, and made it so that some fool with money burning a hole in my pocket will say, "Oh, we could fix this up!" Instead of, "Well, we could film a post-apocalyptic movie in here to pay for the reno.", which is kinda what I would say if I were looking at the before pics....You are an amazingly cheerful woman for someone who was showering in that bathroom!

    I love the crazy house you live in now, but I'm happy that you've found something that may suit you better!

  3. Ah, Plas-tek walls! I have some of the sheets sitting in my spare room waiting to become a tub surround in our bathroom. I'm glad that you like them. I was having second thoughts about using them. You have inspired me to finish that project.

  4. Now I need to equally inconvenience my family by taking the only shower out of commission to do the same thing!

  5. We have rust in our shower and nothing has worked to get it off! Love the toilet bowl cleaner idea. What do you do, exactly? Just put some on there, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub?

  6. You should open a reno company. You are professionals. You are my heroes because, you know, renoing the bathroom AND keeping able to use it? I take my hat off to you. I would have kids peeing on the grass or in a bucket!

  7. Awesome awesome! I'm so excited for your bathtub cleaner recommendation because we got some ugly (UGLY) tubs to get all glossy over at the new place!


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