Monday, September 15, 2014

Everything you didn't want to know about us selling and buying houses

The best time to do crazy things is when everything is already crazy. That's how I like to roll, at least.  So there's a newborn and a new school year and a house we're trying to buy and this house we're getting ready to sell and it's all happening at a breakneck pace and that's cool, man.  That's cool.  Because once it's OVER, we can immerse ourselves in Thanksgiving and Advent and Christmas without all of this hanging over our heads.

And what is this anyway?  The kids keep asking me "so are we for SURE getting that other house?" and I keep answering them "well, we're trying."  Because what "this" is is appraisals on both houses, well and septic inspections on both houses, an overall inspection on the one we're hoping to buy, and then a lickety-split listing of our current place the very second we close on the new one.  And that of course means fixing up that bathroom (Which you already witnessed!  Hallelujah!), tying up a hundred loose ends everywhere else inside, AND giving la casa a much needed dose of curb appeal

This is why late summer is the best time to work on your house.  Happy baby means happy mama.

This is what we worked on the weekend that our power was out.  Oh, did I neglect to wax on and on about that fine occurence?  Well, you're welcome.

Group effort, friends.  Group effort.

And in case you needed more proof that my husband is awesome: he is paying them to do this stuff.  And then they try to decline the money and then he insists and then they thank him profusely and everyone is happy.

Of course the old post rotted out 2 weeks ago (timing, timing, timing) so we put in a new one and decided to fancy it up.  This is an "in process" shot.  Those rocks we excavated 3 years ago from what is now our garden.  So thrifty!

Not a mansion, but quite homey I think.

The finished mailbox project.

and a view of the same from the front porch
Makes you happy, right?  I mean, let's say this house was SURPRISINGLY below your price range.  You would totally stop in and give it a look, wouldn't you?  That's what I thought!  Clearly this is a scientific survey so I'll be putting all my eggs into that one imaginary encouraging words basket.  Thanks!

But really, I'm getting a tiny bit jumpy.  Closing is supposed to happen in less than two weeks and we don't have the results of our appraisal back nor the well and soil tests on either house nor have the "items" we requested of the sellers been completed.  Oh, and the future-house appraisal hasn't even be scheduled. I know we have time but I can't seem to shake the feeling that there's SOMETHING I'm supposed to be doing right now that I'm totally forgetting to do. 

Not sure if actually have free time Or just forgetting everything - Not sure if actually have free time Or just forgetting everything  Futurama Fry

Deep breath.

Wash some laundry.

 Drink a beer.
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  1. Oh man, buying/selling a house is totally full of those moments. It feels like every second that goes by waiting on something is putting the whole thing in jeopardy. And shouldn't I be calling someone/filling out some papers/SOMETHING? Way to go on sprucing up the house, and keeping a positive outlook. I hope everything lines up for you!

  2. The work you've done on your current house looks great! Just a heads up though, if all of that has not been done and you're supposed to close in two weeks, you're probably not closing on time. It is the job of your real estate agent and loan officer to make sure those things get taken care of in a timely manner. If they are not doing that for you, then I would recommend getting on their case about it. Just because it's unlikely to close on time doesn't mean it's unlikely to close at all, so don't panic-- just stay on top of your team. To give you an idea of how the timing should work, we have a 30 day escrow and are closing on our house this Friday; the appraisal and disclosures were all taken care of a couple weeks ago and we're signing the final docs tonight.

  3. Do some laundry, drink a beer. I think you've got it covered! :) Good luck with EVERYTHING!!!!!

  4. You can't go wrong with curb appeal!
    That is the first thing I look at. kitchen
    Hopefully it sells before Advent..Good luck

  5. I love the mailbox! Everything is coming together and sending prayers that all things go your way!!

    Enjoy that beer! And sunshine since up north it's freezing... ;)

  6. Prayers and more prayers! Same boat here! Love the red mailbox!!

  7. Love everything!!! The red mailbox is awesome and the front looks so inviting! Prayers for easy transitions for everything ;)

  8. We are in a very similar situation. Here's hoping both out newly vacated houses sell quickly!!

  9. We are about to sell our house, which we moved out of a month ago. After a few weeks about thinking about renting it out, we decided to sell and be done with it. We already did all the annoying cleaning/repairing though. It's amazing how one can live with something icky for years, but then think, "We can't let prospective buyers see this!"

    We weren't sure if we were going to move/sell until a last minute job transfer, at which point I was so glad we had gone ahead and done the kitchen and some other big tasks back in the spring. So, no matter what happens with you guys on this particular deal, it's always better to have this work already done. Fate favors the prepared.

    Good luck with everything!

  10. I love seeing everyone contribute! Keep in mind that many times a closing can get delayed but will still happen. We have bought and sold 5 houses in 3 different states, and it is always stressful but I love your plan.

  11. Lookin' good! And the mailbox??!! Yowzer! I love it!

  12. Oh my gosh, I feel ya... I feeel yaaa... I FEEEL ya! Did I ever tell you we're in the middle of currently carrying THREE homes? Yipper! Shaun's oldest daughter's home (an hour away). Our current home (his grandmother's home that he gutted and totally rebuilt and thought he'd live here forever and said he'd never do it again and it was perfect for him as a bachelor) and a house we bought a couple of years ago at a City auction and are (surprise surprise) totally gutting and rebuilding that one too.... (Never say never Shaun-boy). The one we'll eventually live in (the gutted one) he never even saw. I bought it while he was at lunch and called and told him at work that I bought a house. Loving, trusting husband... crazy wife. We still have a ton to do and don't expect to be able to be there until 3 years from now but we've dealt with the house listing, house renovations, babies underfoot, fun fun crazy crayzee and I totally hear ya, but you're doing great and everything looks awesome! Praying for you!!!

  13. Your houses's curb appeal is fantastic!! And may I ask where you got the play set in the yard? My husband and I have been wanting to get one for our grandkids but they moved a little over a year ago so we waited. But they don't want to stay in the new house (long story) so it is going on the market in a few months. We may as well wait some more so they don't have to take up and haul the thing with them. The oldest will be 10 by that time but his 3 younger siblings can still enjoy it for years.

  14. It looks so great!
    We're right there with you, just now, trying to keep our house clean and show-worthy while it is full of small children and teenage boys. It's just no bueno.

  15. I was glad to see you didn't spend a ton on your bathroom reno. We sold a house this past summer, and we did a pretty cheapo bathroom job on it. It didn't cost a whole lot but it took gallons of sweat and frustration. Anyway, the folks that bought the place promptly moved in and gutted the bathrooms-both of them-including trashing the claw foot tubs I had just repainted the undersides of and the new vanity we put in. My BIL, the Lowe's delivery man, saw it with his own eyes when he delivered a new fridge to them. So, moral of the story is don't spend too much on cosmetic fixes because your buyer might just smash them all anyway.

    1. You are right on, Emily. That was our mantra. "They're just going to tear this out. They're just going to tear this out." :)

  16. Just discovered your blog today, and it is amazing how your "niche" is just where we're at, too. And how common our history is - we lived in Los Angeles, and spent 15 years in SW MI in Berrien County. Will love following your family's escapades!


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