Friday, September 12, 2014

Ceci speaks, semi-girliness, happy videos (7qt)

Let's shoot out of the gate with four totally true quips from this firecracker of a child because letting my kids write a post for me is just my kind of lazy:

Cecilia, while modeling for Tommy her "hula hula" outfit (bathing suit shown above with a red skirt on the bottom): ...AND I wore it to co-op today!

Tommy: Wow, is that true?

Cecilia: Yes! And everyone was AMAZED (complete with jazz hands).

Tommy: Really?!

Cecilia: No.  Not really.

Cecilia: I know why Chombie knows that love is good even though he's tiny and doesn't know anything else.  Because God is the one who made him!

{sometimes kids' natural understanding of the most important elements of theology blows me away}

Cecilia: That hallway didn't smell the way I imagined it would.

After Cecilia (4) told Paul (7) a story about when she was a tiny baby...

Paul: Wow,  how do you remember that?

Cecilia: My brain is hearsal.

Paul: Does "hearsal" mean your brain is really strong and has more batteries than mine?

Cecilia: Yep

Hey.  Cecilia's future husband.  Good luck!

Looky what I did yesterday!

Oh yes, I've jumped on the fancy nail train.  Lindsey (you can order from her shop here) sent me my very first set of Jamberry nails.  I've styled my photo with my favorite variety of cheapstastic beer to balance out the whole experience.  Wouldn't want y'all to start thinking I'm some sort of style poseur or anything.  

Anyway, full review (and I think maybe a giveaway? coupon?  Something.) to come as soon as I abuse the heck out of them, but so far I REALLY like them.  Super duper fun.  And I am harsh on nails.  Polish never ever lasts, even when I used to have it done professionally.

And what's better for making quick takes quick than videos?  Nothing.  Nothing is better.

From Mary Kate:

And to wrap it up with a semi-cultured punch, more musicy, less hilariousy, but tres awesomey:

Happy weekend!

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  1. First off "About the Bass" is my toddler's jam. He loves all versions. But the Post Modern Jukebox version is a nice change of pace!

    Secondly, Jamberry. I can't wait to hear a full review. I hope you understood what I meant by the flat iron yesterday (way too late to be useful) but I've found that toasting my little wrap like a marshmallow is easier than turning on the hair dryer 10+ times and trying to keep the wrap from blowing away on top of it.

    Thirdly, Cecila is maybe my favorite of your kids today. She cracks me up in her wise ways.

  2. I love your nails!

    I admit, I haven't gotten that girly quite yet, but I *did* finally force myself to admit that I like sparkley nail polish on my toes . . . :)

  3. The DuckTales video was so cute (baby ducks!!!) and brought back way too many memories of watching the show. I was able to sing along with the theme song even 25 years later!

    That PostModern Jukebox video was fantaaastic and is officially my favorite song of today!

  4. Is it bad that my favorite part of this post was the Milwaukees Beast making an appearance ;)

    Love the nails and the spark in that little Cecilia! :)

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