Monday, December 01, 2014

3 week redux (mommy blog alert)

So you know what's weird?  I didn't know, when I was a kid living in Michigan, that it was not normal for the sun to set at 10:30 p.m. in the summer but at 4:30 p.m. in the dead of winter.  Over here on the west side of the state it's even more dramatic because we are about as far west as you can get in the eastern timezone so, you know, it's kind of like living in two totally different places every six months.

Anyway, we've entered into the dark part of the year (super appropriate for Advent and one of the things that makes celebrating the liturgical seasons feel really natural here) so instead of running back outside after dinner like they do in the summer, we're "enjoying" a lot of very, very, very noisy indoor play after dinner these days.  Very.  Noisy.
Paul is banging on those "drums," Cecilia is clacking castanets, and Mary has turned the auto-play music on on the keyboard out of frame.  The baby is banging on the floor with a rattle.  Tommy is wailing a sweet tune.  Be jealous.  Be v.v.v.v. jealous

But when it's not dark, this house is fantastical for my budding bird watchers.  There's a feeder down the hill- just far enough away that the birds feel safe, but close enough that they can see them really clearly, especially with the binoculars.  Katy and Paul spent an entire afternoon cataloging the dozens of birds that came for a snack after the freak snowfall caught them all off guard the week before Thanksgiving
A rousing game of Bendominoes later that evening in front of the wood stove made it pretty much the stuff that happy childhoods are made of for my biggest boy.
Wow.  Pre-haircut.  Zoinks.  Much Paul McCartney.

What else?  Oh, you probably don't remember this, but Lizzy was Duchess in the HPA Kids production of  The Aristocats.  Their shows were the Saturday before Thanksgiving and it was so, so fun seeing all these kids, little kids!, dancing and singing and performing their little hearts out.  So fun.  Anyway, it's a good thing that Katy got this sweet shot of Lizzy and Cecilia together...
Because the rest of the photos I found on the camera looked like this:

And this:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this.

But now the show is over just in time to give us more free time for our Advent Preparationing and I'm preeeeeeeeeetty stoked.  Then right on cue, Elise of With Joy Caligraphy sent me this lovely downloadable printable from her Etsy shop.

Isn't it sweet?  I feel like it would be perfect for my big girls' room.  What do you think?  Where would you hang it?  I have a white frame I'd like to use around it.

Is that a weird place to stop?  I feel like I need to close with...something.  Oh!  How about this hilarious video I've been cracking up about all night?  Yes, that'll do quite nicely.

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  1. That video is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. :) A blest Advent to you and your family!

  2. I nearly skipped the video, but then I thought, "Has Dwija ever posted a non-funny "funny video"? No she has not."

    I love it!

  3. haha, thank you for the late night laugh! And the print is beautiful! :)

  4. I swear I can HEAR that after-dinner jam session. You had me at "auto music on the keyboard"!

  5. Oh goodness, that video is now going to be saved on my computer for when I have a bad day! Also, it's a nice counterpoint to the Pentatonix Christmas album that arrived in my mailbox today.

  6. glad to know it isn't just my house that is crazy with noise in the evenings. i keep thinking adevnt is supposed to be peaceful... hahaha, yeah right!

    Love the video, sharing that with my teens!

  7. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a din of random instruments rising from the living room.

    1. I just had a though, is the crazy, family jam thing a side effect of homeschooling or do "normal" families do this, too? Just a random

  8. It's good to know my house isn't the only noisy one! Love your kids humorous photos! And that rappin'/singin' video put a huge smile on my face! I saw the bloopers, but man how did they not burst out laughing ever! :) Happy New year!


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