Saturday, December 06, 2014

Feast on this feast day!

Happy St. Nicholas day, friends!  We've always celebrated this feast day as a family, but it's become even more special to us since our own saint Nicholas started interceding on our behalf from heaven last year.

It's been a great day so far, too.  His prayers (and yours!) always make these sorts of days so filled with grace.  Chocolate and presents in the shoes, a morning of family games on the wii, putting up our outdoor Christmas decorations in the afternoon, meeting one of our new neighbors (he was really nice and it turns out his granddaughter used to sit with my Lizzy on the school bus back when she used to ride the school bus.  Don't you absolutely love that sort of thing?) and just in general really living every minute of this day in our home as a family.

One of my closest friends even surprised me in the morning with an adorable set of Zeh Scherzer china plates from Bavaria that she found and just knew I would love.

The built in feast days are such a gift of the Church, you know?  The communion of saints, being able to call them our friends and celebrate them every year is....I don't know.  Kind of amazing?  Yeah.  Amazing.

Last year, for the first St. Nicholas day post Nicholas, Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas sent us The Legend of Saint Nicholas If you don't have this beautiful book, I highly recommend it even if you don't have a special relationship with St. Nicholas.  Even if you don't have kids, this book is a gem.
It's only fitting that a year later, on a feast day that means so much to me, I can tell you about her new ebook More Feasts ! which is a sequel to their first book, aptly named  Feast!

From the book's order page:
More Feasts! features 10 new liturgical year recipes (all gluten-free!) as well as reflections on the liturgical seasons and activities for celebrating the Christian Year. Begin observing Advent by focusing on the liturgical seasons and special saints days!

As far as I'm concerned, you could buy the book just for the picture on the cover and still get your money's worth.  I mean, mouth watering for miles, amiright?

But inside you'll find really delicious DOABLE recipes (y'all know about me and the kitchen and our tenuous relationship of tenuousness...) as well as crafts that might very well become the traditions that define your kids' memories of celebrating Holy Days with their family.

I'm especially excited about trying the Yemas de Santa Teresa in honor of St. Teresa of Avila because a) everyone loves deserts, b) the ingredients are things even I always have in the kitchen, c) I love to give my kids a chance to explore the Spanish side of their heritage, and most importantly d) St. Teresa of Avila is basically a rockstar.  She and I are muy simpatico, y'all.

To make the deal even sweeter, More Feasts! is just $3.99 with the original book, Feasts!, being on sale for just $4.99.  I'm not very good at math, but it seems to me like you could get BOTH books for less than ten doll-hairs and wow, that's a pretty sweet deal. BUT!  You can get an even sweeter deal by using promo code HAPPYFEAST for an additional 25% off.  IloveitIloveitIloveit.

I hope you're feasting on this feast day.  May St. Nicholas bring you lots of gold and pickles and calm seas!

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  1. I lost my baby, too, back in 2007, on the Feast of Saint Nicholas. So we both have a Nicholas interceding for us in heaven.

    God bless.

  2. We love St. Nicholas Day too! I've been thinking about getting Haley's books, so thank you for sharing the discount code. Also, I just read your most recent birth story (I'm a bit late to the game, I know). But wow! It was so beautiful.


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