Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12 in 2014 - The Link Up

Thank you so much for spending another year with us.  As usual, it's been crazy and wonderful and surprising.

Hey, if they ever make a chick flick about me starring Mandy Moore, they could totally call it that: Crazy Wonderful Surprise.

En-ee-weigh.  Welcome to the third annual sharing of the photos.  It's the perfect time for new readers to get your year paraphrased and for old readers to take a walk down memory lane, don't you think?

Let's photo, y'all.

January was smack dab in the middle of one of the winterest winters in Michigan history.  I took some preventative measures; was so grateful for our newest one, as yet unborn; snapped some ridiculous moments; and saw my very first picture ever of mister John Charles.

Oh February.  Why you always gotta do me like that?  I chose this photo because man, we are just so *inside* during February.  Just there, in our jammies, snowed in, trying to remember what the sun feels like. We went to the Kzoo Air Zoo then I tried some new concealer and went ballistic about the snow situation.  Then I got to pray for this lady, and that was really good.

 March marked the beginning of our birthday season, with that Munchkin on the left turning 4 and that not-so-Munchkin on the right turning 13.  They are alike yet not at all alike and they love each other.  But my gosh, the winter that would never end heaped a sweet -5 degrees on us in MARCH.  Oh my holy bad word. And I cried a lot during Mass (as usual during Lent, especially if pregnant).  And then I posted more pics of my kids and just generally felt really emotional and junk.

 Oh sweet, sweet April.  Springtime of glorious majesty.  Wonderment of wondiferous happiness.  Easter! My playset plan unveiled! The Something Other than God book trailer!  Much happy.  So goodness.

 Ah yes, the epic selfie whilst 36ish weeks pregnant. The new flock of birds up in my house.  And a question from the combox.  In between all of that was a LOT of belly/not born baby discussion.  A. Lot.

 Sigh.  He arrived.  From this gargantuan belly emerged this most perfect little person.  Remember the one hour homebirth?  Good times, good times.  And then, right around the 4 week mark, my brain fried, as one's brain does.  (Somehow we managed squeezed in three other people's birthdays that month, too, but I'm really fuzzy on how that all went down...)

Summer is so sweet after a winter so brutal.  Here's the 4th of July, my quick tip for making grown up friends, and some answers to some homeschooling questions.

Every year we wrap up our birthday season at the end of  August.  Paul turned 7 and got an AirSoft AR-15.  I'm preeeeeeeeetty sure he tried to sleep with it under his pillow.  It probably has a name.  Oh, this was also the month of the lip synch video!  Totally fun.  AND this is also when we started shopping around for a new house and fixing the old one up even more.

Will you just look at that enormous crocodile tear on her cheek? I wouldn't let her go and get run over by the dump truck delivering fill-dirt on the first day of school.  I'm so mean.  Luckily the magical camera of happiness appeared and VOILA, instahappy.  We also overhauled our old bathroom this month, talked about why we were thinking about moving out of the House Unseen, and chatted a bit about the magic of having Big Kids.  We did a LOT of work that month.  Oh boy.

 But it all paid off because look, new house!  Chombat approves.  Here's a photo tour of the inside, and a tour of the outside, if you're into that sort of thing.  And even if you're not, know that this place is magical.  Like....a miracle.

Our first Halloween then our first Thanksgiving, then our first Advent, now our first Christmas.  We moved in and jumped right into the thick of life, didn't we?  I thought a lot about putting more effort into my role as homemaker because of all of that.  Then we shined some floors and we prayed for Nicole.


And here we are.  A little mommy bloggin', a little nostalgia, and not a blogging break- just a breather.

Merry Christmas!  I can't wait to see the photos you'll choose to share this time around.  Last year was very, very difficult.  This year was so full of blessings.  And through it all we've walked together.  It's good, you know?  It's good.

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  1. So many smiles in those photos. Clearly your beautiful family is full of joy, even through the hard times. All the best to you in the coming year!

  2. There is so much cuteness going on in your pictures! :)

  3. Your family has Joyful smiles all year! It was an exciting journey to share your house sell/buy experience and see the precious baby pics! Wishing abundant blessings for 2015!

  4. Thank you for hosting, Dwija! Your family is beautiful.

  5. Thanks for hosting such a fun link-up! Your pictures are great!

  6. Grace over my shoulder on October's photo: "haaaa that's a pretty happy boy!!" Going to work on digging thru my photos now!

  7. That still is one, amazing, epic selfie.
    Thanks again for hosting...without any pestering from anyone I'm sure!

  8. I look forward to this link-up every year. :) Thanks for the glimpst into your life, Dwija!!

  9. Thanks for hosting Dwija! That was fun!

  10. Found you thanks to Christine. What an adventurous life you lead! Had fun linking up a quick post. :-)

  11. This is a great link up. Thank you for hosting Dwija. I am enjoying updates in review from my 'old' favorite bloggers and discovering some new ones to follow, too.

  12. Love, love, love all your photos, Dwija! Thanks so much for hosting this link up. :)

  13. Dweej, your people are so gorgeous, inside and out. Thank you for always sharing your joy with us.

  14. awesome! i still have 29 days before the linkup ends :) whew! I have time to crank up my post..

  15. Great link up, and of course, adorable pictures. (Helps a lot that the kids are that cute!)

  16. I love your pics! Through good and bad, blessings and suffering… it is all good. Isn't it? Here is to another year.

  17. What a blessed year for you. I loved reading about it! Thanks for hosting a link up again and God bless 2015!

  18. Wow, you did get a lot done! Such a beautiful family.

  19. Thanks for the inspiration! It took forever to put together, but somehow I managed to compile our year in photos and text among the screaming, yelling, meals, putting of kids to bed, etc. I know you get it! Awesome photos, btw, and your year in review is precious! Congrats also on the new baby.:)

  20. I *love* Mandy Moore movies! I don't take enough photos for this particular link-up, but I posted my own version of a year in review late last night/this morning. (lindsayloves.com) Happy new year!

  21. Such a beautiful family! Thanks for the inspiration to recap our year too!

  22. Thank you, Dwija!!
    LOVEd you photo reflection!
    God bless and happy new year!

  23. Okay Paul looks like, twelve in that last picture. What the heck??? Also now I'm having flashbacks to your enormous belly... Gotta go for twins next time just to beat that!

  24. Dwija,
    This is my first time visiting your beautiful blog and family, but I remember your jumping for joy photo with you holding Jennifer Fulwiler's book. Maybe your photo was on Jennifer's blog or Facebook page, I can't remember :) I met Jennifer back in March at a Catholic Conference (and of course I blogged about the meet up!) so now we are like best friends ;-) LOL!

    I linked up at #109! Thanks so much for hosting and happy and blessed new year to your beautiful family! :)

  25. So I had 12 in 12 as my working title for my post for at least 2 weeks because that was what it was the first time I did this link up and it finally dawned on me right before I hit publish that...it's 2014. And I love how many people are feeling a compulsive need to post 14 photos :)

    So happy this was a wonderful year for you all!! I am feeling the same glorious new house feelings...it's the best thing ever to have a nice space to call home!!

  26. I'm late but I linked up!!

    What a year. You have a gorgeous family, a rocking new house, and that selfie. Sending you hugs!

  27. LOVE IT!! love it all! What a great post :) Glad I found you (and linked up, too)! What a great year :) Oh, and I literally LOL'd at August "Probably has a name" - yeah, I think ALL of my brothers have given all of their airsofts names, as well. They just wont tell LOL

  28. Just lovely. Winter finally started here and I'm a little cranky because of it. It's good to remember we got a two month reprieve this year compared to last :)


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