Saturday, December 20, 2014

6 months

It's the first day of our Christmas break, everything has finally been moved out of the old house, our parish Christmas pageant is on the books (it's the fifth pageant in a row my kids have done with the same church  I can't believe that that's a thing.) and I feel like I can breeeeeeeeeeeeathe again.  Aaaaaaaaaah.

Did you watch Elf with us last night?  Gosh I love that movie.

JC turned 6 months old on the 5th of December.  Maybe before he's 7 months, I should post these?  Yes.

What a love he is. You would definitely want to give him the never ending squench.

Trying his hand at Monsieur SuspiciousPants .  I'll score it a 7.

If only my boots weren't photobombing these shots, y'all.  Oh, and that Little People garage.  And that pair of socks.  And....well, whatever.  He is seriously CUTE.  I mean, I look at him practically all day and I still can't stop thinking he is so cute.  Whew.


6 months
22 pounds
19 inch head
2 bottom teeth
Sits on his big booty like a champ
Only rolls from back to tummy ( and only toward his left) 
Says "Dadadadada!" and I think he means it
Loves banana
Tolerates plain yogurt
Has tried a little egg
Loves playing horsey on anybody's knee

Immobile baby of multiple older siblings serving him privilege, we love you!

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  1. He is so expressive! He has he sweetest smile! You can tell he is very loved and loves a lot in return!

  2. Did not even notice the boots or socks, just all the CUTE!

  3. Chombie is so cute!! Gus only rolls from his back to tummy too, but he can't sit up yet. He's strong enough, he just gets so intense about grabbing things and playing with things and uses all his concentration on that and none on the sitting!

    I wish we had watched Elf last night! Dave has a thing about saving Elf for Christmas Eve, it's like an intense keeping Advent holy thing except it has nothing to do with Advent and holiness. It's just his thing. ;)

  4. He's so cute, Dwija! I love baby Christmas photo shoots. Lucia was born on Dec. 5, so when we had her newborn pictures taken you know I had some of her cuddling a stocking and wearing a Santa hat and all that!

  5. I'm so calling dibs on your next one ;) He's adorable!

  6. Ah!! He is SO squenchable! I want to eat him!!


    blessings for a wonderful Christmas

  8. I am glad to know I am not the only mother obsessed with her children and taking 15 of basically the same picture because each facial expression is so charming :-) He is wonderful!

  9. Yep, sooooo cute! So darned cheerful! And just think—you cooked that, you and Tommy and God. <3

  10. My daughter and him share a birthday!!! June 5!! She's my first :)
    He's absolutely adorable!!

  11. Oh goodness. I can't believe how fast this year has gone because he was LITERALLY just born. Seriously. I have to stop thinking about time whooshing past and my children going to college tomorrow.

  12. We watch Elf on Dec 12 every year...Elf on the Twelfth! (I want that to rhyme so badly....) Except this year, our 16 month old had major congestion, a double ear infection and 3 teeth pushing through. So we failed on the 12th, managed the first half on the 13th and finally finished it on the 14th. But we did it! That movie cracks us up.

  13. Oh my goodness, he is so cute is just about edible!

  14. My youngest is 28 month old and weighs 22 pounds... Lol

  15. This will crack you up: I was trying to figure out if "my boots were photobombing" was an expression meaning, "I took too many pictures" or something. Because I could not think of what it possibly meant. Then I saw the parking garage and figured out what you were talking about.

    Nobody sees anything but a cute baby there!


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