Monday, December 22, 2014

This girl; That link-up

First, for your viewing enjoyment before getting to the gritty of the nitty: Mary, age 2

She is constantly putting extra things on.  Rarely is she not wearing a tutu over her regular clothes.  Often there are hats involved.  Sometimes even props (think sword, lunchbox, life jacket...).  I love her.

Now, Check me out and the only link-up I've successfully remembered to host for THREE whole years in a row. 

This is truly a feat for the record books, friends.

In 2012 we all posted 12 photos for 2012 because, well, of course.  And then in 2013 I decided to make it 13 photos because that seemed to make sense.  But then a very smart friend was like "So what, we're all going to post 63 photos in 2063?  Get your business under CONTROL woman!" 

(I'm paraphrasing here.)

So I'm going back to 12 because there are always 12 months in a year and that makes my brain happy.  But y'all do what you want because it's your blog and I ain't the boss of you, m'kay?  M'kay.


Scrounge up your 12 favorite photos from the year and meet back here on Tuesday the 30th where you will find my humble submissions and a sweet linky-linky for the linking. Oh!  I even made my very own graphic this year, which is extra special because usually I insist Cari do them for me.  So it's lame, but I own that lame, y'all.  I OWN it.

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  1. Yay! I am looking forward to joining you with my 12 favorite photos next week. Have a happy Christmas!

  2. I hope I remember to pick some out and get them posted. I've so enjoyed this link up in the past. Thanks for hosting (and the heads up so we can gather ourselves and pick our photos)!

  3. Surrusly. That girl's god class. ;) Looking forward to 12 for 2014. I'll be linking. :) Merry Christmas!

    The Starving Inspired

  4. Alright I mostly put mine together today with Insta pics. Thanks for the opportunity to walk down memory lane. Can't wait to link up! Thanks for hosting this, Dwija. :-)

  5. I actually have my post created and ready to Link Up! Whoo! :) Can't wait to see everyone's photos! :)

  6. How are people so practical to think that far down the road? Amazing. And here I don't even know what we're having for dinner tomorrow. Looking forward to linking up!


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