Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We were (not) on a BREAK!

It's like Instagram is my new blog or something.  See, here's the thing- back at the old house (forgive my ridiculous use of punctuation marks that may or may not belong, por favor?) we had a long stretch of countertop between the kitchen and the dining room upon which The Big Computer sat and as I walked back and forth passed it twelve thousand times a day, I could work on a blog post in little spurts and have something to share with you on a fairly regular basis.



The kitchen here has no such glorious facilitator of my blogging habit.  No.  It is the worst usable kitchen ever.  See, if it weren't usable, that would almost be better because then we'd HAVE TO fix it up prontisimo.  But it's usable enough so we're using and I'm not blogging because I have no where to put my computer so I can use it standing up. 

www dot FirstWorldProblems dot com

Anyway, I just don't know.  Advent might be a good time for a blogging break.  I mean, I've kind of already started taking one, haven't I?

It just feels like...

It feels like life is too big right now for words on a page.  That there is too much to say.  Too much.  It won't fit.  And I need to do. There's just so much noise online right now it seems.  Do things this way!  No, do things the opposite way!  This is better than that but that is better than this.  Say these 8 things to your children every day but don't ever say these 11 things.  Be sure to prepare for Christmas like this, but definitely not like that.  But wait!  Don't forget these other seventeen items!

It's too much.  Y'all don't need me adding to all that mess.

So, we take a little breather?  Not a break.  (We were on a BREAK!) But just- psychologically ease the pressure of thinking I ought. Yes.   

Instagram fun.  Elf Twitter party on the 19th.  That seems like just the right amount.

And maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow.  The suspense, the suspense!

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  1. Word. There are too many adorable babies to nom nom and other awesome things to do to worry about blogging. I'll be here when you get back.

    P.S. Love the Friends ref.

  2. Gah! I fear Instagram is taking over all the blogs. The pictures are pretty but I miss all the words. Enjoy your break and now I'm missing Ross and Rachel!

  3. Ah, all you darn people and your fancy phones!!! I can't handle that IG is a thing now and I don't have a way to play :( So blogging all the probably preferable IG pics it is, I guess. I'll miss you but hope you have a wonderful Advent!!

  4. Yay for the Friends reference! My favorite show ever! We'll be here when you get back.

  5. Prontismo = excellent word... I must add to my vocab

  6. Every time I check and you don't have anything new here, I have gotten into the habit of pausing and saying (to myself of course, cause I don't really talk out loud to my computer and/or the people who blog who naturally can't hear me) "If Dweej isn't on the computer, perhaps you shouldn't be." Turn around, look at the kids, notice life. I'm working on it, and believe it or not, you've been helping me., and Cari, and Jessica, and Mary Kate. Anyway, I'm glad you're still there. I'm glad you're busy, and thanks for reminding me that I should be busy with humans too. Happy Advent!

  7. Amen and ditto to not wanting to participate in the online noise. I don't mean this to sound catty, but I really don't like much of the Catholic blogosphere during Advent and Lent. It's the time of year to be quiet anyway. :)

  8. The only reason I blog at all is because our computer is on our kitchen counter too! And sometimes I dream about having an "office" where I could "write" and all sorts of fantasies like that. But when I think of it realistically, I would never get to the "office" because people constantly need things! So if I move, there goes the blog-o.
    And lots of love to you as always Dwija, have a Merry Advent... ;)

  9. I'm going to miss your writing! I'm not on instagram and I've always loved reading your blogs. But...I can definitely understand the need for a break or whatever!!! Enjoy!

  10. I'm loving the Instagram stuff, although I don't think I can use it until I get a new phone later this month. Which makes me feel like a voyeur...all watch, no share. Eh.

    For what it's worth, some of my favorite posts are the quick/easy ones. I like the profound stuff, but part of why I so faithfully read this blog when I just can't seem to faithfully read much else online is getting to see the day-to-day family joy that you're so good at sharing. Six kids on some acreage + home schooling? That's us in a handful of years. I like getting to look forward in a sense. I also like the way you show before/after--not just home projects, but like that post on how a few years ago you were living in CA in a small house with 3 kids, and then now you're living on 7 acres with 6, etc. There is a sense of narrative and progress in your blog, when read over time.


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