Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good thing I'm in charge, yep.

Raise your hand if you have a dog.

Keep your hand up if you've ever taken that dog to the vet.

Now keep your hand up if you've ever taken your dog to the vet with three or more children under the age of eight.

You can keep your hand up if you've ever taken your dog to the vet with three or more children under the age of 8 and when you arrived you discovered that your 4 year old was...


In Michigan.


You guys, I've done it.  I've proven that everything that people might think about hare brained homeschooling moms of many is actually true.  Namely: what the heck is going on seriously I'm not even kidding.

See, someone thought she would be oh so helpful and scoop up all the "stuff" off the floor of the van before I set off with toddler in tow to visit our dear DVM.  Oui, oui, you have indeed guessed it: 4 year old---> boot removal ---> stuff pile into house ----> arrival sans footwear.

What they thought of our motley crew I do not know, but I do know that we had to call my husband at work so the vet could get actual answers to his questions and not the kinds of answers I give which consist of things like "um...I think...maybe like...probably several months?  Or something?"

Mmmmm hmmmmm.  Good thing I'm in charge, yep.

This isn't from today but it's real.

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  1. Filed under: Reasons I refused To Be The Person Taking The Dog To The Vet.

    Seriously, I'm pretty sure our dog ---may she rest in peace in the Happy Hunting Grounds-- maaaaaay have missed a few checkups because I would not take her AND little kids. :/

  2. This summer we set off down the road toward town and my 7 year old bellowed from the back seat, "Anna (3) isn't wearing any pants!!!" You aren't the only one ;)

  3. I've been sick for a week, and it culminated in me calling my husband, crying, to come home at lunch time. When I woke up several hours later, the kids were wearing non-PJs for the first time since last week. Looked pretty spiffy! We'll have to try that again sometime.

  4. Last night we got in the car with all four kids for swim team practice and realized our 2 year old also had no shoes! I have no idea how it happened except that we were all busy and herding the boys and then suddenly even with 2 adults we had a shoeless toddler and were on our way (and late) to swim team practice. She had socks so I figured no big deal. But I remember telling my husband "you know I used to be baffled when Jen Fulwiler on her blog always mentioned forgetting her kids' shoes. I could never understand how that could even happen! Now I understand exactly how." lol! Lesson in humility learned! Oh and yeah we live in PA, it was actively snowing. But she had a jacket so ya know, I think she was fine :)

    You should start thinking in ratios. If 3 of 4 kids had shoes you got a 75%, totally a passing grade.

    Rhonda, the pants one is hilarious! That's awesome!

  5. My 18 month old kicked one of her new boots off while we were in a store and I didn't notice. She kept frantically babbling the same vaguely "shoe" sounding syllable over and over, and I was all, girl I know, I love shoes too. Yep. Shoes. OKAY SHOES...
    Totally didn't figure it out until we were in the parking lot and I was putting her into her car seat. Because I pay attention AND listen!

  6. We arrived at my parent's house with the 2.5 year old in sock feet because he'd wandered out onto the deck and I just scooped him up and buckled him in. At least he had socks! :)

  7. I totally thought you were going to say you arrived with the four year old MISSING. Way worse than the boots missing. You are actually doing great if you have all the kids! I only have two and I have left one behind before.

  8. I've done the vet with the six kids in tow (and the dog is a big, goofy Golden Retriever) - but I think everyone had shoes?? It could be that they did not. But we live in Appalachia -- no shoes expected ;)

  9. Serious, LOL! Of course, that would never happen to me, because none of my ruffians would take it upon themselves to clean out the van.

  10. I had to put my hand down at "if you've ever taken your dog to the vet with three or more children under the age of eight." Vet duties are firmly in the husband-camp at our house. But I sympathize with the kicking off of shoes in the car. Certain of my children seem to have an aversion to shoes.

  11. I laughed and laughed and laughed. AAAND I knew exactly how it happened before you even said it (wrote it. typed it, whatever.) because I can see this happening to me. Only I would be the one cleaning all the stuff out of the car and the shoes with it. Hey, at least I bet she was wearing underpants... ;)

  12. Speaking of underpants... Last week my 4-year-old (aha!) left for school wearing none. And we have only three kids! To my defense, I did lay them out for him. Fashion statement?

  13. Love it. I actually just wrote a post at my blog called "42 Signs You Have a Large Family" and the last one was arriving somewhere and realizing that at least one person was barefoot. It has happened to all of us. More than once.


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