Sunday, January 18, 2015

Other People's Clothes (What I Wore Sunday)

What I should be showing you is a size double extra large t-shirt from UD's 1998 Sleeping Bag Weekend,during which I was in some sort of leadership position.  To whomever thought that was a good idea: I thoroughly apologize.

I wear it as a smock during my multi-week renovation projects so if suddenly I'm required to make an emergency visit to Menard's, I can just yank it off, revealing semi-presentable apparel underneath so no one is the wiser as long as they don't look too closely at my fingernails or hair (hashtag: covered in paint).

ANYWAY!  Even though I've had it on for the last 8 hours, I did not in fact wear it to Mass this morning.  Go me.  Instead, I wore this:

Elle flowy tank courtesy of Olivia of To The Heights who sold half her closet on Instagram a few weeks ago.  The internet is magical.

Paige jeans, bought used for pennies on ThredUp

grey open cardi, a nursing STAPLE, used via Twice

Olivia and I clearly have the exact same taste in jewelry.  I wanted to bid on EVERYTHING. 

I'm pretty sure I found this cuff bracelet on Ebay for, like, $2.

This pic does not do them justice, but those Nine West Shiza boots that I bought at the end of summer have been fabulous.  They're even more comfortable now that they're fully broken in.

Oh, and p.s. I was chatting on IG the other day about BB cream (I have a lot of random chats on IG.  It might be my favorite e-place to be) and what I've been using is Holika Holika Moisturizing Petit BB Cream , which has lasted me almost two years.  Two entire years for one tube.  They have other formulations too, but I've not tried them so can't say for sure if they're lovely, but I've really enjoyed the one I have, which is purple.

The tube is purple, not the bb cream.

But now I think they've changed it to blue. The tube.

Okay, I'm done.
Linking up with the fine ladies at FLAP for What I Wore Sunday.  You should do it too!
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  1. Love it! I love to tell about my latest, greatest GW Boutique (Goodwill) finds. My husband always asks later, "When someone compliments on your clothes do you have to tell them item by item that you got it at Goodwill and for how much?" "Yes," I respond. "You have no idea how much of a clothes shopping rock star it makes me." Yes, he does roll his eyes at my gross exaggeration...or is it??? Dundundun!

    1. The guys don't get it. But I TOTALLY get it! Always tell me, okay? I always want to know :D

  2. Great color combo! I'm still learning how to combine colors. Sometimes I get it *way* wrong.

    I'm doing boot research. Can you wear yours with tights? I just got my first pair of riding boots (like yours, but a lighter cognac color), but I think they're too loose in the calf. I looked closely at all the high school models' shoes today, though, and their boots seemed loose at the top, too, but they looked fine. Is it just me?

    1. I think slouchy is okay, but it's a look. If you want something sleeker, you'd need a stiff boot that hugs your calf, which means you could only wear them with tights and not with jeans. Does that make sense? Am I talking too much??? I have worn mine with tights, but they are a little "roomier" that way :)

  3. You're too cute. Second-hand is the best way to go! (Also, those earrings are rockin'.)
    The Starving Inspired

  4. I am SO COLD all the time, that when I go to mass? I look like Ralphy's little brother, with 45 layers and arms sticking straight out. Mass in winter is all about The Warm and keeping it all to Myself.


  5. Girl you look super fly!!! Love your outfit!!! ;)

  6. You are looking so cute also these color are really beautiful.gardening jobs


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