Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stage Mom Talking

Yesterday Katy made this sweet graphic for the show she's been rehearsing for since the beginning of creation.  I mean, uh, the beginning of the school year.  Similar time frames.
She took the photo herself (Learning the Big Girl Camera 101) then used photoshop to fix it up real fancy-like (read: crumb removal), so obviously that was school work.

You should totally go and see her show!  The organization that puts on these productions is incredible.  I was truly stunned last year while watching their Oliver! and then equally amazed by their The Sound of Music a few months later.  Perhaps I was being unfair going in, but I didn't expect a professional quality show.  Welp, I was wrong.  Everything was amazing.  Worth every penny and every minute.

A Little Princess opens in just two measly weeks, so get it on your calendars and snatch up some tickets, okay?  Read all the details on their website riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here.

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  1. Learning crumb removal on Photoshop was the first thing I ever did, too! And, not shockingly, it's the trick I use most frequently on my shots.

    Break a leg, Katy, wish we were there!
    (to see the show, not, like, break your leg)

    1. "Break a leg" is a way of expressing our well-wishes to you, Katy. I guess theater folk are a suspicious lot, and directly wishing good things is viewed with horror.

      I didn't know if you knew that.
      I didn't want you thinking that I was some creepster who wanted to maim you.

    2. Oh, and I'm pretty sure you already knew that about "break a leg", so I hope you don't think I was being condescending. It's hard to tell in text, you know?

    3. I see you've been day-drinking again, Donaldson.

    4. LOL!!! (both of you). hiLARious!!

    5. ~snicker~ This just cracks me up. You silly women. ;)

  2. I. Am. Dying.

    They had better put that graphic as their poster for ALL advertising!

    What Cari said about breaking a leg and wishing we could be there. ;)

  3. I wish I could be there, too! We'll just have to rely upon you, Dwija, for a play-by-play. (See what I did there?)

  4. Replies
    1. They are totally awesome. I'm really lucky to get to live with them!


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