Monday, January 05, 2015

In your honor (with some before and during pics)

So about a year and half ago, life was really hard.  And because it was really, really hard and there was no way to make the horrible go away, you guys helped in a different way and the horrible laundry room became the beautiful laundry room.  Not because you care so much about laundry but you care about kindness, you know?  Of course you know.  You did that for us.

Is it weird that the laundry room was one of the only reasons I didn't want to move out of the original house?  Because it really was.

Without that laundry room being so lovely, we would not have been able to buy this new place.  Did you know that?  You did that for us.

So in your honor, I'm doing my best to recreate-ish that happy room.  Each time I start a load of laundry or spray Shout on a stain or wipe off a dog's muddy paws (it doubles as a mudroom in this house), I pray for you.  A prayer of thanksgiving, for your good fortune and peace.

Hey, how about some before pictures and a tiny sneak peek during photo since every project takes nine times as long as you would imagine?  Of course!

(and in case you're not sure about Cari's ceiling-painting directive, even this little itty bitty portion of a reveal should firmly convince you)

Super MacGyver props to the genius who decided to use grocery store twisty ties on this curtain...

And the little bit we've accomplished so far.....

I mean seriously look at that ceiling. Take it aaaaaaaaaaall in. Caulk is your best frenemy, that is no lie.

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  1. Looks pretty, Dwija! Yellow is the perfect choice ;)

  2. For a very brief but exciting moment, I thought the open washer door was a portal in your wall to somewhere cool.

  3. Love the yellow and jealous that you have a room. Mine is this strange nook in the kitchen. Haha. the kitchen and laundry corner are where our home needs remodeling. Will be saving for a couple of years and then knocking down some walls to make a laundry room. Ooooo, it really does sound glorious! Yay for new space! And thank you for laundry prayers! :)

  4. Yay! I loved your new laundry room so I'm excited to see how this one turns out.

  5. Oh man. Because it's not me painting this ceiling, I'm getting a tingle of excitement looking at yours.

  6. You guys are so awesome. And Cari is awesome too--finally read her book!

  7. I think that ceiling just blinded me with it's wonderfulness!

  8. The twisty ties are my favorite. I think I will begin to market that. Perhaps that is where I shall make my fortune! :-) The yellow really brightens it happy! Our laundry area is in the dingy basement. I'm toying with some painted cabinets, but we are still working on the liveable side of the basement, so perhaps another season...

  9. I loved your old-new laundry room, it was so special because of how it came about. And it was so cute!! And now so is this one!! Great job!


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