Friday, January 09, 2015

My thinning, postpartum, shrimpy mop of hair (7qt)

Remember back in the olden days when I blogged a lot and did quick takes almost every week?  My brain gets in my way.  It does.  Stupid brain.  Anyway, I love how Jenna  has started doing the same categories every week, presumably, since everyone is just like me, because her brain gets in her way, too.  So maybe Imma start doing that.  I could even make sweet (and by sweet of course I mean lame because creative is what I am not.) graphics for each category, you know?  I'm feelin' it y'all.  Feelin' it.

Now if my brain would just shut up for long enough that I could come up with my categories....

Oh!  Like "Weekly Homeschool" maybe?  Or something like that?  Category name ideas for ANY section totally welcome.  Anyway, things outside of regular curriculum that we've done or do.  That's fun I think. 

This week, if I had a sweet graphic and a name for this category, I'd talk about "What do you hear?" which is a game we play in the car with the music on. I ask "what instruments do you hear in this song?" and Paul and Cecilia (Katy and Lizzy are only allowed to play if the small ones are stumped because obviously) and they holler out "trumpet! violin!  piano!"  And this is with regular pop music too, not just boring enriching classical tunes.  You should try it.

3)On the Table

(Hey, I actually thought of one in advance.  This is a list of what we've already had for dinner, not what we're going to have in the future.  I feel more...honest this way.  I mean, you know what I mean.)

Friday- Vanilla dutch baby puffed pancakes ("funny pancakes" for short)
Saturday- Fish & chips + cheesy biscuits (wow, so diet.  very vegetable)
Sunday- Chinese food takeout (hey, it was still CHRISTMAS)
Monday- Eggplant pomodoro pasta
Tuesday- Slow cooker pork carnitas
Wednesday-Lentil, bean and vegetable soup
Thursday- homemade pizza (this is actually really easy and sounds fancy but is NOT.  Would you be interested in the recipe for this?  We sort of made it up.)

4)  A picture you haven't seen

Oh yeah, these two were super into this photoshoot....


Paul and Cecilia, on Christmas Adam, waiting for the Fed Ex guy to come so they could give him his Christmas cookies.  I wish I could act out what C. did when he arrived for your entertainment and enjoyment.  You would laugh a thousand laughs alongside me.

5) Around the House

Since we've always got some kind of project or renovation going on, I feel like this will work.

The. Laundry. Room.

Gosh it just takes so long to do even simple things when you make a concerted effort not to create misery for the other members of your family.  Know what I mean?  Like, I actually stop to eat and help people do stuff instead of working from sun up 'til sundown, shooing people away if they even dare speak to me.  Dang it.

This is what I shared over on the Insta today.  It looks way better in this photo than in real life because in real life primer looks like a small toddler used a hefty container of white out to splatter your walls.  Weeeeeeeeee!

Poco a poco.....

6) Sweet Dealz

Zulily has cute dresses right now.  Easter mebbe?  I'm gonna have my girls pick some out now so I don't forget.  I mean!  Don't feel RUSHED.  Because, like, I would never actually uh, you know, forget to shop for them.  No.  Never.

Kohl's is double cashback (6%!) through Ebates right now AND you can earn Kohl's cash AND you can get 20% off baby, toddler, and maternity stuff with code HeyBaby20 AND get free shipping on orders over $50 with code JanShip50.  So.  Very yes.  Much shop.

7) Talkin'

Tommy: Hey, when we turn the garage into a pub (?!?!?) we're going to call it The Red Merle.

Mary (arguing with herself in the mirror):  I'm a baby.  No I'm a baby.  No I am a baby.  Nooooooo I'M A BABY!

Cecilia to Paul, re: Mass: .....and then everyone is saying all the prayers so fast and I can't even keep up and all of sudden it's like "According to the flesh...."

Me: I'm supposed to get my thinning, postpartum, shrimpy mop of hair cut in the morning and have no idea what to do with a mop of hair as shrimpy as this.  HELP!!!  (this one is for all of you because really, wow.  It's so ugly right now.)

How was that?  Good enough?  Good enough!  Thanks for hanging out.  Don't forget to go see Kelly for all the other taking of the quicks.

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  1. I vote if you are going to have regular categories like Jenna that a photo of Chombat is REQUIRED. REQUIRED I SAY!!!!

    1. But ya know, only if you want.

    2. Yes! Take 1 wasn't even a category this time, so The Wombat can have his very own slot :)

  2. I bought Easter dresses and an outfit for my son from zulily last year. They take forever (which they tell you...but really it is forever) and I got the worst clothes ever. The dresses weren't what they pictured, the hems weren't done, they used this too short cheapo ribbon on one of the dresses for a tie, and THEY LEFT OUT THE LINING on 2 of 3 dresses. I ended up getting a refund and a credit, so Zulily took care of me. But I wouldn't ever buy anything from them unless I knew the manufacturer, you know? The outfit for my son was awful too, but the dresses were so awful I couldn't even be mad about his clothes! Proceed with caution....

    1. Oh no, that is terrible! I also did zulily last year, but I was super happy with our dresses. But yes, holy cow- it takes SO LONG.

  3. I'm four months postpartum. I'm clogging drains and leaving trails of hair wherever i go. I find hair in my tea, in my food, and even in the baby's mouth. I have naturally thick hair but w each baby I see more scalp. Uhg.

  4. I vote for a weekly video. I vote that the first is of you acting out Cecilia greeting the mail man with the cookies. All in favor???
    P.S. I still miss That Donkey Guy.

    1. Also, what is a Christmas Adam, or rather, what is it supposed to be? "Hats" is my guess. But I am hoping it's a brilliant and quirky Michigan Christmas Mailman Cookie Tradition.

    2. lol! I should learn to use our video editing software, I really should!

      Oh, and p.s. - the Christmas Adam thing is just the day before Christmas Eve. Isn't that way lamer than you were imagining?

  5. Very funny post. It inspired me to write my own, but yours is tons more amusing. I like the category idea. I'm going to think about that.

  6. First of all, I opened this post and my husband walked by. He said "she has really cool hair" to which I laughed and told him you were talking about your postpartum hair (which I'm also going through - why? Seriously, is the flabby tummy not enough...anyway...).

  7. Ok. Much good job. I love your category ideas, and now I want to see little pretty icons for them. And, pro tip: once you create little pretty icons and stuff, create a template for your 7QTs, so all you have to do is plug and chug each week. Plug and chug, baby.

    Also, we DO have very big brains. They get in the way. Big big brains.

  8. Here's what I did with crazy postpartum hair: got it chopped off into a cute bob. No layering. Makes what hair is left look deceivingly thick and full. ;-)

  9. I've been doing categories for a long time because yes the brain thing but I really need to step then up. Some of then are kinda lame... I love Jenna's graphics too so maybe I'll try that with you. :)

    Cute talks especially & good luck with the hair cut. Mines just always in a pony so no advice here. :/

  10. I remember post partum hair! Between the hormones and the lack of hair brushing my hair looked like one long dreadlock.... I cut it Taylor Swift style. Then I realized I could no longer put it in a ponytail... I'd advise to leave it long enough to put it up.

  11. You are the only person besides me I have ever heard say Christmas Adam:))))


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