Thursday, March 06, 2014


This is the real condition of the real bottom of the real produce bin in my actual, indoor refrigerator.

Which clearly means I need a new fridge.

Darn.  Fine.  I'll clean it.  The whole thing.  The whole dadgum refrigerator.  Because Lent.

Linking this embarrassing confession up with today's Theme Thursday: DIRT

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  1. Hey, just think, if your family never ate produce, there would be no real dirt. Real Dirt=Heathy eating! You should really be patting yourself on the back and framing these pictures as proof of good parenting.

  2. Mine looks like that too.... aaaand.... I'm not gonna clean it! ;)

  3. Glad I'm not the only one! Solidarity sister, solidarity!
    Amelia @OneCatholicMama

  4. Hehe!!!!!!! Mine has been there...maybe even worse because under the drawer was some kind of liquid that had dripped and never been wiped...for months! Eeeeeeek! I just love Love LOVE reading your blog :)

  5. They don't all look like that? I assumed that's how those drawers came. ;)

  6. mine is worse..only I put some paper towels on top of it so that I wouldn't have to look at it anymore and I can pretend it's not there. tada!:-)

    1. Yep, I did the paper towel thing too, Mel.

  7. If your fridge is clean...
    a) you don't use it
    b) you're trying to sell your house
    c) your mother-in-law has recently been to your house
    or d) it was just unpacked and plugged in.

  8. That's not a rare sight in our house, either... though I'm not exactly sure how the dirt got in there. ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently: perfect imperfections challenge!

  9. Someday Cari's going to make the TT word "mildew" and we'll all have embracing confessions to post. :)

  10. Haha! Pretty sure mine looks very similar. But, since we're moving out, I'm passing on the cleaning. Woohoo (for now)! Once we're in our new house, that new fridge will be my new friend who I'll have to tend to. Boo.

  11. That was mine when I left for Michigan (grandma's funeral in Traverse City) on Thursday - however when I returned Sunday, I discovered my husband had cleaned out the fridge....something I think I only did last time I spilled something!

  12. Has someone ever thought about inventing a "self-cleaning" refrigerator? I have gone up to FIVE YEARS without cleaning my refrigerator. Ew. I'm talking pull EVERYTHING out and deep clean, okay? Worst job in the house, and most under-appreciated job, too.

  13. Cleaning the refrigerator -- the most under-appreciated chore in the home.


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