Thursday, March 13, 2014

Siblings, reading, jam and answered prayers (phfr, TT, WWRW)

I stepped outside this morning, braving the brisk -5 degrees, to catch this photo of the sunlight and the snow together, hopefully for the last time this season.  Because I couldn't think of any other pretty to shoot.
 Then I turned around and saw this and thought that maybe despite the pajamas and the messy hair, the toys and food strewn all over the table, that this might be an even more beautiful sight.

I'm never quite sure if it's the big siblings that bless the little ones or the other way around.

The other day, a magical box of wonderment appeared and inside that box was these:
Oh Mary, you are so generous!  My family would thank you, but their faces are perpetually stuffed with something jam covered and they can't be bothered to stop eating.  I mean, kindly look at the quantities missing from those jars back there.  We are not messing around up in here.

This girl.  Our wacky Cecilia.  It is just so FUN to know this little person.  The other day she said she wanted to be a mad scientist when she grows up.  Then she switched to dress designer.

Having her in our lives is truly an answer to prayers we didn't even know we were praying.
I may have shared this book last year, but we're reading it again as part of our Lenten observance.  A couple of paragraphs out loud each night- mom, dad, two biggest girls.  Then we discuss.  Ask questions.  Go off on tangents.  Tell stories.  Then we pray and we send them off to bed.

If you are looking for something that isn't a sit-down-and-read-the-whole-thing-in-one-night kind of read, something that will give you wonderful nuggets in every paragraph, give this book a try.

By the way, it was a book that was given to the candidates and catachumens one year at our old parish in California, so it's perfect if you are working your way through RCIA this year or secretly want to someday but haven't had the time or the energy to dive all the way in yet.  Don't worry...I won't tell!

Linking up all of this with Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter; Miss Cecilia is for Cari's Theme Thursday; and Fr. Lukefahr's book will fit right in with Jessica and her What We're Reading Wednesday.  Many links.  Such hopping.

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  1. Isn't Mary's jam theeeee best?

  2. That outfit is awesome. She would get along well with my five year old,,, she is also quite the fashionista.

  3. Ohhh, your first pretty is pretty, but the second one is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Mary is just the kindest soul!!! And your daughter is adorable in her little outfit!!!

  5. That looks like an awesome book! What a great idea to read it with your girls and husband. I think my girls would love something like that.

  6. Aww Dwija I am so very, very happy you guys like it. I make a ton of it every year but Courtney can't have it and Jonathan is not a fan and Jerry and I would be 500 pounds if we ate it all. I just love making it and am more than happy to share it!

  7. So, I would love to know what the story is behind answered prayers you didn't even know you had. Your daughter is adorable!! And the book sounds intriguing! --Gina (posting my name because apparently it doesn't always show up!

  8. Great. Now, I have to go eat some jam. nomnomnom

  9. Now that is a good friend! The way to a large families heart is through jam (& steak) hahaha!

  10. And now I'm craving jam. Thank you. Ugh. ;) Country Girl's Daybook, recently: 20

  11. Love your blog, and all of the pics from today's post! Your daughter is seriously beautiful. And that skirt! Did you make it?


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