Friday, March 28, 2014

Well-dressed toddlers and their brother (7qt)

If there has ever been a picture of two sisters that I've loved more than this one, I can't remember it.

Completely self-directed.  Oh my heart.

That right there on the table, by the way is the "hair bin," the one container from which all people in this household must acquire their hair accoutrement.  Its contents are currently strewn about the playroom floor, but I'll let you imagine that usually they're tucked all neatly inside the box, lid on securely, kept properly out of reach of the 21 month old sprite.

You want to talk about her outfit, don't you?  Don't worry.  I do too.

This is an excellent example of how a single statement piece can take any ensemble to the next level.  Notice how her run-of-the-mill monkey footie pajamas pop with the addition of some skin tight polka dot leggings worn over them.  Top the whole look off with a discreet skinny headband, and you're ready for an afternoon stroll with your precious Pencil Case!

Speaking of Mary and her outfits and habits...

Let me assure you, friends, that none of this was provided for her.  Knit cap, changing pad, ipod, Corduroy....all of this was obtained by young messy-pants herself and set up just so.  I came upon her during my hourly "Hey, does anyone see Mary?" baby hunt and said "Will you kindly refrain from ransacking my purse, your highness."  Or something along those lines.

You know how smart moms are always telling you to set your pre-schooler up with some water and some containers to keep him or her entertained?  And you're like "why even bother?  It's so simple it can't POSSIBLY work."  Well, lazy mom McGee is here to assure you that despite her thoughts to the contrary in the past, it really totally works.  This girl + (a funnel + a jar + a mixing bowl + 2 coffee mugs) + (sink + water) {can you tell Katy has been practicing her algebra in my general vicinity?} = an hour of uninterrupted play time.  Mag. Ic. Al.

Big night this evening, people.  The boy has finally lost a top front tooth.  Lawdy that thing has been so wiggly for so long.

You can see that its mate is practically diagonal in its matching looseness, but Senor NoDiscomfortPants refuses, ADAMANTLY, to let us pull it.  Fine.  You wanna wait for your precious papier du George Washington? Be my guest, friend.

And yesterday was Cecilia's 4th birthday!  But that deserves its own post because I said so.  In the meantime, check out all the other quick takers over at Jen's.  Hasta luego, amigos.

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  1. I loved number 5 when my kids were toddlers, but how did you keep from having the great flood on the kitchen floor? Of course, it forced me to mop the floor afterwards, which was always desperately needed, but usually more water ended up on the floor than down the drain.

    1. Oh, there was tons of water everywhere. I just laid a towel down on the floor and said a prayer because worth it.

  2. #5 is my 1.5yr old's favorite in, if you are in the vicinity of a sink, you'd better believe he'll be dragging up a chair to play. Also, we've taken to spelling out the word 'water'. I don't make an everyday habit of it and sometimes I even kick things up a notch by throwing in a couple drops of food dye, haha, we're a wild bunch! ;-)

  3. Need a hair accoutrement bin in my house ASAP. How do you keep the toddling kiddos away from the one at the sink? I think it would be a screamfest until the 3.5 yr old and the 2 yr old were doing together

    1. I can't remember for sure but I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink the youngest trouble maker was asleep. I think. Probably. Yes, probably.

  4. First, the hair bin is great. I bought a brilliant over the door hanger and organized all of our hair stuff by person and type. Labeled and all. It was beautiful, for about 2 days, and now I really just need a hair bin.

    Second, I'm so glad you expanded on the outfit. Love, love her business.

    Third, my five year old has a tooth that is hanging like that. I try to "accidently" pop it out every time I brush her teeth. It is driving me insane.

  5. Loved the breakdown of Mary's ensemble. And you're absolutely right: it's hard to imagine a better sister pic than that one. :)

  6. My 9-year old just lost another tooth the other night and he's of the same variety - refuses to let us "help" the tooth come out. Gross. He's got a few more loose ones and would rather wait and hope he doesn't swallow one then get it out the good old fashioned way. Another suggestion for long-term playtime besides the water - I bought a large, flat, rectangular, plastic Rubbermaid bin with a lid and bought a GIANT bag of rice as Costco and filled that sucker up with rice. I put some trucks and measuring cups and other scooping things in there and would drag that out on rainy days. Hours of fun and you can just sweep up any spilled rice and throw it back in the bin.

  7. Awesomeness, truly. My son lost his first two teeth within days of eachother (much like yours, the second was diagonal to the empty space for about 2 days and then was out) and we decided not to do the Tooth Fairy thing, given the number of kids we have, so when he kind of asked about it (apparently they mentioned something very non-specific at school, thank goodness!) I just said that our Tooth Fairy gives hugs for lost teeth. He looked a slightly put out for a moment, and asked why, and then I said, because our Tooth Fairy is cheap! My husband burst out laughing and that did it for him. Cheap Tooth Fairy it is.

  8. I like your purse. Lol. Just had to say.

  9. I love everything about this - the sweet sister photo, the crazy hair, the crazy outfits, the purse raiding, the tooth loosing, the sink play, all of it.

  10. I love that picture of Mary on the changing pad. My 2-year-old daughter loves to do similar things. Today she overheard me talking about taking the kids on a walk and she goes and gets her doll stroller and a stuffed animal. "Ready!"

  11. She has my iphone! Seriously, I have the same green color phone and pink case. I call it my "watermelon" phone. We scored a closeout deal on a water table from kohl's at the end of last summer. About once a week I let the two younger kids play during the older ones lessons. It does keep them busy for about an hour (and does make a water mess on the kitchen floor). Which is ok, because I sweep the floor before I bring it out and then do my mopping afterward, kill two birds with one stone. I should now probably mention we haven't brought it out in a while, so you can guess the state of my kitchen floor!

  12. We have gross teeth flopping around in sensory/autistic mouth this week as well...
    AND FINALLY SWEET RELIEF this morning!

  13. I wish I could get away with that outfit!


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