Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Midwife appointment redux

My darling midwife just left (we often end up having the most interesting existential discussions.  So enjoyable) and instead of dumping this on one or two people via email, I thought I'd go ahead and force all of you to listen.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

For those of you not keeping daily track of Pointy Bird's impending arrival, today I would be called 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I am...large.  Large and in charge.  I've even had to place a ThredUp order for even BIGGER maternity clothes because the first round are dangerously close to making me look like I'm about to audition for the title role in the Civic Theater's stage production of Baby Huey.

And by "large" I mean I'm just four pounds away from my full-term, delivery date weight with Mary.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to manage to gain just 4 big ones in the next 13 weeks.

Hah.  Haha.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Opposite!  Opposite day!

No.  Imma break a record this time, y'all.

But, speaking of sizeness, PB is head down like a responsible young man and ye olde belleh is measuring at a nice, juicy 31 weeks huge.  Also, it's a good thing I opted for the ultrasound, because if it weren't for that she would still be wondering if there wasn't a second baby hiding in there. 

Large.  And for photographic evidence of said largeness, feel free to clicky aqui.

But, I passed the glucose test with flying colors, my blood iron level is thru da roof (in a good way), and the baby kindly kicked sweet Linda right on the hands while she was feeling for his position.  He is not shy, this boy.  So a great appointment all around.

Hey, here's an unrelated photo. 

I finally finished embroidering my Quilts of Valor square and actually mailed it off to Cari!  Less than two weeks late, y'all.  That's gotta be worthy of some kind of prize, I swear.

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  1. So glad everything is going well with your pregnancy! You look beautiful. Oh, and when I got pregnant with my second, I was totally wearing maternity pants by 11 weeks. Everyone was quick to reassure me that you show sooner with the second baby...and I was happy to let them think that, rather than admit I'd been going to town with gelato. ;)

  2. Makes me feel better--- not that that makes YOU feel better-- I've been measuring large this whole pregnancy. Last week, at 37 weeks, I was measuring 44. I have gained about 2 pounds in the last couple days, so I'm sure baby has jumped a few notches as well. Oh, yeah, my diastasis recti is not too happy with said baby right now. BUT, we'll manage! I'm definitely hoping to go early-- because Jude, my near 12 pounder, measured 43 weeks when I was 39.5 weeks.

  3. It's funny that Renee mentioned diastasis because I was going to ask, didn't you say at some point that you have diastasis recti, Dwija? I ask because from what I gather from my sisters (all of whom have experienced diastasis) they all pop right away at the beginning of pregnancy and then grow unusually large because they don't have the stomach muscles to keep it all in. Sorry if this is redundant and you're thinking "well, duh!" Anyway, for what it's worth, I think you look great, Dwija. Sure you look closer to delivery than you are, but you're not puffy or haggard or anything. You wear it well, mama!

  4. Well done on the iron levels! Have you ever become anemic when pregnant? The next time I'm pregnant I'm vowing to steak it up every other night to try and raise my iron levels, because the anemia (and zero energy) wasn't fun AT ALL with my last babe.

  5. Whoa ... how did I miss the Quilt of Valor post?!? That square is gorgeous!

  6. You might FEEL huge, but you lookin' HAWT, missy!

  7. I love your square - it is hot and colorful and energetic...just like you Mrs. Antique Brass.


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