Friday, March 21, 2014

Riches, them kids, and a must-watch video (7qt)

Yesterday's theme for #holylens and Theme Thursday was "rich" and I kept waiting until I could take a really great picture with my real camera so I could be all photographer-like.  "The's gotta LOOK rich!"

Which means of course I did nothing.

Perfection is the enemy of progress.  Sigh.

But it's good.  It's fine.  Because this whole morning I really thought about how rich our lives are.  My life and the lives of my husband and children.
sweet siblings together (video)
being able to pick what we learn and when we learn it

always with the shenanigans
A box full of maternity clothes from Jessica-with-no-blog  because I have just ONE shirt that fits and 10 weeks to go
The regular everydayness of what we do and are and have and are given makes us rich beyond measure and I'm so grateful.

And our homeschooling community!  Boy, am I grateful for that too.  Friday morning's are our co-op and it is the time my kids look forward to more than any. other. thing. we. do.  Srsly.  More than riding real, actual horses, y'all.  Think about THAT for a hot second.

Anyway, I was a little stressified for a bit in the morning because several moms were out with sick kids which meant that somehow there was no teacher for the K-2 group.  The K-2 group made up primarily of energetic boys who like to attack each other for entertainment.  And I was skeeeered because I was supposed to be helping with the Preschool kids who were PAINTING for the first hour.

Whose idea was it to give a bunch of preschoolers paint?????????????

Oh.  Mine.  Mea culpa.

Anyway, instead of anyone else letting my jumpiness derail the day, we grabbed some extra folding chairs and a long table and set it up with the little ones and we grouped all the little grabby grabbersons together and.....miracle of all worked out.  Like it ACTUALLY worked out.

Tempera paints for EIGHTEEN children aged 3-7 and it all worked out just fine.

Whew.  Next time I'll be so not panicking.  As much.  I swear.

 The only part that my kids DON'T like about our co-op?
Whether it's after Mass or after co-op or after...dropping something off on so-and-so's porch and I told the kids to all just stay buckled in the car because this will only take a second, every single face looking at me bears this unfortunate expression.

Not so sorry kids!

Oh, hey.  Let's go back to that box of maternity clothes.  Ready for ye olde 2 week belleh pic?  Please to be sitting down.

Oh!  Snap!

That is a real photo, y'all.  The question about the weeks comes from a conflict between the dates I believe to be true (28 weeks) versus what the ultrasound and external measurements have been telling the professionals (30 weeks).  EITHER WAY, YOU GUYS.  Either way.  I mean, can you see that picture?  How huge is that shirt?  So, friend to the rescue with a bunch of new shirts and two dresses.  A whole new wardrobe for this 30ish week belly that's measuring a ripe 41 weeks already.

Hey, remember when I was a big whiny pants about how my blog looks lame?  I'm so glad I came and vented about it in public before doing anything drastic.  You guys are the best.  What I ended up doing is not changing but fixing it.  So you probably won't notice it being "different" but maybe you will notice it looking "better."  Does that make sense?  I'm just cleaning it up a bit.  An ongoing project but it's fun and it's kind of like fixing up your house so that people are comfortable when they come over to visit.  After all, I do love me some visitors.

Best for last:

Am I the last person in the world to share this?  Even if you've watched her sing already, you have to click the little "cc" button for closed captioning and watch the judges interview her afterward.  THAT is where the magic is, friends.  I mean the "devil" rocker dude with the laughing and then the crying and them all being amazed at her energy and talent and happiness and THEY HAVE PROBABLY NEVER KNOWN A REAL SISTER LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE.  It's like...a unicorn sighting!

So yeah.  Watch the video so you can see what people would look like if they found a real unicorn.  But it's better than a unicorn because when they see her they see Jesus.  Dang.  Imma cry again.

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  1. Love your new (beautiful!) pic on the sidebar! Also love that belly! I'm 31 weeks, but we could have a belly throw-down. I think I'd beat you ;)

  2. You look great. But... Wow. That's all.

  3. You DO look great and your kids are delightful! Also, what a gift from Sister Cristina! May she prosper.

  4. I noticed the difference! It looks pretty.

  5. Aw. I know how it is SO NICE to receive maternity hand-me-downs just in the nick of time. That happened to me this time around, too and I was oh-so grateful. Even though I didn't love every item that was given to me, just to have a few more options made me dread waking up and going to the closet to find something that FITS a lot less :o)

  6. THANK YOU for sharing that video!! It was one of the best things I've seen in a long time. I cried too, and I'm not even pregnant :) Also I love your gorgeous belly.

  7. SOOO, I am a daily Houseunseen checker... but don't usually comment since I don't have a real blog of my own! But I have to say, you just look amazing:) I am 14 weeks pregnant with out 5th, and have to say, that you look exactly like I do at about 25 weeks...every time! People actually argue with me that I MUST have twins. Granted, I am only 5 feet tall, and pretty petite, but I am always beyond large! I stop going out in public for the last 2 weeks because I feel other people are SO uncomfortable while looking at me. I've had several people ask me to go home promptly! FUR REAL! So perhaps I should send you some photos along with giant maternity clothes. Bottom line, you have an amazing, healthy baby in there, praise God:) What an awesome thing God is allowing to happen inside your body! It is truly such a gift. I always think of the line from Mass, "This is my body, broken for you" I feel like in a tiny way, we as mothers get to share in this sacred mystery as our bodies are stretched, torn, and broken for the birth of our children. What a blessing to experience this:)

    1. Melita, you just made me cry again with your connection from mass. I don't know which made my day: the video of Sister Cristina, or what you said. I will remember that for a long, long time. Thank you! My life is so, so rich thanks to people like you and Dwija for sharing what is in your hearts.

    2. Dwija, you do look beautiful! Love your little fixes. And, Melita, I'm with Emily when I say that is such a beautiful connection, and I too will forever remember that. Thank you both!

  8. I AM pregnant, and I DID cry. Tears. And open mouth. And hands on my face the whole time. I have seen that floating around, but didn't think to watch it until now - WOW! Thanks for the tip about the cc...magic and unicorns.

    Also, your unbelievable belly. You are gorgeous. You're doing a great job, Mama!

  9. Seriously. I'm 5'1 so I always had a huge baby belly but still. There is an extra baby in there. I don't care what the ultrasounds say!

  10. No matter what they say, you are just beautiful! Have a restful weekend :)

  11. That is one serious belly there! I've got the opposite problem, wherein when I tell anyone I'm due in four weeks they double take and remark on how small I look. Sigh. Yes, the baby is measuring rather behind and we're hoping it's not a problem. I'm sure it isn't! She's been quite consistent in how behind, so she's gaining week by week just small:) Still, I'm tired of explaining...

  12. I've decided-- your baby is standing up. Makes perfect sense. ;)
    Anne McD

  13. That video is SO amazing! I almost skipped it, and I am so, so glad that I didn't! I love how she didn't need anymore than the joy in her face and the habit to absolutely knock them over with the love of Jesus! I was praying by the end that she would choose J-Ax, because though they were all excited, it seemed that God was really calling him through Sister Cristina. Wow!

  14. I had to click through from Feedly for the first time in so long and I like the fresher blog look; like you gave it a spring cleaning. All the Dwija I'm come to know and love and nothing else.
    And Unicorn sighting-ha! Best description of the video I've read.

  15. Finally got my butt off my app so I could come check your blog for real. It looks great. And you look great too, all full of that baby! Can I just say that I'm SO looking forward to meeting you at Edel!

  16. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! the humongous-belly-beauteous-ness!! You look just full of awesomeness! On another note, I watched the video, and am wondering, although I can appreciate her voice, am I alone in feeling that her performance was not really appropriate? Don't mean to rain on the parade, but it made me think, what about the thing about being in the world but not of it?

    1. I think this is actually a perfect example of being in the world of not of it! Would the judges have turned around and been so surprised and had such an amazing, touching discussion with her afterward if she had been singing Ave Maria or other traditional Church song? The actual words she sang were not inappropriate, either. The "you" in her song could easily be referring to God- the way a nun is supposed to be considering the Lord her spouse. I found it to be an excellent choice :)

  17. Dwija, you look stunning! I keep going back and forth: your photo and the video. Both oh, so beautiful!
    I think Sister Cristina picked a great song; it can be easily referred to God. I love it! "No one can get in the way of what I'm feeling" - even if she becomes famous, she will always be the same nun who loves God above all, and nothing is going to change that.

  18. That video just made me so happy and cry some happy tears. J-ax reaction, that was the look of conversion. Stunning and beautiful! That nun Rocks. And what a song choice.
    And I just love the belly pix. Your baby wants some attention, man. :) And super kudos for toddler paint day. Cuz, I think I would run and hide. Okay, baby wants to eat. Hugs!


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