Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Discounts, Novenas, and Important Prayer Requests

20% off at Kohl's

This coupon code doesn't go live until tomorrow, 3/20, but it's valid through Sunday and I didn't want to forget to tell you.  So, use the code SPRINGTIME and you'll get a sweet 20% off your purchase.  Shop via Ebates and get 6% cashback as well!  Much saving of the dinero.  (think Easter apparel, summertime clothes, clearance winter stuff.  But our birthday season is just starting up so maybe I'm too much in shopping mode right now....)


My friend Mary Kate told me about this site.  Totally great.  I was able to actually pray the entire Novena to St. Joseph which, trust me, is a huge deal.  I am the queen forgetter of the universe.  Anyway, they send you an email every morning with that day's prayer(s) so you can pray as soon as you check your messages.  No finding the book or the site or the fb group get it.

This foreign language vocabulary map

There's no link to share because my husband thought of this himself.  We're using a huge sheet of paper off the roll-o-happiness that I snagged a few weeks ago and the kids are drawing pictures and then corresponding Latin, French, Spanish and Japanese words next to them.  

This was supposed to be a photo of the beginning of the map, but instead: Mary.  Hah!

They have several scenes going to help them stay focused: a nature scene, a home scene, a school scene.  And then...then they got unfocused.  Witness:

Fingers crossed that this works as a way for visual learners to memorize vocabulary while seeing the connections between different languages.

The next two are hard to share, but so very important.  Bear with me

Sean and Becca Lewis

A wonderful couple from UD who were living in Wyoming lost two of their three daughters to a tragic car accident yesterday.  

You can read more and contribute to their cause right here

Ben Sauer

I don't know the Sauer family personally, but I can feel their love of God and family and their hopeful spirit through everything they share.  If you'd like to help this little boy fighting a massive, aggressive cancerous brain tumor, please have a look at their website here.

Thank you for your love.  If there's anything I've learned in the last few years while getting to know the virtual Christian community it's that the Lord's people are unbelievably generous.  I thank you all in advance as I know your prayers have already begun for these two families.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting about Becca and Sean. Becca and I went to HS together and she was good friends with my sister. They need mountains of prayers.

  2. The blog looks great Dwija! Familiar yet somehow better. Like the way my kids look at me when I'm dressed up to go out.

    1. I agree! Your blog looks great!! Still familiar as Kendra said and that's a good thing.

  3. I love the look of your blog, Dwija! Such a beauty :) Also, I think the vocabulary map is genius. Hope you are well, lady!

  4. Dwija, thank you for the coupon and the ebates suggestion. I used both! And praying for those families. I can't even imagine. :(


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