Monday, April 04, 2011

Cluckingham Palace

Pounding, ripping, pulling, prying.  Sweeping, scrubbing, sanding, priming.   Baseboards off.  Baseboards back on.  Dirty clothes.  Ruined hands.  Project still not done.
adhesive tiles in fixer-upper
Spraying, wiping, peeling, scraping.  Gooey fingers.  Messy floor.  Project still not done.
removing old wallpaper
 Digging, hoeing, cutting, raking.  Blistered hands. Aching back.  Project still not done.
removing sod for a vegetable garden in Michigan
Measuring, cutting, nailing.  Plastering.  Sanding.  Project still not done.
adding trim to new vinyl windows

Sitting. Smiling.  
 1 week old chicks
Cooing. Laughing.

 barred rock pullet chick

Everything else can wait...

Today was the first official day of spring break and although we tried (oh yes, we really did!) to accomplish something productive on this little house of horrors, our adorable flock of eight tiny chicky-doodles, with all their chirpy hoppiness and fluffy bravery (as illustrated by one precocious bugger managing to launch herself out of their cozy rubber home into the deep, dark abyss of the utility room.  I know!  Scary stuff.) are so distracting and amazing that we found ourselves huddled around them on more than several occasions.  So while I did manage to patch a small section of the floor in the hall and lay another row of tiles, and everyone pitched in to get the garden ready for the early seeds, and I even made a little progress on that spiffy wallpaper in the master bedroom, the real highlight of the last two days has still been the future residents of Cluckingham Palace.  Oh yes, I'm totally serious.  It's gonna be painted on there and everything!


  1. Ha! Cluckingham Palace - could not be more awesome than that.

    It's nice to see Donkeys softer side. Those are by far the cutest chicken nuggets I have ever seen. ;)

  2. "Cluckingham Palace"! HAHAHAHAHHA! Thanks Dweej! I needed that. The chicks are fluffy and cute and will fare better than most chicks purchased at this time of year (the ones that are given as cute and fluffy Easter gifts and then are discarded, along with the baby bunnies). Speaking of bunnies, are you going to have bunnies on your farm too? I love bunnies, but they don't do well in Southeast Alaska with the eagles. And the bears.

  3. Tee hee! Glad you girls like it :)

    @Paula- we haven't discussed rabbits yet. We're working so hard to keep them out of our garden that I would feel a little silly suggesting that we go ahead and purchase a few of our own!

  4. Cluckingham Palace. I love that name!!


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