Saturday, April 09, 2011

That's how I Lake it

Thursday was just another one of those days, filled with fixing and digging and dogs being overly interested in the live, edible birds camped out in the back room.  It was rainy and overcast, we were all tired, and some would even say that a certain mother of the house was a little crabby.  (Which isn't true, of course.  I'm always the picture of grace and good will. people and your wild accusations!)  So my darling husband, who is always sensitive to the fact that other people are wrongly accusing me of being crabby, suggested that we take an impromptu trip to South Haven for dinner so the kids could see Lake Michigan for the very first time.  He is so smart.
Those tiny people are my children.  I know! The beach is huge!
little nugget enjoying her first (literal) taste of sand
a boy and his dad stroll along the water's edge
the water was know, like me
And that is reason 623 to love Michigan- over three thousand miles of Great Lakes shoreline.  And the hundreds of miles of inland lakes- clear, beautiful spring-fed lakes.  And the rushing rivers that connect them.  I read somewhere once (that's how I avoid finding you a source) that you are never more than eight miles from a lake anywhere in this amazing state, and I believe it.  So git out yer canoes and yer water shoes, yer duck-watchin' glasses and yer swim suits.  It's time to play!


  1. I loved living in Michigan. My best friend lives in GR and I hope to get up there this summer : ) Sweet pictures.

  2. We are just south of GR. It's a really lovely place to live! Hope you can make it up :)

  3. Hey neighbor! Glad I found another MI mommy! I am in Grand Rapids so not too far!

  4. It looks so beautiful! That was a good call on the part of your husband.

  5. I love the pictures. I love lakes, so its fun to see kids experiencing them for the first time.
    You were crabby? Noooooo

  6. And I always thought it was only Minnesota that had all the water. What an adventure!

  7. Awesome Pictures : )

    Hi! Thanks so much for visiting us at Lucas's Journey w/SPD! I'm following you now and can't wait to read more of your blog!

    We hope you come back and link up each weekend for our Super Mega 7 Blog Hop :)

    Lucas's Journey w/SPD!/lucasjourneyspd

  8. I so enjoyed reading about your day and seeing these captures that tell a story better than anything could. I love being near any water source. It has the instant ability to restore my mental energies and open up the senses, sort to speak. Not to mention how delightful it is to see little ones playing in the sand! Lovely photos!

  9. I have lived almost my whole life next to that lake. How I love it so. I just had to share this site with you, the Michigan Accent Pronunciation guide, written by a Grand Rapidian. Enjoy!


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