Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't trust me with sharp objects

Well, that blessed, blessed day has finally arrived.  That day you've all been waiting for.  The magical day I promised you two whole weeks ago when I said "Hopefully I will soon be telling you all about how the fence is complete and our new animals have been brought home and mulch and compost have been tilled into the already-fertile soil and when I say those things you can imagine me making this face", followed by a picture of my darling daughter making the super-happy face that I so dearly love.  The face that lets the world know that, well, I probably shouldn't be trusted with sharp objects.  Particularly around children.

crazy excited party face 
 Yes friends, I am here to tell you that the fence in the woods is done! (I swear it's there.  Just click.)
livestock fence in woods
And the fence around the garden is done!
fence for vegetable garden
And as if that is not already exciting enough (it's true, I do know how to party)...STUFF IS GROWING!  Oh merciful Neptune, you know how I do like to kill all things green.  I like it so much I don't even realize I'm doing it.  You know, like breathing.  Except the opposite because it makes things DEAD instead of keeping them alive.  Usually.  But not this time, folks. Brace yourselves for awesomeness....

Back in the fall (already you should be staring incredulously at those words, for they imply some kind of forethought on my part, the usual lack of which is a signature element of me killing stuff) I did some research (is there an emoticon for "mouth agape"?) and planted a bed of bulbs with the help of my two bigger girls.  And look!  Real, live crocuses are growing, right there, for all the world to see!
crocus blooms in Michigan spring
And tulips too!  Sprouting right out of the ground!  They must not have gotten the memo.  You know, the one about me and my death aura.  Quick, shred the memo!
tulip blooms in Mighican spring
Even in the vegetable garden, the one we've only just planted, we are already seeing signs of life.  How can something so tiny bring so much joy?  Incredible.  Just incredible.
broccoli sprout Michigan vegetable garden
But really the most gratifying thing of all to me on that day, a gorgeous sun-filled day that smelled just like July, was seeing my sweet barely one year old baby be an absolute one-with-nature country-bumpkin.  A country-bumpkin who sits in the mud and tries to drink out of the hose and chases the dogs down the back slope into the woods, sliding and rolling and bumping her way to the bottom.  My precious little country-bumpkin who enjoyed every second of that amazing day.

baby toddler girl playing having fun outside Michigan


  1. Woo hoo!!! Congrats - on getting your fence done AND not killing things! Your daughter covered in mud is about the cutest thing I've seen all day.

  2. You go girl! The fences are up. Sweet!!
    I'm so pleased that you have not killed things yet. Yea!! That means they might make most of the season!!!
    Love the picture of your country bumpkin!!

  3. Thanks so much, girls. That fluffy baby just melts my heart!

  4. Hooray! I planned ahead in the fall too and bought Crocus and Iris bulbs. They have not sprouted. Probably because they are still in the bag sitting on a shelf . . .

  5. Oh, and that is the cutest country-bumpkin I ever did see! ;)

  6. Nice post. The importance of fencing can't be overestimated.

    But what I really want is a review of the minivan in your driveway....really.

  7. Awesome! Great progress :) Little milestones will (unfortunately?? lol) keep you going.

  8. @Rachel- you are so hilarious! Oh my gosh, I am always laughing out loud at what you say.

    @Lucy- more importantly: what is going on with you guys???? I am chomping at the bit over here. I'm going to pre-follow you so that the second you put up a post I can ogle it.

    @Texa- Sometimes the steps feel oh so very little...but the garden, it was a good one! and p.s. I may hound you about a custom header someday soon. I still have to think on it a little :)

  9. Found you from coming over from Bernie's at One Mixed Bag. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do to catch up on your blog!!! Nice to meet you!

  10. Thanks, Beth! I should probably make a "best of" tab up there so you don't feel compelled to read every post...although, I do like the idea of you reading every post ;) So nice to meet you!

  11. Congratulations! Those are beautiful fences and adorable little sprouting things. But Ceci in her little overalls beats all. She is so plump!!!

  12. Following and coming back to see what more you have in store. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Please drop by again and enter to win three antique half gallon blue canning jars.

  13. Congrats Dweej! It snowed yesterday here in Douglas...but crocuses (croci?) have been spotted here and there, and the robins are back, along with the Canada geese and ducks...and BEARS!

    Soon, I'll go dig around and see what is sprouting. The local Extension Service put in a community garden in our lower lot, so it will be fun to see all the activity and the vegetables start to grow.

    Raining and 38 degrees doesn't make me want to garden...

  14. My goodness. Sprouts. Sweet cherub baby. Sunshine. What a marvelous, beautiful, gorgeous day, indeed. Delightful, day-brightening post. Thanks for sharing the joy you find in the moments of everyday life that we all too often overlook.

  15. Reading this post made me insanely jealous. I SO want to get started on our place...but, we're not moving until July. AAAAAGH! ;)

    Very nicely done! :)

  16. I know how you feel, Dave! Before we were able to move, I'd ogle pictures of Michigan all day saying "I hope you appreciate what you have!!!" to my poor, defenseless computer screen. July will be here before you know it. :)

  17. Oh, and she is a PRECIOUS little chubby-cheeked bundle of beauty!! How fun!


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