Friday, May 06, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: I am a lazy turd

Howdy doody!

A lot of times, when I can't figure out how to start, I just have to make myself start.  So there it is.  Howdy doody, folks.

For those of you who just started following me, I extend to you my mostest deepestest totally ginormous apologies because you probably came over here expecting something "funny" or "good" or even "interesting".  My brain, all small and shriveled, is likened unto a sponge that hath baked in the hot summer sun for 40 days and 40 nights.  I wrung it to its fullest extent of wringing with the strength of ten thousand elephants over the last week (go read them old posts, will ya?), and now it is completely empty and fully dry.  Yes, it sure does smell bad.


Oh, oh... was featured today on The Dish over at Chicken Noodle Gravy!  You should click this here box...
and that way you can read something that's fun and funny and about me but isn't written by me, because, like I said: crusty sponge brain.

Also, I gave my 3 year old son the camera outside today, so I'm going to share seven of his photos so I can link up with Jen over at Conversion Diary and her 7 Quick Takes Friday (see how crafty I am?  Not, like, crafts.  But, like...a lazy turd.  Are turds considered lazy?).

He might just be a better photographer than many people two or three times his age.  Wouldn't you agree?

And as a parting gift, I leave you with this gem of a gem in celebration of Friiiiday, Friiiiday, gonna get down on Friiiiiday...!

Which do you prefer- the Smarmy Lounge Singer-esque Colbert or the Autotune-ified Super-prep Fallon?  Tough call, dweej.  Tough call.
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  1. I love what kids decide to take pictures of! And I love how they usually get so excited about doing it! Hope your crusty sponge gets moistened :)

  2. Love the photos! Have a great Mother's Day weekend!

  3. My husband and I were just rocking out to Friiiday, Friiiday for which we thank you and really are eternally grateful. Oh, and your 3 year old is an infinitely better photographer than me. I especially love 1, 5, & 7.

  4. Your grass is getting delightfully green! Yay for spring in Michigan. I remember May in Ann Arbor, where I used to live, and the flowers were just beginning to bloom. But summers there are worth it : )

  5. Your son did an excellent job with the camera!!! His pics have a focal point and are really good! Thanks for sharing! CHEERS!

  6. @Katie- Those are my favorites too!
    @Mary- The flowers are popping up all over the woods. We are having tons of fun out there these days :)
    @Michael- Thank you! He reallydoes surprise us sometimes, that crazy guy.

  7. Turd and doody. Nice.

    Turd is my husband's curse word. Gotta say,I like it and have stolen it.

    You are blog famous and blogtactular. I am jealous.

    With love,
    Green Ellie

  8. Isn't it ironic that I post the lamest thing ever on the day that I have, like, a zillion people looking at the blog? I'm not blog famous or blogtacular...I'm commiting blogsuicide!

  9. Excellent photos! Get that boy a camera of his own!! (just kidding, it might end up in the bathtub...or worse :P )

  10. You're just too fabulous with that shriveled brain of yours. Maybe I should let mine dry out and see what happens... :-)

    And your son is the most talented photographer ever ~ especially love the cloud pictures.

  11. awesome photos, he is talented! :)

    and the friday song? my middle daughter (who sings on our praise team at church?) she sent me on my smart phone, her playing the keyboard and singing that 'friday' song...LOL it was awesome!!! :)

  12. Someday, in a magical land where I get a new camera, I would love to give him the one he used. Apparently it really is a "point and shoot"!

  13. Oh my gosh, I love this version of Friday. I must be the only person in the world who actually thought that song was fun and catchy. I didn't think the lyrics were much stupider than lyrics to lots of other songs.

    Your son takes amazing pictures.

  14. Your son is awesome! Maybe he can come work with me one day. And I would blow up that last one and hang it on the wall. Wow!

  15. I have many dried up sponge brain days! lol You are not alone...oh no you aren't. Cute pictures - you know kids just point and shoot but honestly some of the shots are so interesting. I think a lot of "adults" try too hard. Me included.

  16. He is a great photographer! I am very impressed. : )

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and mother's day!



  17. Great photos! it's amazing what we can see and discover through our children's eyes :)

  18. Look at the baby, she is not covered in mud! Good for her. *snicker*
    He did a great job on the pictures.

  19. I have to agree about all of it... Your brain is really awesome all dried out and crusty! And your son really and truly is incredibly talented.

    Isn't it like the most inspiring thing in the world to see evidence of what your child thought was worthy of being photographed, and in what way?

    Haha my boy has my old blackberry pearl (the "pearl" weirds out sometimes and won't move the cursor) ...without a SIM card, of course. He loves that thing like most 4-yr-old boys would, and his very favorite thing to do--besides making it "pretend ring" and giving my heart that little scary jump you always get when you hear an annoyingly loud cell phone ring :D --is to take pictures with it. Yay for teaching my child instant gratification! ;D But he loves it, and sometimes I just want to cry when I see the little 3-megapixel pictures he takes.

    For instance, his cousins at their dance recital, and the "pretty mountains [the backdrop, haha] behind the stage." And, of note: He has taken the world's only known semi-decent cell phone photograph of his mommy. I love my little guy!!!! :D

    Anyway, thank you for sharing those. When he is as famous as Ansel Adams or Thomas D. Mangelsen, these shots will be all the more priceless!



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