Monday, May 02, 2011

Shazam! Blazam! Kachow!

Oh my gosh, seriously this time I really actually do not have a lot of time.  Maybe we can call this "mumblin' Monday" or something.  'Cause see, our overnight house guests are here (woot!) and so if I lock myself in my own private den of quiet awesomeness that's covered in 100% silk velvet where Jimmy Fallon rubs my feet, tells me hilarious jokes, and spoon feeds me homemade salsa (jealous much?) like I usually do, they might feel a little neglected.  So, time for a speedy rundown on these here shenanigans.

Our chicks are five weeks old and we still haven't killed any of them yet!  Also, they still live inside my house.  Indoors.  Adjacent to the band saw.  Periodically they hop out of the pen and strut around the workshop threatening to jump into the washing machine or fall through the hole in the floor that leads to the basement.  Super smart.

One of my kids' cousins is here as part of the super duper long weekend o' fun and check out how awesome I am:
Oh yes I did make a super duper huge bed in the playroom with three mattresses so these bookworms could stay up until all hours reading classic American literature.  Man, kids these animals

And then today I caught them building their very own fort with some rusty old t-posts and a bunch of discarded sticks.  You should see it now, y'all.  It's almost a lean-to!  Like I said, totally out of control around here...
 Also, I lost the seedling map.  You know, the seedling map that my girls so diligently drew of the seedling trays when they planted them, marking the names of the different vegetables and herbs on the appropriate squares?  Now, I've done lost the frig froggin' map and I don't know what this stuff is.  Um, hello?  I'm from the city and stuff.  Have you ever googled "what do plants look like"?  Not super helpful, let me just tell you that.  Anyway, I don't know what this is.  Is one of you brilliant/better at googling than me?  Tell me what this is and save the day!  And if you could find those maps while you're at, I'd be stoked.  Whew!  You're a life saver.

Oh wait!  More photo tour of recent house projects, too!  (I am thinking in exclamation points today!  OMG!  Is five cups of coffee too many?!?!?!  Perhaps I shouldn't have had three glasses of wine with dinner last night!)

So, remember this?
And this one?
 And who could forget this:
which revealed this:
Which I turned into this:
And then made look like this:
Kachow, baby!

And scary...


 extra scary...

A La Kazam!
Honey, you KNOW that's right!

p.s. It's 58 degrees out and my kids are all "It's sweltering!" (literal quote).  Crazy Michiganders.

Edit!  Edit!  Edit!
Melissa over at The Scarlet Cardinal just nominated me for Blog of the Month at FTLOB and she insisted demanded forced me against my will to grab their button and suggest that you nominate me as well.  I would not be sad if you did that, but mostly I would be extra not sad if you visited her blog and told her how awesome she is (which she IS...and not just 'cause she laughs out loud at all my inane ramblings)


Okay, peace out for realz this time.
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  1. Your floors look awesome! You did a great job, now come do mine please. Can you make them cat proof while you're at it? Someone should invent cat proof carpeting (I'm giving out awesome money making ideas for free here people). I can't help you with your seedling. Sorry. I planted a garden this year, the first one since elementary school and only one of my plants has sprouted and it doesn't look like yours. Although it is green and has some leafs, so they're probably related or something.

  2. I love how every one of your posts makes me laugh out loud. I can't wait to hear more of your chicken adventures. I'm ready for the hilarity to ensue.

  3. The floors look great. Also I can pretty much assure you that what is growing there is in fact a plant (plants look just like that) so you can breath a sigh of relief there. I didn't even need Google for that! ;)

  4. The fort. The fort. I love the fort the kids built. Reminds me of the forts my siblings and I used to build on the Minnesota prairie (where there were a few trees). I love that your kids still possess an imagination.

  5. Well I made Mr. Master Gardner come look at your little sprout. He laughed at you and me. He said he can tell you its NOT corn, grass, tomato a carrot. Smart A** also confirmed its not poison ivy.

    Its called dicot, meaning two leaves. Its not a monocot, which means a one leaf plant. Ya, I don't care about the proper terms either.

    However, when he is standing over me reciting plant stuff, I felt I had to put it in word for word. When your little sprouting gets bigger and if you haven't found your map, post more picture. I will make him recite what you have.

    I want to make a fort and play in it. I'm so jealous of those darn kids.

  6. Done and done on the voting!! Awesome!!! :) What a weekend ya'll had. You are a pretty cool mom, you know that right?! Can I come play at your house?! haha. Everything is coming right together, love it (And also love your awesome comment replies from you I get in my mail box :) Seriously, they make me smile!)

  7. Oh wait, is the voting closed?!?!?!? Boooooooo, ok, bring it on for May!

  8. Your chickens are awesome....when do they get a coop? You know, a home of their own to poop in to their hearts content so you don't have to smell it? Oh, wait, maybe that was just bugging me at my house cuz of all the pregnancy hormones.

    Your house looks awesome, btw!

  9. Birds scare the living daylights out of me, so ummmmm, yeah, dude, the chicks? Eeep!

    Great job on the floors, if I'm ever crazy enough to buy another fixer upper ('cause that's what my first house was), guess who's coming to help me out? I'll feed ya and keep you hydrated. Pinky swear.

  10. Don't tell my husband Daenel, but I secretly LOVE remodeling. Since he's prohibited me from even uttering the word "fixer" for the rest of our married life, I might have to take you up on that!

  11. I want those chickens, and I want them NOW. Please and thank you.

    Also, nice job on the kid fort thing, the floors, and being just generally awesome. And congrats on the nomination!

  12. Love the chicks! And I am so going to vote for your blog! Good luck!

  13. Are you SURE we're not living in the same house? 'Indoors. Adjacent to the band saw. Periodically they hop out of the pen and strut around the workshop threatening to jump into the washing machine or fall through the hole in the floor that leads to the basement. Super smart.' I haven't seen any chickens around here, but band saw, hole in floor to basement, etc, are common items.

    Off to vote for your awesome self right now!

  14. Love the chickens! And that they are IN the house :P
    Love the projects/activities that your kids pick to do :)
    And so very impressed with the work you are getting done on the house!

  15. Very nice, indeed!!! Great job, Dweej. The house is really lookin' good. And that pic of the big bed with the girls doing a great American Lit themed party, can I join???

    Nominate you? Why would I do that? OF COURSE I will!!! Hopin over there to figure this nominating thingy out...

  16. heart ur flowing trail of thoughts ~ ~ 58!? hot!? love me some Jimmy Fallon :D

    the chick-a-dees are SA-weet * *

  17. Your house if coming along and it looking so good. The perk of buying a house that was such a fixer is that you can fully appreciate the changes when you make them.

    As for the chickens, I want some. Maybe not in my house but I want then none the less.



  18. Thanks, Elena! Hopefully they'll be out of the house soon (please keep all your fingers crossed for me). As soon as hubby finishes building our zero-dollar chicken coop out of our old demolished kitchen, we will be good to go :)

  19. It seems like no matter where I go lately your name keeps popping up! It was high time I checked out your site and I'm glad i did! Love your writing and your floors look fantastic! Well done! I'm looking forward to more of your posts :)

  20. Saw your comment at Missy's, got intrigued and here I am! Your rambling makes me laugh and your handiwork impresses me.

    In answer to this "Is one of you brilliant/better at googling than me? Tell me what this is and save the day!" I ask Missy my Google questions. She's smart like that. Promise. haha

  21. You are so fun! I might have to copy that giant bed in the playroom idea.

    Why are these chicks still inside? What's the plan?

    Very impressive floor makeovers.

    I am so ready for bed I feel these are the lamest comments I have ever written. I swear I'll go nominate you tomorrow when my head isn't pulsating from exhaustion. How do you have all these kids and animals and plants and do all this work?

    Impressive lady, impressive.

  22. Our chickens are almost 5 weeks old and since their kiddie-pool-with-cardboard-walls home in our basement is looking a little shallow these days, my husband just added a chicken wire roof so we don't find them below it, eating my garden starts.

    My garden maps always get wet or disappear, so this year I put sticks with labels in each seedling pot instead. So far so good.

  23. I believe that is a pea plant.

  24. I love your skills with floor-fixing Ka-chows! Seriously nice work!

    Are you familiar with the blog The Little Hen House? She has chickens too-- you guys would get along nicely!

    Mel (from Momcomm and Adventuroo)


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