Saturday, May 21, 2011

I figured out how to count. We have a WINNER!

Holy smokes, y'all. Why did I have to go and break blogger by trying to do a giveaway? So lame that half our comments got lost after the first day.
Did you know that I was even panicking a little? Yes! Me. Panicking. It's not a pretty sight. I mean, in case you haven't noticed, I am naturally a little high strung. Toss in a dose of hyperventilation and you do not have a pretty picture.  So there I was, being very unpretty, when Erin (who is really smart...remember?) said "Duh, dweej....they all "liked" my page.  We don't need no stinkin' comments." and then I was all "Duh!!!!" and she was all "Duh!!!!" and then I....

Wait, what was that?  Oh, you wanna know who wooooooon.  What, you don't like my rambling anymore?  I feel so unloved!

Just kidding!  But I'm awesome at guilt trips, right?

So smarty sent me the list and I counted the list and put those fancy numbers into that random generator thing and BLAM:  
Yay!  Congratulations #25!  You're the winner!  Wait...lemme count the names.  Backwards, of course.  Because that's the order people entered.  Trust me folks.  I thought about this for a LONG time.  While hyperventilating.

And voila!
The winner of the fabulous May ring from Unrepeatables is Emily Parker!

          Emily Parker  

Emily Parker                                 Emily Parker  
 Emily Parker                                                                                   

Emily Parker                                                                           Emily Parker  
Emily Parker                                   Emily Parker!!!!!!!!

Email me your delivery address, girl (HouseUnseen{at}gmail{dot}com and we will get you that sparkly treat!

Thank you to everyone who entered and said such sweet things to Erin.  It was really fun to be able to share her work with all of you.  You da best!
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  1. So cool! And yikes. And congrats to Emily.

  2. Congratulations Emily! What a fun giveaway!

  3. That's such a cute way of presenting the winner :)

  4. Hey! That's me! Thank you!! ( : I saw this late last night and couldn't figure out how to comment from my phone, haha. And, then had to rush off to soccer this morning. But, super excited about winning! Thank you! ( :

  5. Yay! YAY for Emily Parker and her cool new ring!


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