Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lightning Limerick

The storms were best with lightning
Until her dog thought them too frightening
He pooed out of fear
there, here, and here.
Apparently his bowels need tightening


  1. Ha!!! I love it! Perfect...just perfect. Sounds like my cats, except they throw up instead. Ah, the joys of animal ownership.

  2. Bwaahaahaa! Too funny! And poor dog! And poor you for having to clean it all up.

  3. It was so gross, dude! Diarhea. DIARHEA!!!

    Lots of it.

    *even in my CLEN LAUNDRY*

    Why he gotta ruin lightening for me?


  4. All I can say is...shit happens.

    Sometimes with lightening speed..

  5. Hahahaha! Your limerick is awesome! The subject? Crap. Literally. :)

  6. Oooh! I just snorted and some coffee went up my nose! This was too funny!

  7. Lol! I needed that laugh this morning!!! Thank you. Who knew your dog could bring such joy by bringing you such pain?! ;)

  8. Poor thing! That is a very personalized Haiku.
    Love it!

  9. Too bad for you! Maybe some doggie downers are in your future. Or earplugs and a sleep mask for your dog. And other kinds of plugs as well.

  10. "Sorry mommy, that lightning scared the crap out of me!"

    Poor dog. And poor you!

    ~My Own Private Idaho~

  11. What is going on with the pooping dog? Horrible!

    Love the flowers, those are my favorite.

    I wish we had a tire swing, it just looks like good clean fun! I mean, your setting makes it looks like something from Leave it to Beaver or The Waltons or something, fantastic.

    Voted! How exciting!

  12. You're so funny, Dwija! Leave it to you to bring a bit of brevity to the prompt you talented girl, you! I needed that laugh and admire your poetic ability.

  13. You guys are far too kind! This "poem" can also be interpreted to mean "I am so freaking exhausted from cleaning up the massive amounts of putrescent bodily fluids that this is the best my brain could do"....although, perhaps that has some deep meaning, in it's own special way ;)

    @Paula: "other plugs as well"...laughing out loud!

  14. Aww! What a cute pooch!

    Just stopping by from Comment Love Day! What a cute blog and crazy adventure!

  15. Aw....poor puppy was so scared!!! But it made for a great limerick!!! :-)

  16. Yes, the poor thing WAS scared...but he is 6 years old!!! And has lived in Michigan his whole life! You'd think...well, *I* would think that he'd be used to them by now. 6 years! Of pooping during lightening storms?

    Mama can't deal. ;)

  17. Dwija,

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I have no idea how I don't have a "bajillion" followers, but feel free to pimp me out anytime. ;) Your family seems so precious, I love them and I don't even know them!

    I'll give Texas a huge hug for you!


  18. LMAO!!! Here I was trying to think of some profound words for that prompt, and you rocked it out with dog poo. I love it!

  19. Love it Dweej. Just LOVE it!!! It's so.... non-Shakespearean! ;D (That is a good thing where I come from; love poetry with a passion.... not so keen on the whole Shakespeare scene. Except for the good ol' catch phrase, "methinks thou dost--". Who could live without that?)

    Sorry I've been out of the loop a little bit, not commenting/posting as much, but I'm back with a vengeance baby! So great to see the incredible diversity of your awesome talent!!!!

    Sending Hugs & Many Blessings Your Way,


  20. HAHAHA! Totally wasn't expecting to read something like this. Awesome ;)

  21. We just recently bought an Anxiety Wrap for our (therapy) dog, Ty. It is like a miracle!! The wrap applies Tellington Touch pressure, which instantly relaxes the dog. We've had a lot of major storms lately. In the past Ty would whine and pace. Now he just lays down and takes a nap.

    Full disclosure: Our dog's trainer invented this wrap. Also, the picture of the dog on their "Charity Foster Program" button is Ty. He was fostered by our trainer. A portion of the proceeds of the wraps benefit other dogs being fostered.

    Hope this helps.

    Emily =)

  22. *howling* That is great. Not what I expected at all.

  23. Oh my stars!!!! I am just catching up on my blog-reading from this weekend and you made me laugh my bojangles off! But, what else is new?

  24. aww such a cutie pie :)


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