Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Webby Wednesday: Melly Mo on Etsy

Welcome to the first ever edition of Webby Wednesday!

See, the other day I was chatting with my friend Cort (Bryan Adams High School class of '97 in the house!)....OHYMYGOSH I have to tell you...she just had a brand new baby boy today!  If you have a sec, hop over to her blog Life on Bondstone and give her some love, will ya?

Now what was I saying....?

Oh yeah.  So the other day we were marveling at how many super interesting and talented friends we have and wondering how it's possible for the same people to know so many other amazing people.  And is it true for everyone?  Does everyone have this many brilliant friends?  I don't think so.  We're pretty darn lucky.  And that's when I got this here smarty-pants idea:  Feature someone every Wednesday so I can brag about their awesomeness thereby making me, because I have no discernible talents of my own, seem more awesome by association. (Of course I forgot my fantastic idea until this morning [ahem...hello, dweej?  Today is Wednesday], so I am going to make up everything as I go and go super duper fast so I can finish before nap time is over).

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Webby Wednesday, volume 1

First of all, check out these screen shots of her Etsy store:

I know!  She is so stinkin' creative.  She designs and produces these incredible, absolutely affordable, paper dolls for "grown ups", which are not paper at all but rather magnetic so you can put them on your fridge and when you have house guests, instead of them making up lame poems (hello, 1998 called and wanted their show-of-fanciness back), they can, for example, dress up a super kick-butt action guy (who may or may not have used to be a certain real-life action guy whose name rhymes with Nuck Chorris but who had to start being generic Action Guy because of some lame rule that someone thought of.  Anyway.)
Speaking of super kick-butt action guy, check out this gem of a photo I scrounged up from back in ye olden days of yore:
Awesome, right?  There we all are, 19 years old in ROME (yes, the real Rome) and what did we do with our free time?  Hmmmmm?  Did we walk the cobblestone streets?  Did we explore Piazza Navona?  No.  We built a blanket fort.  Me, my future hubby, Melissa's future hubby and the future head of Action Guy...and now here we are 12 years later and I'm writing this post.  Do you love it or do you LOVE IT?!?!

I know.

In addition to a whole slew of fantastic paper doll sets (both stock and personalized!) she has also started hand drawing these impossibly adorable trompe l'oeil totes

She will even draw a portrait of your favorite fantastic bag onto a reusable tote and it will be the most amazing custom thing you've ever owned and you will say "my gosh, where did all these talented people come from???" and you will toss your one-of-a-kind-tote over your shoulder and saunter to your fabulous place of fabulosity.  I'm giddy just thinking about it.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys watching old episodes of "Walker: Texas Ranger", eating oreo cookies baked into the center of gigantic chocolate-chip cookies, and finding horrendously ugly fake Coach purses for sale on Ebay.  According to the "other" section on her facebook profile, she likes: STAR WARS Art: Black Velvet Painting of Admiral Ackbar, Alien Frontiers (which was literally, for real, actually created by her very own true-story husband.  Yes, I'll take "Talented slew of friends for $500", Alex), and Mr. Darcy.  Her favorite New Kid on the Block is Joey* and she absolutely adores it when her cats knead her all night long thus preventing her from sleeping during the short, precious moments that her four month old daughter finally decides to rest.

So go on over to Melly Mo's Delights and tell me: which piece do you like best?   Then snatch something up for yourself or share the link with your friends who you know will just adore her quirky style and perfect 100% positive feedback score.

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*I made this up. But I can't help but hope I'm right!

p.s. I feel compelled to assure you that no one paid anyone to say any of this stuff.  Although Joey McIntyre should probably give it some serious thought.  I mean, you know.


  1. That action guy is pretty stinkin' cute. I <3 creative peeps!

  2. I had to come back- I just saw the Mr. Darcy paper doll. I might need that, since Colin Firth is my secret boyfriend (well, ONE of my secret boyfriends.)

  3. So cool! I used to make funky little paper dolls out college ruled notebook paper (I was an anal kid who had to have everything lined up perfectly) but then I'd kvetch over the light blue lines going across people's faces and it would tee me off to no end and ~ woo ~ sorry, this brought back a lot of "stuff".

    *going to rock myself into oblivion now*

  4. Oooh I love that tote! I can add to my collection of (too many) bags!

    Great idea Dweej.

  5. Great feature! The paper dolls are adorable, and I love that tote bag. And of course, that's a pretty rockin' fort. Off to explore Melly Mo's Delights...thanks for the tip!

  6. Cute stuff! I will have to go browse now...

  7. Such cute stuff in her store! Love the tote!

  8. Just discovered your site! Very cool tote bag. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh, I want that Mr. Darcy doll!!! And I know those people! Funny, I thought Mr. Action Guy looked familiar ...

  10. Isn't it funny how it makes you feel like you know a celebrity when you know someone on another person's blog? I love it! :D

  11. What a fun idea! Very clever.
    Look at you kids in your big fort Rome. There was nothing else to do that day? *lol*

  12. You had me at Black Velvet Admiral Ackbar...

    I love the roman blanket-fort. I went to Austria with my HS Band back in 1996, and yeah, we did pretty much the same thing. Did we see all the history? All the culture? No. We were 16, and could legally drink.

  13. i was going to say - HEY i know Action Guy Face! in fact, i visited with he and Terra a couple of months ago. they came and saw me in one of my most awful improv shows. and we hung out and had a really great time. yay friends with talent!


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