Monday, May 23, 2011

The Peace of Christ is Real

As you probably know by now, when I'm presented with a challenging circumstance, when the road gets a little bumpy and the things aren't going the way I wish they would, I clam up.  I need time to process the valleys of life.  The peaks...well, I shout those out eagerly!  Like yesterday, for example, with my celebration of the awesomeness of total strangers.  Today, on the other hand, is different.  Today I'm ready to share something with you that was, or perhaps should have been, more difficult to celebrate.

On the Friday before Mother's Day, my husband was laid off.

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  1. Listen, and I really want you to *hear* this: I agree.
    I've felt it. At the very darkest moment of my life. As I felt the life of my 5th child slip away from this Earth, I felt Christ's Peace, His Light, blanket me with peace and comfort. He shielded me when the pain was so unbearable, I wished for my own life to be taken. Never doubt it, and never forget it.
    BUT, also know this: The Mercy of His Father is also very real. The exact same experience showed me *how* real. It also showed me that, although it was against my very nature to share my pain and ask for support (emotional or otherwise), it was SELFISH of me NOT to share my pain. Fr. Andrew, our pastor, came to the hospital and talked with us, and while grief erased a lot of his words, I distinctly remember focusing on his face as he told me that there were a lot of people who were ready to help our family, who *needed* to help our family, and to never turn away an offer of help or an opportunity to share our story. He told me how it robbed other people of the chance to be generous and earn more graces for themselves. He was so very right.

    I tell you this because I, too, hate to "burden" other people with my problems (call it "pride" or "fear of upsetting people", whatever). There were times where people would tell me that they were sorry about our daughter passing away, and I would say, "Oh, that's OK.". I didn't want to see the pity in their eyes. I didn't want them to feel badly or uncomfortable. But, um, no, it WASN'T OK, and it wasn't fair of me to dismiss their charity so lightly. I had to force myself to nod and say, "Thank you.". Funny thing was that THAT simple act of acknowledging their sympathy made them more comfortable and relaxed in presence. And, it made me look into their eyes and truly THANK them, to look at what THEY needed & were offering and not at what I *thought* they needed.
    You are a beautiful person, and I could learn A LOT from the way you handled yourself when your husband came home with the bad news. I need to remember to slow down and process things before I open my large mouth. Thank YOU for that.

    I will be praying for you and your family. You know I will.

  2. I too was laid off this year; totally did not see it coming. I had been told that I was a "long timer"; and then suddenly, I was a "no-timer." I had left a job of 10 years 2 years prior to begin this job, so here I was on the job hunt again. Which I have such a distaste for, I can't even put that distaste into words... It was downsizing, but so many emotions run through you that you find yourself way off the main road and in a strange, strange place (metaphorically...).
    Enought about that. The little (or probably surprisingly more than usual given that the internet exposes so much of our lives) that I know of you and your family is that you have already followed a call to a path in your life that probably seemed unimagineable a year or two prior to you moving from California. Undoubtedly this is the continuation of that path, and of God's Plan, for you and your family. In experiencing the Peace of Christ, you may have come to this realization. It's good, no? I know (from experience) when bills are due, it's hard to reconcile the Peace of Christ into currency that pays them, but I did feel a similar serenity as I gave into my situation and acknowledged it was indeed God's plan for me. And that serenity, and God, are much bigger than bills or anything of this world.
    I experienced an emotional roller coaster, and perhaps you and your husband are on that same roller coaster. But always reel yourself back in during periods of doubt. In fact, there is a direct corellation in my life with bad times -> strengthening of my faith. I can always imagine the Divine Mercy taking me back, even though I tend only look to him when I need him way too much (and drift during the good times..).
    We will keep you in our prayers, be ready for Our Lord's happy ending, stay as open as you can to God's plan and as Padre St Pio says, " Pray, hope, and don't worry."
    My best to all of you!

  3. I just found your blog and left my comment on your guest post, instead of her. It was a great post - prayers to you!

  4. oh girl, i am so sorry to hear of this news. however, i am so admiring of you and inspired by you to be a better wife...your response to tommy when he delivered the news could have really been a make or brake chose the right path. my response probably would have been a little less graceful and way less supportive, lol, but you put your husbands worries at ease. well done. i know something great will be coming your way...your family deserves it!

    maybe "That Donkey Guy" will pick up a pilot series???

  5. I hope that the opportunity this is going to open for you guys comes quickly. I'm a firm believer in that age old cliche' everything happens for a reason, but that doesn't mean it doesn't cause stress in the process.

    Good thoughts your way.

  6. *hugs and love* You are a strong woman, Dweej. I know everything is going to work out for you guys. Life is scary sometimes, and hard, but we always come out the other side better for the experience. And you're so right, it's all about the way you look at and take things. Good luck to you guys!

  7. Prayers up. And...can I run this on YIM? We had such a strong response to your first post. Email me dear.

  8. Prayer for you - thank you for your honesty - and encouragement that God really gives us the grace we need in the moments we need it! Keep us posted

  9. Married 40 years. Spouse laid off 4 times. Never easy but God was always a step ahead of us. Asking him to help you all now (since we're beyond help :-)


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