Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Webby Wednesday: The Rubber Stamp Shop (discount!)

 Webby Wednesday, volume4

Welcome to the fourth installment of dweej's Webby Wednesday, this time featuring the always funny, always helpful crafty queen Bernie (because Barnadette is just too long to type out every time, and I am lazy), the awesomeness behind the useful and personalizable goodies at The Rubber Stamp Shop!  It's a family owned and operated brick & mortar shop in Billings, MT that's been filling custom orders for over 50 years.  Now they have a snazzy website (of course.  Or else how could it be Webby Wednesday?) and an awesome Bernie to say "Hey, get some craftin' stuff up in here, y'all!"  Except she probably doesn't say y'all, seein' as how she's from Minnesota. 

So let me start by assuring you that when they say they will make any custom stamp you want they really mean ANY.  Like any.  Imagine something you don't think they would do and then look at me: THEY WILL DO IT!  Do you want a ridiculous drawing or image of some sort?  Just make sure it's in black and white and they'll do it.  Have a word that you would like to stamp on most papers that come across your desk?  They'll do that too.  Yes, whatever it is you're imagining, the answer is yes.  Yes!  Yep, that too.  Because they are fun and nice like that.  And also they like your money, even if you do have a dirty mind.  Now go wash your brain out with soap!  Geez.

Okay, I was about to move on to the excellent item that they have discounted JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE READING THIS AND TOGETHER WE ARE WINNERS but then I noticed that they have a category on their site titled "Useless Stuff".  For realz!  Look:
Hah!  Oh I do love them so.  Now, I'm not going to show you what is on the Useless Stuff screen because I want you to click in that picture and go there yourself to find out (you see how I'm sneaky like that?  Crafty, but in a totally different way.)

Sorry, I'm easily distracted (can you tell?).  Back to business.

Bernie has kindly extended a fantabulous $10 discount to anyone who would like to get started making their own custom cards or wants to give the gift of craftiness (the stampin' kind.  Not the dweej kind) to the crafty crafterson in their life.  Just click on this here photo of the world's most perfect card making kit and git yerself sum!

Now if you are very non-creative (like me) but are intrigued by the possibilities here (like me), let me just show you how these supplies could work.  Bernie herself made these two cards:

using the By the Sea borders and centers found here and the Memento Dual Tip Markers found here .

Pretty fantastic, right?

She is fantastic, you guys.  Bernie is fantastic.  She was the very first person that doesn't, or didn't at the time, actually know me to read every single word of my blog from the very first entry.  She really did!  And then she did a whole blog post about how people should read the silly things I say.  She really did!  Because she is super nice and totally supportive.

You can usually find her being awesome and saying hilarious things on her blog, which you MUST check out.  So much fun to be her webby friend, it truly is.  Her commentary is always so perfectly funny and her vintage advertisements that she posts for Wordless Wednesday are incredibly entertaining.  And seeing as it's Wednesday right now, get over there and check it out!

So remember, discount on card making set here and fantastically entertaining blog here .

Visit them both and tell her that Dweej sent you!


  1. Love how you and Bernie are getting together for this. *heart* you both

  2. Wow. Thank you so much for profiling us!! You make us sound all fancy schmancy! I can't wait to show this to Mr. Bernie!!

  3. Like you, I love Bernie's One Mixed Bag blog for her humor, storytelling abilities and just plain down-home friendliness. That she's a Minnesotan, like me, only makes her more endearing.

    Great to see her and the Mister's biz featured here.

  4. Let me count the 'waves' I love Bernie's website

    1. Her sexy curlers
    2. Her winning smile
    3. Mb B and Mrs B's love story
    4. Her quick wit
    5. But most of all cause she's 100% all Bernie !!!

  5. Hmmm, anything, you say??? Well, might have to get creative for that one! I am not a big stamper (is that what we are calling it these days?) but it always seems fun. Any anything with Bernie in it has got to be a riot :) Have a great Wednesday. I think that comment made sense!

  6. Oh, how fun! Gotta love mutual admiration society ;) You are both really awesome!!

  7. Thank you, my wife will love these.

  8. My girlfriend is not allowed to see this website. She's in the beginning stages of turning her scrapbooking hobby into a business, and this would be like crack to her.

  9. I loved this post and I love Bernie!!! She has become one of my favorite bloggy friends and I am so glad you featured her today!!! Yippee!!!

  10. Love me some Bernie, and I've never had the pleasure of exploring her's and the Mister's stamp shop, so this is a pretty exciting day for me. Bernie, I don't want to give too much away so that people don't click that Useless Stuff picture, but you will never know just how helpful the Workplace Farting commentary really is.


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