Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Webby Wednesday: Elephannie and a Discount

Webby Wednesday, volume 3
Coren of Elephannie

Welcome to the third installment of dweej's Webby Wednesday, this time featuring the talented creative genius Coren, the brains behind the clever vinyl decals at Elephannie!  She designs and creates custom decals for decorating your home, business, laptop, car, steamer trunk, random book shelf, trapper keeper....need I go on?

Oh my gosh, I just love Coren so much.  Literally.  As a person.  She is so sweet and spunky at the same time and....

Hold on.  I think I skipped some parts.  She's just hard not to gush over, y'all.  And she is from Texas.  Mama don't take no sass! 

Okay, seriously.  Back to her stuff.

First: Adorable Etsy shop screen shot.  Will you kindly click on this picture right here and note that she has received almost 5,000 positive reviews?  FIVE THOUSAND!  And her score?  100%.
See?  I'm not the only one who loves her!

And speaking of people loving her, she has been featured in RealSimple (go ahead and click the'll take you right there)
 and in Time Out NY for Kids
She is for real, yo.

So there I am browsing her store, imagining what it would be like to buy every single thing she has for sale, and I could. not. decide. which pictures to snatch and share with you guys!  Really.  Everything is so stinkin' adorable.  And (AND!) you can choose your own color and customize your size and even request special monogramming and fonts and other design-y things that I don't know the names of.  Have I mentioned she's awesome?  Have you noticed that I know a lot of awesome people?  I am truly the luckiest girl in the world.

Okay, so check it- just an itty-bitty, teeny-weeny sampling of what she has to offer....

Aren't you just overwhelmed by the possibilities of cuteness?  You MUST browse through her things and envision them in your fancy house.  You must.  And when you find something you simply have to have (and you WILL) you can get a 15% discount... 15% DISCOUNT!!! using the promo code HouseUnseen during checkout.

I know!  Can you believe how fancy I am with my own promo codes and stuff?  Shazam!  But you gotta order before June 28th, because I had to pick a date, and that's the one I picked.  You do remember that this is my blog and I do what I want, right? Aw, snap!

I met Coren back when we were in high school.  High school.  So that means I've known her for at least, like 3 or 4 years, now, right?  'Cause she and I are, um, 22 or something?  Yeah, that's it...we're 22.

Which is totally weird because we've both been married for over 10 years and have 4 kids.  Man.  Strange.


Coren has an awesome sense of humor.  If you've seen Flight of the Conchords, and you love Joel McHale, and you know every line of Elf by heart then you know why you and she are already bff and you haven't even met her yet.  You don't need to meet her.  Just trust me.

But I do have to confess that sometimes I hate her a little (and she knows it) because she and her house are insanely stylish, and her kitchen has these leaded windows that I DIE for every time I see them, and she's an amazing cook, and her stinkin' hair always looks awesome, and (AND!) she just ran a half marathon back in November.  {News flash: she is even more incredible than I thought because it turns out she ran a WHOLE marathon.  And then I told her to shut her mouth} Dude, if you are reading this, I'm giving you the stink-eye.  The one with just my right eyebrow up.  Oh yes, you SHOULD be skeered!

But really I always love her.  And all the things she does and all the things she says.

Visit her facebook fan page, shop at Elephannie, get your 15% discount, and you will love her too.
If you could choose your favorite decal, which room of your house would you put it in?
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  1. I could only flip through her stuff quickly, so I can't pick a favorite. I do like the kitchen chalkboard though, which is weird, you'd think I'd get my fill at school...

  2. Oh CUTE! I like, very much. The hens in that last picture, awesome possum!

  3. Overwhelmed by cuteness. Can't . . . handle . . . it. I think the chalkboard is brilliant and I really love the lavendar decal on the mantle. These are so stinky clever!

  4. OMG I'm 22 TOO! So weird! I love the chicken decals.

  5. No wonder we all get along so well. We're all the same age!

  6. Lot of 22 year olds visiting this blog. I'm a little older; being 27 for 5 years straight now.

    I'm diggin' those little owls!

  7. Cute cute stuff! I love decals. I stopped having birthdays. I will ALWAYS be 40 something.

  8. Lovin' the antique vinyl frames. Gallery wall made simple? yes please. And for the record, I really dig Joel too.

  9. Oh, I love those!!! Maybe one day when we are not traveling nomads, I will have to invest :) Cute feature!

  10. If I could choose a decal, it would go over the receptacles in our three Bathrooms.

    It would be the Grocery List where I could print Put Seat DOWN when finished!"

    That's what I'm sayin'!!

  11. Those really are awesome... wonder if she ships to Poland... I think I might need those chickens in my future big country kitchen.

  12. Don't you just luv people who seem to be able to do just about anything and look drop dead perfect at the same time - it's so unfair to the other several million of us LOL . The idea for decal Christmas ornaments is clever - now I'm thinking of snowflakes for the windows - thanks for the post : D

  13. Olivia, they're really don't have to wait 'til you move. Buy 'em now and take 'em with you!

    Although, won't you have *real* chickens walking around in that country kitchen? ;)

  14. YAY YAY YAY! My favorite is the owl on the tree branch...or maybe the baby and mama owl, as if you didn't know. :) And I would put it (probably WILL put it) in my orange living room (long story). Thanks for sharing, Dweej! The site and the promo code. Both rule!

  15. Way way way too much cuteness! Love the Chalkboard Decal, can totally see that in the kitchen.

  16. (Cute post)
    I had no idea Corin was doing these!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love the chicken family! and the purple flowers sprouting from a mantel! and the little foxy!

  18. love her shop! it's fab! (and the reason that I want to detexturize my walls!)


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