Friday, September 30, 2011

7 quick takes- college reunion and a potential house fire

--- 1 ---

If I were a real or good blogger, I would plan these out in advance, but can I just tell you that my house looks like a hurricane is currently passing through and I'm still in my pajamas and I forced my husband to take all four children with him to drop the older two off at their fancy schmancy (free) arts classes so that I could "get something done" and what I'm doing is writing this?  So count your blessings, people!

--- 2 ---

Please read this hilarious thing that a friend shared on facebook: You look at me like you've never seen a neo-hipster before.

Laugh out loud funny (although it doesn't take much to make me laugh, so I guess you'll just have to judge for yourself.  So read it.  That way you can get to judgin'.  'Cause everyone knows how fun judgin' is.)

--- 3 ---

Oh, and have I mentioned that none of my UD friends will be reading this today because they are all getting ready for our 10 year class reunion that starts tonight?  Ugh!  YOU GUYS KNOW HOW MUCH BETTER PARTIES ARE WHEN I AM AT THEM!  It is pretty much a tragedy that I'm not going to be there.  In related news, I think I'll need to get some new dentures and stock up on depends because I am so stinkin' old and crusty now.

--- 4 ---

So Tommy took the kids, like I said, and then sent me the world's cutest picture of them at the lake because he is awesome like that and wanted to give me even MORE time to "get stuff done" and I could NOT figure out a way to get the photo from my phone onto this blog.   Because I am cheap and only have a dumb phone and no smart phone and of course no data plan on the dumb phone.  So I texted it to my friend Nadia (of Child Mode fame.  I know.  I have the awesomest friends.) and she emailed it back to me and now I'm sharing it with you because I can!  And they're cute!  And my hubby is so great!

--- 5 ---

This weekend there is a civil war reenactment thing a few towns over.  My kids can get a field trip "credit" through the homeschool partnership if we go.  And it's free.  But I just...can't...make myself want to do it!  Have any of you guys ever been to one of these things?  Is it worth a visit?  'Cause mostly I just want to make apple butter and cover my garden in bedding from the chicken coop.

--- 6 ---

Warning: If children are looking over your shoulder, do NOT open this link.  But if they are not and you are entertained by news articles with titles that include phrases like "a dozen peckers in his pants" then you are in for a real treat.  A real treat, my friend.  Enjoy!

--- 7 ---
This looks safe, right?  Like if you walked outside and this was happening and all your children and your dogs and your chickens were running willy nilly all over the place, you'd be all "Yep, everything looks good out here!" and you'd go back inside, right?  That's what I thought.

Happy weekend, my peeps!  Try not to set your houses on fire.

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  1. Well, my house also looks like a hurricane hit (but what else is new), and I am running around frantically cleaning for house guests, and getting more and more nervous about that event you mentioned that starts in *gulp* 5 hours, and it would be way more fun if you guys were there, but we will try to put on a brave face and not cry. Is it too late to take up a collection and get you on the next flight?

    Also if I saw that in my backyard I would either:
    a. go back inside
    b. call the fire department
    c. possibly both depending on my mood. ;)

  2. A civil war reinactment? Where do you live again? I thought they only did those in like Alabama, you know to relive the good ole' days....

  3. I think they do them everywhere that there are old dudes who want to shoot at each other...

  4. I love it when my husband takes the kids out so I can have some time to "get stuff done". You're burn barrel is actually a common sight where I live so I'd just be like, "Hey kids, don't touch!" I read the artcles, which was totally ironic for me to do. The guy with the smuggled hummingbirds... must have been REALLY lonely. I've never been to civil war reenactment... so no advice, sorry, but I hope whatever y'all do you have a great weekend!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Seriously don't know what's going on with my comments.
    Anyway, I thought it was really sweet of your husband to take the kids, the burn barrel is common around here so I would've just told the kids to stay away from it, I read the article (which was so ironic), and the guy smuggling the hummingbirds must have been super lonely. I have no advice about the civil war reenactment since I've never been, but I hope y'all have a great weekend either way!

  7. ok - is that article legit????? What in the world!!!!

  8. uh, that link is gross, those hummingbirds are cute, that man is weird...(and man, hummingbirds are *really* small). Awesome husbands are great!

  9. Hey sitting around in pajamas writing blog posts is perfectly okay!!

    Your husband IS awesome :)

  10. Have never taken the boys to a civil war reenactment, but we have gone to more than a handful of Rev. War reenactments, and it was a blast. The one we remember most is going to heTrenton, NJ for a reenactment of the Battle of Trenton. We were warned and warned to stay out of the street because they were shooting blanks, cannons etc. Nothing real but very loud and potential dangerous. Some blockhead decides to cross the street anyway. In the middle of this pretty authentic reenactment, one of the "soldiers" shouts to the blockhead "Get the F. out of the street!"

  11. What a great husband! house is a mess, too. I am more than 10 years out of college...I am starting to feel old from all you young things havin' 10 year college reunions! oy.

  12. Old and crusty? sorry... you can't hold a candle to my oldness and crustiness :P

    I love the fire! Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  13. Civil war reenactments make me think of that Sweet Home Alabama movie! I always want to go to one, just to see what kind of people think, "You know what would be AWESOME? Lets dress up and pretend to fight battles!"
    I'm pretty sure they're only SLIGHTLY more dignified than those guys who get together at the park, dressed as elves and warlocks and fight with pretend spells.

  14. Ok, first of all...WHO smuggles HUMMINGBIRDS!!??
    Second, you are not old, because I'm older than you, and that would make me REALLY old...make sense?
    Third, your husband is awesome.

  15. Absolutely do the reenactment (ironically, of course). Get the homeschooling credit and pictures for the blog! Hummingbirds (silly giggling happening here), why?

    The husband is great for taking nice shots of the kids, and you're pretty awesome yourself for the problem solving to get it on the blog!

  16. Okay well...we WERE going to go (and maybe still will) but I just got an email that we needed to have gone to a short presentation on Friday for it to have "counted". So if we go, it won't count and the drive there is almost an hour long. An hour! Blech.

  17. Having trouble posting comments on my own blog, just testing to see if I can post on yours!

  18. A comment about the neo hipster article: meta irony is my favorite kind of irony.
    I hope you're still in your PJs.

  19. That pecker link is highly amusing to me. I felt kind of like a creeper when I clicked "I like it" on my stumble upon toolbar though, I must admit.

  20. Hahaha what an ironic post! Hilarious!! Ah I love hipsters.

    Great post!
    For Love of Cupcakes

  21. Pajama bloggin' makes you a "good" and "real" blogger. At least that's the criteria I have set for myself. I'm extremely successful.

  22. Your post title caught my attention, because while (as far as I know) I'm not in danger of setting my house on fire, I am currently driving around with a fire extinguisher on the front seat of my car.


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