Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top Ten Photos from Today

Have I told you about the homeschool partnership that our school district is offering?  Dude, it's so awesome.  Fantastic.  As in, free classes taught by real professionals and field trips for any homeschooled student in the area.  You can't take unlimited classes, but you can get free private piano lessons (or theatre or clay or latin or mad science or...you see where I'm going with this)!

So today was our first lesson...
And because the lessons are being given at an old elementary school, the wee ones can careen around and holler at each other and get rocks in their shoes.
And do dramatic dismounts from the play equipment.
And "swing so high I can touch the clouds!"
And when it was Lizzy's turn...
their teacher hopped in and played the Heart and Soul duet with her.  Basically Lizzy plans on being her when she grows up.

Don't forget the oversized U.S. map drawn on the blacktop.  Perfect for hopping the state geography songs!

But the very most exciting part from this morning is that people really are kind and wonderful things can happen when you're open to their generosity.  You see, a sweet blog reader who happens to be local met us in the parking lot of the free-piano-lesson-school and loaded my van up with four boxes of books and schooly supplies that she had gotten from an estate sale.

FOUR BOXES, y'all.

As soon as she writes me back, I'll regale you with a link to her Amazon book store, okey dokey?

Oh, and this, which I found on the desk.  Just so you don't start thinking we're all "appropriate" and junk.

Top Ten {Tuesday}
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  1. I love seeing the kindness of others. Sometimes I wonder about humanity and then someone goes and does something nice and I'm not quite so scared we're all going to turn into giant poo heads anymore.

  2. How cool is that program? Your kids are going to have a great school year. And awesome bloggyland friend. People really are great, aren't they?!

  3. Wait. When did you switch to wordpress? Didn't you use to use Blogger? Is this a world gone mad? Have I gone mad?

  4. Holy homeschool jackpot! Looks like you got some great books Dwija. You're doing great and I'm so proud of you, homegirl.

    Can I call you homegirl?

  5. I've heard that "homegirl" is the new cool thing that hip people say, so please do!

  6. Awesome! Looks like the year is off to a whopping success! And that lady is super awesome :)

  7. Dang! What an awesome day! The piano lessons and geography hopping fun was awesome enough, but the four boxes of books and supplies really threw it over the top. Woot, woot! So happy things are going so well! Almost like it was meant to be :)

  8. What a wonderful program! The kids certainly look like they enjoyed it. And I'm not surprised at the kindness of others, especially when it's given to you. You are such a wonderful person.

  9. That is just pure generous! I love that. So glad you guys scored some new learning materials.

    And the free piano lessons...that's just amazing. I hope my two will gladly learn to play an instrument when they are old enough like your girls.

  10. What an awesome batch of books!

    (Heart and Soul is probably the only thing I can still remember how to play, in spite of FOUR YEARS of piano lessons. And I knew it before piano lessons. I'm pretty sure pianos were invented just so people could play Heart and Soul duets.)

  11. Wow! Love the free piano lessons! I got my kids a nice keyboard for Christmas and a Teaching Little Fingers to play songbook and have been teaching them and reteaching myself along the way simple songs. I wish I had kept up with lessons when I was younger, lots of piano players in my family but I hated it at the time. My kids are really starting to like it and are picking up on it really fast. If all goes well I may be inheriting my grandmas piano next month. Have to figure out how to move it 400 miles first. BTW, I LOVE all the trees I see in the backgrounds of your pictures. So beautiful.

  12. The kindness of others...so good to hear about in a world that sometimes seems incredibly self-centered. On Saturday a passerby stopped to put out a fire on my neighbor's deck with a garden hose and saved the house. He was on his way to church services.

    I blogged about it, because I arrived at the fire shortly after the stranger, "Ted from Owatonna," who has since been found. I can't thank him enough for what he did.

  13. Audrey, that INCREDIBLE! How amazing that he saw it and did that for them. Wow :D

  14. WONDERFUL!! I can't get much better than that - free piano, books, classes, field trips - -what a wonderful BLESSING!

  15. Having a free school like that - what a great opportunity! And the ALL the books ... someone upstairs is watching over you. What a great friend you have!

  16. Wow, awesome school stuff. And that's great that your district does that!! And the note is just plain funny!

  17. How did your girls get on with the piano lessons? My 6 year old daughter starts hers in january and she's nervous and excited all rolled together...she really wants to do it but is worried it will be really difficult. :/

  18. Love, love, LOVE the pics, Dweej. You really are gettin' this homeschooling thingy down to the dot... with style too! Those pics spoke a thousand words. Looks to me that your kids were all having fun learning, playing, exploring. Simply stellar, you.

    And yes, THOSE were a LOT of books. Wow. I'm so happy for you, my friend.

  19. I love poo -- ha ha ha ha ha

    Gail Finke

  20. I just took a moment to think about how hard it would be to spray paint a US map on the concrete pad in our backyard. Awesome loot!


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