Friday, September 09, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: World's Best Recruitment video

Have you ever written some really funny, probably brilliant notes about what 7 thing you're going to share on the back of a tiny scrap of paper and then tossed the tiny scrap into your purse among all the other scraps of who-knows-what and then dug through your purse to find it so you could share them and make the world a happier place and been completely unable to find it?  Yeah, I know, right?  Stupid purses.  In light of that, kindly dial down your expectations for this post about 11 notches.

Okay, wait...this is actually important.  Remember last week when I asked you to please pray for my friend's brother who would be undergoing brain surgery?

Well first, THANK YOU.  People all over America were praying for him and his family could feel it!  The good news is that the mass they removed from his brain is not cancerous.  The bad news is that he's had another seizure.  So, keep praying folks.  He needs it.

Now for somthing completely different.
When I saw the following I video I said "Wow.  There is no possibility that any other recruitment video on earth is as hilarious and/or ridiculous and/or long as this one."  Which means if you know of one, you must alert me immediately.  Immediately!  p.s. Watching the entire thing will cause a reasonable person to say "Give me back the last four minutes and 50 seconds of my life!".  Consider yourself warned.

And my dear Michigan, you know I love you, but what is up with with the waltzing deer on the state seal?  Where are the wolverines, I ask you.  Where are the waltzing wolverines?????

Speaking of Michigan again, I was featured today in a blog written by a charming and smart fellow Michigan mommy blogger, Chaunie Marie Brusie on her blog Tiny Blue Lines.  Click here to read all about my experiences as a young mother and how I don't do a dadgum thing around this house.

Do you know what this is?
If you guessed "cheap country-folk letting their kids take over Best Buy with nary a care for others", then you guessed right!

My husband is serving dinner.  I'm on the computer.  Wow, when I said I don't do a dadgum thing around this house, I meant it...

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  1. I love the last take!!! Happy weekend!

  2. seriously, the world NEEDS more waltzing wolverines!

    (and by that, I mean Hugh Jackman AS Wolverine, waltzing with me, NATURALLY!)

  3. I'm with Lucy...can't we just plaster Hugh Jackman photos all over America? I know he's not from here but still...HOT.

  4. The video IS hysterical but it also made me realise I would have LOVED being a conservation officer. For real.

  5. Oooo! Another good store in which to entertain your kids for free is Dunham's!! Free putting green, tents and campgrounds set up, hunting and fishing scenarios! Bikes and scooters to ride! If my 2 older boys didn't spend so much of their caddying money there, they would HATE us!

  6. Girl, I am seriously cracking up at the idea of you and your brood running rampant through that store!!!! XD

  7. That last one is the story of my life. I like to think I'm helping him be more domestic. Men love that, right? Right?!

  8. WOW. I really needed something funny to watch before bed. I am not sure that was it, but I particularly liked the guitar solo bridge section and the parts that made it look like COPS.
    thanks for sharing!

  9. I like the guy lyrics most of all, and the guy pretending that he's trespassing on somone's property. Good times!

  10. I'm an "employment brand manager," (yes, that's an actual job), or, I was before I recently became a SAHM. And recruitment videos were my THING. This one is sooooo baaaaad. Really really bad. I, too, love the part where he points at the "no trespassing" sign. Hahaha! And the kid aiming the gun. That makes me wanna work there. And I agree with Jordan - let's put Hugh Jackman on the Michigan flag. If only I were governor...


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