Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- building the zero dollar gate

Using the wood paneling that we removed from the west half of the kitchen, the hubby and his mini-me built us a gate to the chicken yard yesterday.

Yay!  No more impaling ourselves on the metal as we squeezed through a narrow opening covered in chicken wire!
cutting the boards to size

how'd you like these all over your kitchen walls?  special, I know.

adding the no-escape covering

tutorial on the mini bungee cord latch

and voila!  totally adorable baby and chicken proof gate from the backyard to the forest

Having a handy husband is just so dang....handy.

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  1. I agree - I love having a handy husband! I dont' think I would treat a Not-handy husband very well. :)

  2. Free is nice especially when it looks good, too!

  3. Cute! I love how the little guy is helping!


  4. I love my handy hubby too! Great gate and cute chickens!

  5. Your husband is so cooperative with you taking his picture and putting it on your husband is still not crazy about it.
    Glad you got your fence/gate :)

  6. I agree--having a handy husband definitely has it's perks!

  7. This spring, Brad installed can lights. Amazing stuff! I dated one guy who said, "I fix things by writing a check." Okay, so he made more money, but my husband knows how to do almost everything "fixy." Love that about him.

  8. I wish my husband was more handy! The gate looks great!

  9. Really handy! It looks great. And I was laughing because you do 'wordless' Wednesdays like I do too. I just can't leave it at nothing! :)

  10. Dang, I am with Kimberly! I WISH my hubby was handy! You are a lucky gal! ~ LD

  11. I dont have a handy husband so I am handy instead.

    I do a finish it friday post to add all the words i leave out from my wordless wednesday post lol

  12. If I had chickens, this is exactly the gate I would want! :)

    A handy husband is awesome, especially one that can reuse materials!

    I love looking in on your life through this blog. Makes me want to move north to a big piece of land. You're awesome.

    Have a good weekend!

  13. Impressive! My husband tries to be handy...well the least said on that the better! :D

  14. Lookin' more farm-y over there every day :)


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