Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Log of the 5 Stink Eyes

Stream of consciousness super quick quick takes time!  My family is already giving me the stink eye, fyi.  Imagine writing all of this with five stink eyes on you, okay?

The reason I have to hurry like a zoomy fiend is that my girls are taking some flower arrangements to the community flower show today.  The youth category requires them to include vegetables in their arrangements, so they both grabbed green tomatoes off of the plant outside.  I decided not to interfere.  Incredible, right?  Me, keeping my mouth shut?

Anyway, this baby is crazy.  Clearly warm enough for short sleeves and crocks and she insists on wearing a polarfleece hat outside to play.

Also, she's baby Braveheart.

And don't be fooled by her apparent patriotism.  She was trying to whack me on the head with that flag.  True story.

But she is the sweetest baby known to man, too.  This picture wasn't posed.  Not even a little.

Awesomeness happened this week too when my friend Melissa (with the awesome etsy stores of magnetic paper doll awesomeness: here and here ) sent me some new-to-me Dansko clogs for the fall.  I do heart them so!

I see a future in shabby chic furniture restoration for my Lizzy...

Yay happy visit to the Kalamazoo Nature Center!  Free field trip with the Gull Lake Homeschool Partnership = fantastic.

Stink-eye from family.  Me still in pajamas.  Things to do, diapers to change...

Oh splashing milk onto carpet!

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  1. I love your baby's pictures, her cheeks, so pinchable!!

  2. Good luck at the flower show! The pic for #4 is hilarious! I only had 3 stink eyes this morning but they also tried to steal my breakfast... trying to teach me a lesson or something.

  3. Ah, I get the teenage version of the stink eye, the eye roll, and a "Mooom, you are NOT going to blog about this, ARE you?". My response - you betcha.

  4. Please explain the shoe that *your* leg?? How did you bend it like that? I love the other photos but i must know if you're a contortionist!

  5. Hahaha, she beat me to it. I was going to ask if that was your leg! Mad skillz.

    Also, I love all the photos of your little ones and would love to hear more about your choice to homeschool. :)

    Happy weekend!

  6. Tee hee! You guys can can thank my husband for that shoe photo idea (clearly we keep busy doing really productive stuff at all times). Those legs belong to my daughter Lizzy. We were both wearing basically the same color denim, so we rigged it up for hilarity :)

  7. Ah dang! I was thinking you have been holding out on some crazy gymnastic talents on us or something.... haha. Read your comment above! I maintain, you have cute kiddos. :)

  8. That was my first thought upon reading this post - "Woah, she can seriously twist her legs like that, boy that Woman has TALENT!". Glad you set the record straight. Cute pics of the kiddos (and you and your DH). I love anything to do with polar fleece!

  9. I often get the stink eye when I'm blogging too lol! Great job punching out an awesome post even with all those stinky eyes on you! :o)

    LMBO @ Lisa the granolacatholic - "you're not going to blog about this are you?" hahahaha


  10. Ha! I never get the stink eye (ummmmm, I avoid eye contact with my children at all costs.....well, not really)

    I hope the flower show goes well.

    For some reason a few select blogs aren't letting me use my Google ID! That is why I am using the URL/Name opetion...just in case you wonder... :)

  11. I was wondering about the leg picture too lol. Also, there's a novena to St. Therese of Lisieux that I thought might interest you, knowing your husband's job situation, we're on day 2.

  12. I think Bear and Baby Braveheart are pretty similar--at least when it comes to the snuggling and hats.

  13. Can I just say how much I love that "zoomy fiend" line? Now I'm just waiting for a chance to use it. Your littlest one is super adorable :) and I laughed at the flag whacking. Mine's 15 months old and also enjoys administering a good flag whack to me, Jeremy, the cat, anyone really. Unfortunately she's started to hit people without a flag in her hand and then burst out laughing...time to rein in the violence before she turns into the Naomi Campbell of her daycare.

    And I was also hugely impressed by your apparent Gumby-ness!


  14. I'm guessing you deserved to be hit in the head with a flag...

  15. So cute, and I marvel at your family's creativity and energy sometimes :-)

    Your little girl is just the sweetest little girl ever, as far as I can tell from the pictures!

  16. Haha! Five stink eyes is a lot to handle! Love this post. The pic of baby and her papa is just so cute!

  17. I am *so* glad you cleared that up. I feel better now ;)

  18. Five is a lot of stink eyes to handle at once! I love your daughter's pictures. She's adorable!

  19. I only so much as have to pull out the chair at my PC and the baby wants "up" (usually to smash away at the keboard), the older three hear the tap of the keys and think it's free rein to argue and the dog finds pigeons and neighbours to bark incessantly at...oh and somebody always calls round...and the phone also has a habit of ringing...hmmmm!

  20. I'm trying to figure out how you bend your leg that way while admiring those rockin' clogs!

    And I'm also trying to figure out how one baby can be that dang cute. I'm mean for serious? I LOVE that picture with her daddy, too. It melted my heart.

  21. Fun times :) Neat that you found some other homeschoolin' groups to go on outings with!

  22. You family is so fun.A community flower show? How do you even hear about these activities? We just sit around the house all day in our pajamas staring at each other.

  23. Yes! You're totally right. 5 *SETS* of stink eyes. See? I really was in a hurry!


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