Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Mother's Pentecost Sonnet

This piece was originally written last year, inspired by the photograph below, taken by the lovely Mary Lauren of My 3 Little Birds. 

Upon first glance they seem to be the same;
All round and smooth and bright and mostly light.
You stop. And stare. And see the hidden flame.
Most green. Hers: red.  Some peace and now some fight.
So still and perfect now she seems to be,
With grace, a smile, a heart so full and kind.
Just wait for her. Just watch and you will see
A fire that burns like none you'll ever find.
That strength, that drive, through happiness and strife
That rush, that Spirit, is alive and well
The Lord rejoices in her meager life
And every joy around her seems to swell
       His love so pure doth cloak her like a shroud;
       Her head so high and yet her heart so bowed.

Saints and Scripture Sunday
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  1. love it! a reminder that all life is precious.

  2. Is there anything you can't do? Poetry? I struggle with a haiku.

    Thank you so much for linking this beautiful sonnet this week! Great seeing you!


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