Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stupid Dog. Sprinkler Day. {phfr} {tt}


Tuff: the stupidest, most photogenic dog on the planet

Okay fine, maybe he's not that stupid.  But...yes.  Yes he is stupid.  Just look at his wonky ears.  That's how you can tell.

(linking good ol' Tuffy up with Cari's Theme Thursday which is, surprise, animals!  Yay!  Go take a picture of your goldfish!)

Here's one of him guarding the babies.  And by guarding, of course I mean "not at all guarding but instead sleeping"

I'm not naming any names, but it appears that somebody enjoyed her first swimsuits-in-the-yard day.

She is the goodest baby.

Not even in focus; Not even a problem.  This makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Which is a lot.

So I was all "hey, look at this ridiculous 'flower bed' that my kids made with one clover sticking out.  It is so cute and precious! I will use this for 'real'."

But then I came inside.  And I saw the REAL real.

The "work" counter in my kitchen actually looks like this right now for real.  Let's analyze, shall we?

1) infant bathing suit bottom that no one wears
2) answer key to year end math review
3) printer
4) pile of curtain rod brackets courtesy of never-ending dining room facelift
5) land's end catalog
6) pencil(s)
7) enormous pile of "super important" junk mail
8) Ebates rebate check that's sure to be lost in the next nine minutes

And that's just what I got in the photo.  Save me!

round button chicken

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  1. I can't get over how cute Mary is!! She's so squishable!

  2. Ha, your real is rivaling my real. I'm supposed to be cleaning right now. I'm sure you can hear my laughing in Michigan. Love the sprinkler day!!

  3. Your dogs eyes are creepy and wonderful.

  4. Very pretty dog, and very cute bathing-suited baby!

    I will see your cluttered kitchen counter, and raise you a hose attachment, various and sundry tools, box of insect traps, extension cord, and bowl of dog food. My pile of mail is of the "Do I need to save this?" variety, so it just sits there indefinitely while I "decide."

  5. Mary is so sweet! Look at those little Michelin baby arms!

  6. Love the different colored eyed dog. Mary is adorable and I just wannt to kiss those cute little cheeks. The shot of the leaping super girl, classic. And your last real makes me feel right at home. :-)

  7. There is too much cuteness going on in these photos, the dog is pretty photogenic too!

  8. That dog's eyes are incredible. I'd be photographing him as much as your adorable children!

  9. If Tuff and Levi had a cuteness contest, I would be comatose from doggie cuteness overload. Which is not as fatal as baby-cuteness overload, but still... (As I write this, I have 2 little boys crawling all over me DEMANDING to see "their" doggie.)

    Chubby Mary in a swim suit?! Get. Out.

  10. Cool! You're using Math Mammoth too! For home schooling, my daughter loved Math-U-See. But here in my classroom, MM is a hit!

    1. Ah! You have hawk eyes! I'm actually only using the Math Mammoth end of year test for the kids to stay fresh as Katie finished her entire Saxon text book in the middle of April. Normally I use Saxon for Katie, Singapore Math for Lizzy, and Paul used the Kinder math workbook from Modern Curriculum Press. Not that I think you're interested in all of this, but just in case another homeschooling mama is curious :)

    2. I do the same - Saxon in middle school, Singapore in elementary. LOVE Singapore.

    3. I've heard a lot of good stuff about Singapore Math. I love how many choices there are out there.

  11. My kitchen counter looks exactly like that. Seriously. I have good intentions for the summer.... but the end of the homeschool year is killing me.

  12. I have always been a huge admirer of your beautiful dog, thanks for showcasing him.

  13. You dog is so pretty!!

    And, your counter is cleaner than mine...mine would have that same stuff, but not nearly so nicely piled up.

  14. That sprinkler shot is fantastic! I can rarely get good action shots, so I'm highly impressed.

  15. OK, so I will not mention the FlyLady (really, me? that's a surprise? you've seen my house). But I will mention that ebates lets you direct deposit your check to your paypal account.which you can then transfer to your bank account, or hide, and use to buy yourself fabulous and well-deserved accessories.


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