Friday, May 24, 2013

Too many pictures. You're welcome. (7qt)

Ugh!  Cari!  In her effort to not get scooped, she totally scooped me on the world's most incredible invention that you guys probably already know about but I'm always late to the party, okay?  Okay.


If you are not playing this game yet, ehrmagherd, brace yourself for wonderous wonderment.

See, you get this google streetview of a random place anywhere in the world and you poke around looking for clues.  You use the clues to do research in another window and then you try to plop your little pin down in the exact spot that was given to you in the picture.  It is amazingly addictive and fun and even, yes, educational.  I think my 5th grader learned more about the actual locations and topography of countries yesterday than she has in her entire schooling career.

Not that we spent 6 hours playing the game.  No.  That would be...too much?  Would that be too much?


This is getting linked up with (evil scooper high points getting) Cari and her Theme Thursday, which this week was "bodies."  Mary is working hard trying to get hers to do what she wants....

What else?  Gosh my brain is mush.  Oh!  It's the last week of school!  We finished up our CAT evaluations and sent them off in a pretty manila envelope to be scored.  The big girls wrapped up their end-of-year projects.  I wasted invested untold hours on choosing classes and curricula for next  year. And somehow.....the dining room is still not finished being painted?  How can this be?!?!?

Hey, has anyone done the baking soda at-home gender prediction thing?  If you don't know what it is, you probably don't want to know, but if you've done it in the past, can you tell me if it was right or wrong for you?  I'm dying to know.  Dying, I tell you.

And another thing (stream of consciousness here, baby)- a few months ago the lovely folk at Personalized Creations offered to send me some free goodies for my kids.  They didn't ask for a review or anything, but of course, how can I not show you their stuff?  It was my favorite price, after all.  I picked these personalized beach towels, which some people complained about because they aren't terry cloth.  But my kids still like them and use them, so what do I care what they're made of?  Answer: I do not!

That was a lot of pictures.  Imma count it as a twofer.

I saw this little image on the book of faces yesterday and loved it.  Look at that grouchy old man.  He's my fave.

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  1. Yes, the baking soda thing was spot on.


  2. I love all your takes. But I can't tell if I love the expression on Cici-in-the-towel's face or Mary-mastering-the-chair's face better.
    Both? yes. That one. Both.

  3. Daniel and I played GeoGuesser per your recommendation! It is so addictive. At least I have something to do while I'm not having this baby....ugh. C'mon, baby! Tonight I'm eating 10,000 jalapenos then walking until my legs fall off. That's a fail-proof plan, right?

    Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas

  4. And didn't do the baking soda test but going Google it now! Not that im pregnant...but last time I finally stopped being paranoid about conceiving before I feel like I've risen from the murk of babyland we found out we had a bambino on the way. I just keep thinking that will happen again. baby crying. Google will have to wait


    Found this to be cool-io!

  6. Thighs!!!!! I just want to squeeze!!!! (sorry, I´m like that when I see cute chubby baby thighs!!!)

  7. Baking Soda fizzled for me! We shall see in about 12 weeks ;)

  8. My thighs look very similar but I totally hate them on me. They look great on Mary, however! :)

  9. Those thighs! Oh, my gosh--I love those thighs! They're making my ovaries ache for the good old days, when I was young and fertile...

    But I do have some wee granddaughters, and their thighs aren't too shabby, either! :)

  10. Thighs of Thunder and the Book of Faces (it took me a minute to get it)!

  11. I would have to refrain from kissing her rolls all wonder the room still isn't painted!

  12. Love #7! My husband is totally that way!

  13. Just for kicks and out of love for you and the fellow bloggers, I skipped into the powder room to test the baking soda theory. Sadly, results were contrary to the ultrasound. Maybe we're in for a big shock?

    1. Darn! I may be crazy, but it seems like the ultrasound miiiiiiiight just be more accurate....

  14. I must be playing Geoguessr wrong, since mine does not involve another window to research. I just guess. But I do really love doing the challenge thing with others and seeing whose scores are higher, so feel free to throw one my way!! Also, those towels are adorable.

  15. I had to stop myself from playing GeoGuesser to come back here and comment! You're right - it's totally addicting! Btw, I'm excited to read some of your past posts on homeschooling. Even though our little gal is just 4 months old, we already know that we're going to homeschool her so I'm trying to soak up all of the info that I can. :o) Okay, now back to geoguesser!

  16. Honestly, there isn't any scientific validity to ANY gender prediction tests, however they may be packaged. It really is absolute luck for any test yielding positive results as there are the same number of negative results as gender is a 50/50 chance! They can test for the presence of the SRY gene or do an ultrasound.

  17. you're seriously the worst. I'm not addicted to GeoGuessr and my social life is officially on hold for the unforeseeable future.

    buuuut you're forgiven since Mary's thighs are theee best. and I totally agree with Beth's comment ;)

  18. GeoGuessr: the new reason I will get nothing done today. Thanks for that. Clean socks and underwear? Pshaw! But look how close I came to this random street in Australia?

  19. I started this post 40 min ago. I made the mistake (not really, because it was fun) of clicking the link for the GeoGuessr.


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