Friday, August 02, 2013

A jump, a floor, a happy girl- 7 Quick Takes

One thing that's a little tricky about redoing the laundry room is that, like, you have no laundry room.  This is one tiny detail I hadn't really considered before we hauled the washing machine out of the workshop and ceremoniously pushed it over a cliff.

Not really.

But really I didn't think of all the disgusting-piles-of-dirty-laundry implications.  Well, I WOULD have disgusting piles of dirty laundry except for the fact that my guardian angels walk this very Earth and allow me to use their washers and dryers for free like so many of those clean, hospitable, free laundromats where your kids enjoy playing that we're so accustomed to.....wait.  No.  Those don't exist.  Plus 250 points for me!

So I realized that since super fun week had commenced, the laundry had been piling up and even though Amanda has been forced to look at my mug almost every single day this week (literally), I demanded she allow us to descend upon her house and use her appliances and eat her food.

Then I hollered at everyone to get ready and clean up the living room and gather the dirty clothes and "it's just a little rain. put on a raincoat" and go out to the van and weareleavingrightthissecond...

And the van wouldn't start.

But look!  The worker's for the remodeling company are so, so, so nice and helpful that this happened:

There's more than one good reason that this renovation is happening, y'all.  Seriously for real.

Speaking of the laundry room, this is also happening today (warning: what follows is a great photo of an open box surrounded by a blurry blob that I will tell you is the new floor and you will believe me because you are trusting and kind.)

Doing the Carlton as we speak!

Best for last.

Charlotte of Waltzing Matilda.  I just....don't know what to say about her and her sweet family.  If only James Herriot or C.S. Lewis could real quick pen a bio of them from me for you so you could really understand her gracious generosity.  When we said good-bye to Nicholas, she and her husband somehow ensured a Trappist casket would arrive in time for his funeral.  It was less than 24 hours away, but they did it.  A true miracle.

Anyway, apparently that wasn't enough and she and her kids (one of her daughters is e-pen-pals with one of mine) decided to put a care package together for the five kids here in our house.  Books and journal for Katie, apron and cookbook for Lizzy, dinosaurs for Paul, fairies for Ceci and little wooden Joseph and Mary dolls for Mary along with a handful of absolutely adorable dresses.

Mary. Loves. Her. Mary.



You know, people like Charlotte (and you and you and you and you and you and you and you) serve as such an incredible reminder of the beauty and goodness in this world.  Beauty and goodness that we might forget is there if we immerse ourselves only in the news that the culture wants to share with us.  Beauty and goodness that I've had the incredible opportunity to enjoy.  Once again I am humbled to be the recipient of all this....

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  1. oh that BABY face. Dwij how do you get anything done? She is delicious!

  2. I'm sorry to be a brown-nosing, gushy commenter, but I just love.. well, basically everything you share. I'm always left with such feelings of goodness - for you, your family, and the wonderful people who love and support you. There is so much good in the world, and I absolutely love seeing it blossom in your home.

    And your kids are ridiculously cute.

  3. It makes me happy when you talk about the blessings in your life. Not that you should keep mum about the things you don't like! But you do a really, really good job of writing about the good stuff. Did it ever occur to you that that's one reason people like to do things for you?

  4. I love the stories of generosity and I love how you are able to keep your humor and see the bright side of things. You seem to school me all the time. ;-) And your little Mary is too cute for words!

  5. oh my goodness those cheeks! That smile!

  6. I believe you. The floor is awesome.

    And loooove the pics of Mary. What a sweetheart :)

  7. My first time commenting I think. I love the photos of little Mary, she is gorgeous.

    I love your blog! :)

  8. 1 Corinthians 13:13 - "So faith, hope, and love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love." YOU have inspired love.

  9. Happy Baby, best thing ever ~ well that and clean clothes.

  10. Mary's dimple is insanely cute!

  11. Such wonderful blessings. And that love her smile.

  12. Oh my goodness, Mary is starting to look like a toddler! That big girl face! So happy for your blessings.

  13. Oh what a sweetie! I wish we could get our kiddos together in person some day. I hope the clothes fit! You and Tommy are such special people. You show us how to be joyful amidst pain and for that, I can't thank you enough.

  14. Mary's whole face is just bright and lovely!

  15. Love that baby face! What kind of floor is it?

    1. It's vinyl click flooring from Lumber Liquidators. I'll be sure to give the link when I post the reveal!

    2. I thought so! I had samples of it but decided to go with a similar product from Home Depot instead (TrafficMaster Allure Ultra). Now I wanna walk on your floors and spill water on it and compare. :-)

  16. awwwwww.......just when I know I am sad and bitter and ungratefully whining inside....because I can't stop other people's misery from infecting me......your baby's dimples and the sharing of your blessings....blesses me.....thank you! God's timing is impeccable and perfect :)


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