Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Books and Other Favorite Things

Katie Morag

I know I've mentioned this book before, but we just had to order a new copy because our old one was literally falling apart at the seams (the binding can be called a seam, yes?) so I'm sharing it again.

Katie Morag Island Stories is one of those books that everyone loves to read and hear.  The pictures are charming and entertaining.  You know that quote from C.S. Lewis- that one that says something like "A book that's worth reading at the age of 10 is a book worth reading at the age of 50" or something?  Well, this book passes the test with flying colors.  If you're ready to burn the ridiculously bland books that have somehow ended up in your home, take heart- good children's books still exist!

(this is my submission for What We're Reading Wednesday because I've sort of fallen off the big girl book wagon.  Again.)

Not the things (although they are handy) but the store.  Yesterday we went shopping for the school supplies that we need for this year.  My first total was $97.56.  Then they scanned my printed coupons and my total came down to $48.56.  Then I came home and submitted my rebates (online!  No mailing!) and am going to be getting a $24 check in the mail.  Which means you know what?  School supplies for an entire school year for....drumroll..... $24.56

You guys- 11 reams of printer paper for $9.99.  That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Go to here and print their coupons and roll in your newly saved dough.

Little White Cardigans
Ralph Lauren Childrenswear Infant Girl White Cardigan
The little white cardigan for girls is like the little black dress for women: you gotta have one.  Summer dresses can turn into fall and winter and spring dresses instantly with the addition of the cardi.  And white goes with everything, of course.  

Cecilia and Mary just got (used) new ones from ThredUp (which look totally brand new, srsly) and they cost me a total of $ZERO because I had a coupon code from them.  Do YOU want some dinero for ThredUp?  I do believe if you use my referral link right here, you'll git yourself a sweet ten dollah, make me hollah.


This one was Paul's favorite:
There are 39 others.  You will love them.

One of the snazzy recommendations for 7th grade from Angelicum Academy is this set of CD-ROMS.  Even if you don't buy the lesson plans , you and all your kids forever and ever will love this as a resource.  It is incredible.  All the actual articles with all the original photography since 1888.  Incredible.

Five Favorites, hosted at

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  1. My oldest is a map freak! has one that you can scratch off the states you have visited like a lottery ticket. :)

    1. Really??? We have got to try it. Two of my kids are map-obsessed.

    2. That's awesome! We are total map-o-philes!

  2. Good call on the little white cardigan. Now if my girl didn't wipe her hands on everything she was wearing (gotta love sensory issues with autism!)

    1. I hear ya. The white is actually a sneaky trick because you can soak them in bleach and they come out looking like new! Other colors not so much.

  3. I completely agree about that little white cardi for girls - will totally be checking out your link as Li'l G is outgrowing hers. I tried with no luck to find a short sleeve one this summer. Bah.

    Also, I am now going to obsess about that NatGeo collection! I have many a year in boxes that my dad collected over the years that I just can't seem to let go of...

    Great fives!

    1. Check this out an easy way to shorten sweater sleeves without cutting first. I have tried it and it is awesome.

  4. I'm a map-junkie and loooooved that link!
    And yes the the little girl's white cardi. I will need to hunt down a good one for Grace soon!

  5. That map link is totally cool - we looked at it for hours the other night!

  6. That map website was FANTASTIC!! So much cool info for my little brain to pick over.

    Also, thank you a million times for the heads up on Staples and the link to the coupons. I don't have to buy school supplies, but I am always in the market for cheap printer paper. (I love cheap!!)

    Anne of Green Gables = one of my go-to, read over and over kids books

  7. Way to go at Staples! I'm also a map freak and I've seen a lot of those on a map forum I'm on, but that rubber ducky one made me LOL! Off to go check out ThredUp and try to get something for free-fiddy.

  8. Loved that map link. Why are maps so addictive?! Love them! And those National Geographic CDs are now on my wish list!

  9. Wow...way to go at Staples. And all you bloggers have convinced me to try Thred Up.

  10. Funny, my five favorites is about books! But only books.

    Okay, I'm totally checking out ThredUp!! Only thing is, I have three girls, and while I love the *idea* of white cardigans, I can't imagine two of them keeping a white cardigan white for very long. I guess I need to use our beloved Folex on them, yeah?

  11. You crack me up.

    As for the book, I'm always up for some good Children's books. That's ALL we're reading round here these days, but Hans Christian Anderson is always welcome in our house. Was going to pop into the WWRW, but only had children's selections. Thanks for paving the way.

    Good bargain shopping woman! Mother of the year ribbon right there!

    As for the map. Where was that map when I was in Geography class and cramming? I so needed visuals like that. Oh well... just don't ask me where anything is. I may have gotten an A+ but I don't remember squat.

  12. You should look up "Keep the Lights Burning, Abby." It's a sweet story for the youngun's. :)

  13. I'm kind of fancy and have white cardis for spring/summer and cream ones for fall/winter. All either 2nd hand or from Wallies, srsly.

  14. That book is insanely charming (oxymoron?)


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