Friday, August 16, 2013

A Zoolander reference and other things (7QT)

Wow.  Two numbered list posts in a row.  Pretty high-falutin' bloggin' goin' on up in here (oooh, three words in a row with an apostrophe instead of a "g."  Super fanciness comin' [there's another one!] at you straight from Chez Berberbera [the girls had a ballet teacher who said our last name like that]), I tell ya what.

Anyway, I think we've been milking this last month of summer for all it's worth or something because I feel like...freeze!  Announcement!  Tommy is doing the dishes while I write this extremely worthy tome of epic proportions.  Pretty fair division of labor if you ask me.

No I have not been drinking.  Yes, I should start.

Focus.  Concentrate.

This happened on Sunday:

Dat baby is cuhrazy.

Not pictured: mud going into mouth

Then at some point during the week, apparently Lizzy used Cecilia for a super highbrow fashion shoot because I found eight times this many pictures on the point-and-shoot camera...

Life is good when your 11 year old and your three year old can really play together really for real.  My heart is all aflutter-like!

What else?  Oh. My husband is a weirdo.

The best I can figure is that they were trying to recreate that super fantastic JeepDanceParty scene from Zoolander. You know the one:

SPEAKING OF ZOOS (see what I did there?  I know), Lizzy took 124 pictures while we were there this week.  Probably I'm supposed to show you, like, zebras and junk, but I got sidetracked by this adorableness and couldn't look through any more...
Mare Bear and her godbrother (is that what he is if his mom is Mary's god-mom?) Master P. chillin' on the zebra tram.

Apparently I'm...something.  A glutton for punishment?  A masochist?  A foolish, foolish woman of foolishness?  Yes.  So I decided that TODAY I would paint this not so snazzy cabinet thingy so that I could allow it into my precious laundry room and get it out of my dang living room where it has been living ever since the project back there started lo so many weeks ago.

Paul and Cecilia "helped."  Then Lizzy needed my help seven thousand times because she was trying to make her first mix playlist to give to her best friend and then there was, like, some rust at the bottom of the paint can or something and I totally messed up the top and then Paul dumped water on Ceci and then...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  So I called Tommy and hollered at him while he was at work because I'm kind of a jerk.

And do you know what he did?  He went to an Asian market and picked up a totally affordable, absolutely unusual dinner of steamed and baked pork buns and fried duck.  And told me not to make anything and to try and relax.

And called me on the way home to make sure I was doing okay.  And suggested I not wait for him to have a glass of wine.  Because he is not at all any kind of jerk.

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  1. I have a husband who's awesome like that too. Love him... but that sort of thing makes me feel like even more of a schlep... and more in love with him too. Good for him xo

  2. How sweet of your husband! Was the food good? It looks good.

    I must be really weird about dirt and stains on dressy clothes, because I would be freaking out if my daughter got her cute dress all dirty like that. You are a way more fun mom than I am. I think I need to relax a little bit...because it looks like Mary had a lot of fun!

  3. The fashion shoot pictures are adorable! :-)

  4. oh my goodness, I am so glad I'm not the only one married to a man who still plays with GI Joe. One year, our girls had Barbie marry the GI Joe dolls. That was spectacular.

  5. You are so funny. Where have you been all my blog life?

  6. You're dinner looks awesome! Plus, yay for not having to make dinner because your husband-of-awesomeness brought some home!

    Plus, I think you got the order of things wrong. If you would have had a glass of wine first, then started painting the little cabinet-side-table, that would have obviously worked much better, for lots of reasons, not the least of which is the wine.

  7. oh gosh. Mary is a straight up toddddler - when did it? how did it?

    And the photos of Cecilia are too much!

  8. I love mud/toddler pictures!

    I've never had duck... All I'd be thinking about is why Donald Duck always puts a towel on after he gets out of the bath, but he runs around with no pants. I'm very philosophical like that. :-)

    Have a good weekend!

  9. The calling husband at work and venting followed by husband picking up dinner at an Asian market scenario sounds like several different days we've had here. Except you got duck, and I got fried fish that still had a face. But it's the thought that counts?

  10. Mary is adorable. Her little Kilroy face on the tram? And she looks like she's having the time of her life in the mud.

  11. I like the "Mark Your Territory" sign below Mary's cute little face on the tram.

  12. Love this, Dwija. The photo shoot is super cute. And "berberbera" damn funny!!!

  13. I am now going to have to watch Zoolander based solely on that clip.

    I love a mama who lets her kids get all sorts of muddy and then takes photos.

    It is completely heart-melting to watch older kids play with younger kids without a word from mom telling them to do so. So sweet.

  14. This was totally entertaining, from start to finish. I loved it.

  15. I love the photo shoot...especially how they set up the sheet as the background. That is something my kids do as well and it's so cute and fun.

  16. Seriously....#7 just brought tears to my eyes. Mad props to awesome Hubby!!
    Everything else is super sweet and fun, but Love me a tangible "living the Gospel" example.

  17. Wow- Tommy wins for husband of the month, fo realzzzz. That dinner looks amazing.

    And your kids are just the cutest. Ever.

  18. OMG...So happy that washer and dryer are working like a champ so that one day Mary's dress will be pink again. LOL!

    My hubby still has his GI Joe's from 1970 and loves to get them out when the younger nieces and nephews visit. Not weird at all...AND he brought you takeout...SCORE!!

  19. I'm a little bit in love with Cecelia and her fabulous hair! That photo shoot is so cute - yay sisters!
    One of my favorite things ever ever ever is when my husband tells me not to worry about dinner because he's bringing something home. I mean, I like to cook, but it is ALWAYS a welcome surprise!

    1. Oh, and when I saw Mary's dress, I was so happy that you have an awesome washer and dryer to wash out that mud!

  20. Of COURSE Mary ate the mud. That girl loves her some earthen snack foods. And now that I have met Tommy IRL, as they say -or, more probably, SAID, way back in nineteen ninety six or something- I do not find it odd that he was playing war dolls with the kids. Nope.

  21. What a sweet hubster. A good hubby knows when to bring out the wine.

  22. All I can think of when I see Mary is the line from Pride and Prejudice..."I hope you saw her petticoat, six inches deep in mud!" She makes a darling little Elizabeth Bennett!

  23. I enjoyed every bit of this post. The fashion pics are hilarious! Have you seen the original "My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter" board on Pinterest? That last pic, with the stripes, is like that. Only real.

  24. This cracked me right up. I think my hubs is sorta awesome because he puts up with me yelling at him while he's at work... alas, he's never brought home a duck. Jerk ;)

  25. Love all the pictures! I think Mary wins this round though, in the super cute dress, super covered in mud.

  26. Awww! I totally love this quick takes - Dwija-ness, kiddo-cute-ness, hilarity, a little freaking out, and 2 doses of marital awesomeness!!! And all dressed up with apostrophes-and-whatnot?! Gurrrl, you are rockin' it! :) Have a great Monday! <3

  27. Those mud photos/ The best/ We call those relations Godcousins. Just because we do!

  28. Just so you know, I am waiting with baited breath for your laundry room pictures. Because I have my own life and whatNOT....seriously, reveal thyself Laundry Room!

  29. Seriously a great husband...gotta love the good ones. I call mine to whine and he is always great about it. He works afternoons, so on the weekends he will make sure he gets me the heck out of the house and away from his kids before they become mincemeat!
    LOVE Mary's mud. You are a much nicer mama than me - mud freaks me out.


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