Wednesday, August 20, 2014

5 (really 3) Favorites


You know that song with that"can't buy me loooooooove, can't buy me loooooove, money can't buy me love."  Well I don't believe in that song.  Or I do because Christy didn't send me money.  But she did send me a handbag, and that's pretty much the same thing, so I guess I really don't believe in that song because I love Christy.  Yay!  Goodies for me!  Buy my love!
I guess she was cleaning out her closet or something and decided to give away her amazing things using her IG account (so clearly you should be following her on IG.  Clearly.) because she is nice and not lazy like I am.


 Several times Firmoo has tried to send me glasses, but I kept ignoring them because I don't, um, actually wear glasses. But then I realized that they also do sunglasses and boy-howdy was I on board then.  So I picked this pair in tortoise shell with the darky darkest brown tint and today they arrived and I actually think they look pretty great!  The color of the lenses makes the world look beautiful and golden too, which is a huge plus in dweej land.

Note to self: apply make-up before taking selfies for blog.  Also brush hair.

EDIT:  I forgot to tell you that the glasses came with a hard case, a cleaning cloth AND a tiny screwdriver on a keychain.  So.  Free stuff.  That's fave #2.5.

Babies napping with daddies

I try to get a photo of every baby snoozing with my husband.  They always look so much alike when they're sleeping and the cuteness level is off the chizarts.

Oops, I gotta wrap it up because kids are freaking out and I'm trying to do, you know, better at momming and stuff.  They're already yelling at each other in the kitchen.  A fight about butter.  Save me.

Only three favorites for you today!  And they're not even anything you can buy!  I'm so helpful.


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  1. Today my kids actually fought about whether or not a dot on the table was marker or a very small piece of food. That's one of my favorites.


  2. Christy send me a purse, too!! She is magical. And you're a babe in those shades. And your babe is a babe with or without shades.

  3. Re: not even stuff you can buy - is sometimes really nice. A blessed relief from magpie-ism. (SHINY!)
    The sunglasses are keepers.

  4. You're the sweetest Dwija! I'm glad you got it. Your pictures make me love that bag all over again, geez I have good taste ;)

  5. Am....physically resisting....the urge to make troll comment about cosleeping.
    You know, just to stir the pot and see if people take the bait because I do not want to go upstairs and finish painting. No ma'am. Much better to start trouble on your blog.

    Imma do it:

    You know, just sayin', but it's really dangerous for babies to sleep anywhere but in an AAP-approved crib. No blankets. No crib bumper. No stuffed animals. If you let your child sleep anywhere but in a cement pad, you are just asking for trouble.

    What's that? You have to go because someone's knocking on the door? Well if it's CPS, don't say I didn't warn you.

    Also, vaccinations, breastfeeding, daycare, circumcision. There, ONE of those has got to start a controversy.

    1. Well you know what they say:

      "Co-sleeping is the best way to get sleep, except that it can kill your baby, so never ever do it. If your baby doesn't die, you will need to bedshare until college."

      Hilarious baby sleep advice:

  6. That bag is fantastic! Just a little bit more than jealous lol

  7. Am cracking up over Cari & Nicola's comments - and woo-hoo on your free stuff score!

  8. That purse is way cute!!!
    Were your children perhaps arguing over one child eating butter out of the tub with their fingers and the others telling to please use a spoon while you yell from the living room, "Quit eating butter! I buy you people apples for a reason!"

  9. Love the napping picture!
    At least they weren't throwing the butter...right?

  10. Your skin looks fabulous...I don't think you need any make up!

    And the picture of the baby and your cute!

  11. Fun and sweet post! Love the sunglasses and purse and glasses case! Btw, you are so gorgeous. Seriously. I covet women who can look so fresh and amazing without make up.

  12. I was just talking to my sister about a very early memory of mine in which she and I fought for at least ten minutes about whose turn it was to take out a younger sibling's dirty diaper to the outside trash. In the end a woman who cleaned our house at the time came upstairs, grabbed the diaper and took it out herself. The shame. Sibling fights are so very siblingish.
    Glasses and you = gorge.
    Sleeping baby and sleeping daddy = presh.

  13. What's the secret to getting free glasses from them? I need new Rx glasses.

  14. Oh, the sleeping photo - adorbs!!! And Dweej, you are beautiful without makeup. :)

  15. I love them! And I love Firmoo - you can't beat the price! Looking good!

    - Optometric Services Inc.


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