Monday, August 04, 2014

Two Months

Tomorrow John Charles will be two entire months old and I'm gonna go ahead and jinx the bejeezus out of this here situation and say that he is a fabulous baby.

Sure we eat at night and get fussy about gas and spit up directly down the front of mom's clean shirt, but he is a baby after all.  But the colic....I do believe we've dodged that bullet this time and seriously ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD ON HIGH.

Wanna see his cuteness?  Of course you do!

"You want me to do what while you stick that in my face? Smile?  Yeah...I don't think so."
Now imma get all baby book on y'all so feel free to scroll super-duper fast past all this mess...

-This child is the most talkative non-verbal human I've ever met.  If he's awake, he is making noise.  Grunting, cooing, saying "unGAH!" (which means, obviously, that he would like you to reverse your Gah).  He even hums while he nurses.  Literally.  "Hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm, just gon' have me some more milkies.  Hmmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm."

-He also spits up more often and in larger quantities than any of my other children ever did.  It is truly impressive.  He doesn't seem bothered so I wouldn't care except all the laundries of the world have joined together in a laundry commune of stench en mi casa. Maybe if he didn't try to eat enough to feed four small countries?

-Those lips!  We could already see them in his ultrasound pic.  The boy has got some major kissers.

-When I put him in the bouncy seat with the dangling animals, he immediately starts kicking his legs because I think he's figured out that doing that makes his little friends move.  Or he's trying to 'run, run, to the candy store' (I always say that when I'm bicycling babies' legs to loosen the gas bubbles).    One or the other.

-He is so loved.  All his siblings are enamored.  Two months later and the younger ones still fight over whose head is closer to the baby and whether or not so and so has done enough kissing him and "I was going to have a turn holding Chombie but now he's hungry and you took him awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!"  *insert much pouting*  Truly he is at the fore of everyone's mind all the time.  Such a sweet, sweet thing.

Whew!  See?  I'm getting better.  I'm going to be better about blogging on the blog.  Two months is a good time to decide that, right?  Am I being reasonable here?

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  1. Love it! Sweet sweet babies. Sibling love. ALL THE LOVE! This is such a good read forst-thing-in-the-morning.

  2. My present baby was also an epic spitter-upper. I say, forget the twee/expensive burp cloths and buy a huge pack of muslin flat diapers. No matter where the baby is, there should be one with him. Never pick up the baby without a diaper covering your upper half (one exception, note to self: remember to remove the diaper while said child is being baptized so you will have a few pics of yourself not armored for spit-up). My girl is now 7 months and is almost done spitting up, although she gets solids, so I guess it's technically vomit now? Delish.

  3. He and Fulton are the same kiddo, separated only by three months and a couple states. I'd never had a spitter before! I used to think baby bibs were for decoration . . .yeah.

    He is so sweet. Let's send them to the same college so that he and Fulton can take over the world with their fine linguistics.

  4. 2 months is the perfect time to start blogging again! Such a handsome baby!

  5. He's so munchable! Seriously, such a gorgeous little man! Girls are gonna swoon over that widow's peak!

  6. he is sooooooo cuuuuuttteee! Oh! Sweet Face! Chomba, love it, lol

  7. My three-month-old is also the most verbal baby I've ever heard! She talk-talk-talks all day long. It's so adorable.

  8. Adorable! My youngest had the spit ups really bad. I wish I had changed what I was eating to see it that helped. He is ten now and is sensitive to certain foods and I'm sure he was born that way, but I didn't know any better at the time.

  9. He looks like a tiny little gentleman stuck in a baby's body. Dat face do.

    The Starving Inspired

  10. totally reasonable. we're not going anywhere. : )

  11. He is an absolutely precious baby. Thanks for sharing him with us!

  12. He is so sweet! Happy to hear he's been a near perfect angel so far :)


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